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Which Colour To Wear on Which Day?

Which Colour To Wear on Which Day

Which Colour To Wear on Which Day, as per Astrology? 

Selecting clothes to wear is a great struggle. You have to go through it every single day. You spend hours scratching your head while thinking, “What should I wear today?” But who knew that astrology could solve this problem? It tells which colour to wear on which day. So, take notes and organise your daily look with the magic of astrology. 


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Concept of Colour Astrology

Maybe you are thinking about how colours can affect a day in your life. Well, colour can affect your day. According to astrology, each day of the week is ruled by a planet. Each planet is assigned a colour. So, you can say that the energy of this planet is high on that day. If you wear the colour dedicated to that planet, you can align with its energy. Therefore, your day will be good and peaceful. Plus, wearing specific colours on days of the week is also a part of the Indian tradition. But the question is still the same. Which colour to wear on which day? Look further!


Which Colour to Wear on Which Day?

Furthermore, wearing specific colours on specific days can help you match the energies of the Navgrahas. So, here is which colour you should wear each day of the week. 

  • Wear red or orange on Sunday.
  • White on Monday
  • Red on Tuesday  
  • Dress in green on Wednesday.  
  • Wear yellow on Thursday.
  • It is good to wear pink or other soothing colours on Friday.
  • Black is for Saturday.

After this, let us take a look at why these colours are given to these days of the week. 


Red on Sun’s Day: Sunday

The Sun rules Sunday. Som is another name for the Sun, whereas, in Hindi, Sunday is called Somwar. Therefore, you should wear bright colours like red, yellow, orange, golden, etc., on Sunday. Furthermore, the Sun is the source of energy. Hence, wearing these colours on Sunday keeps you energetic. Also, it protects you from diseases too. Wearing these colours will keep your mood great, and you will possess a positive aura. 


White on Moon’s Day: Monday

Similarly, Som is another name for the Moon. Hence, Monday is known as Somwar in Hindi. The Moon is a symbol of purity and gentle and soothing energy. Thus, you should wear soothing colours like white, sky blue, or cream colours on Monday. Moreover, the colour white is a symbol of purity, while sky blue is calm. Thus, wearing these colours keeps you calm. Your mind remains clear. 


Red on Mars’ Day: Tuesday

Tuesday is the day of fiery Mars. Mangal is another name for Mars. Hence, its day, Tuesday, is known as Mangalwar. Mars is a symbol of power, bravery, and passion. So, you should wear fiery colours like red on Tuesday. It will boost your confidence and give you the strength to deal with everything. Also, it will make you physically strong too. Therefore, you can indulge in sports activities on this day. 


Green on Mercury’s Day: Wednesday

Wednesday is a day of intellectual talks because Wednesday or Buddh represents mind and smartness. So, its day is known as Buddhwar. Hence, you should wear green colour to boost the power of your mind or Buddhi. Also, Mercury is the planet of communication. So, wearing green on Wednesday will improve your conversation skills and ability to think. 


Yellow on Jupiter’s Day: Thursday

Jupiter is the ruler of Thursday. Moreover, Guru is another name for the planet Jupiter. It means teacher. Hence, its day is called Guruwar or Brihaspatiwar. Jupiter is a planet of abundance, luck, and knowledge. So, you should wear yellow colour on Thursday. Wearing yellow on Thursday helps you attract abundance and good luck.  


Pink or White on Venus’ Day: Friday

Venus is the planet of love, romance, and art. It rules Friday or Shukrawar. It is named Shukra because it is another name for Venus. Furthermore, you should wear subtle colours like pink, white, or peach on Friday. Wearing these colours on Friday brings out the artist inside you. Also, it is a perfect day for romance. So, wear these colours and add positive vibes to your day. 


Black or Dark Blue on Saturn’s Day: Saturday

Saturday is the day of Karma Fal Daata Shanidev. Saturn or Shani is a slow planet that gives you slow results. Also, as per Vedic culture, Shani is often depicted as black in colour. So, you should wear black or dark blue colours on Saturday. It will help you tune with the energies of Shanidev. Furthermore, it is not a good day to socialize or play sports. 


Which Colour to Wear on Which Day, as per Zodiac Sign?

After this, you can also select the right colour as per your Zodiac sign. As per astrology, each zodiac sign has its ruling planet, which affects the person. Meanwhile, in this blog, you learned that a colour is dedicated to a planet. So, read below and find which colour you should wear as per your zodiac sign.


Lucky Colours For Aries

Ruling Planet: Mars

If you are an Aries then Tuesday is your lucky day. So, you should wear red colour on Tuesdays.


Lucky Colours For Taurus

Ruling Planet: Venus

If your zodiac is Taurus then Friday is your lucky day. So, wearing white, pink, or cream is lucky for you.

Lucky Colours For Gemini

Ruling Planet: Mercury

The lucky day of Gemini is Wednesday. So, if you are a Gemini, you should wear green or royal blue on Wednesday.


Lucky Colours For Cancer

Ruling Planet: Moon

If your zodiac is Cancer then Monday is your lucky day. So, you should wear white or sky blue colours on Monday.


Lucky Colours For Leo

Ruling Planet: Sun

Sunday is very lucky for you, Leo. So, you should wear bright colours like yellow, orange, or golden on Sunday.


Lucky Colours For Virgo

Ruling Planet: Mercury

If you are a Virgo then Wednesday is very lucky for you. So, you should wear green or royal blue on Wednesday, just like Gemini.


Lucky Colours For Libra

Ruling Planet: Venus

Friday is very lucky for the Libra zodiac sign. So, if you are a Libra then you should wear white, soft pink, or light blue on Friday. It is the same as Taurus.


Lucky Colours For Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Mars

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio then Tuesday is your lucky day. So, you should wear red, yellow, or orange colours on Tuesday.


Lucky Colours For Sagittarius

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Thursday is the lucky day of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. If you are a Sagittarius, you should wear yellow or orange colours on Thursday.


Lucky Colours For Capricorn

Ruling Planet: Saturday

If you are a Capricorn, Saturday is your lucky day. Therefore, you should wear dark blue or black on Saturday.


Lucky Colours For Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Saturday

Saturday is also a lucky day for the Aquarius zodiac sign. So, if you are an Aquarius then you should wear black or dark blue on Saturday.


Lucky Colours For Pisces

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

If you are a Pisces then Thursday is your lucky day. So, you should wear yellow on Thursdays.


In conclusion, you should wear specific colors on some specific days of the week. It helps you connect with the energies of the planet that rules the day. For example, if it is a Sunday, then you should wear yellow, if it is Monday, then you should dress up in white clothes. However, it does not mean you dress in the same colour from head to toe. Even if you keep a handkerchief of the colour of the day in you pocket, it will still work. 


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Q1.Which colour should you wear on which day as per astrology? 

A. As per Vedic astrology, you should wear: 

  • Red or yellow on Sunday 
  • White or sky blue on Monday 
  • Red or orange on Tuesday 
  • Green or royal blue on Wednesday 
  • Yellow or orange on Thursday 
  • White or pink on Friday 
  • Black or dark blue on Saturday. 


Q2. Which colour should you wear on Thursday? 

A. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Thursday. So, you should wear yellow on Thursday. It will help you attract abundance, good luck, and fortune. 


Q3. What is the lucky colour for the Aries Zodiac sign? 

A. The lucky colour for the Aries zodiac sign is red or orange because its ruling planet is Mars. Mars rules Tuesday. Therefore, Aries should wear these clothes on Tuesdays. It is very auspicious. 


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