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Unlocking the secrets of nakshatra and their lords

Nakshatra and their lord

A small explanation to Nakshatra and their lords.

Your son will be successful in the business field, as he was born in this nakshatra. You might have heard such predictions from many astrologers and pandits. But what are nakshatras and their lords? Have you ever thought about it? How can it predict anything about anyone? So many questions, but where to find answers? Well, not to worry, as in this article, we will cover everything about nakshatra and their lords, their significance, and many other related things.

How do nakshatra and their lords connect with human life?

As per Vedic astrology and Indian mythology, the planets, earth, and stars all affect human life. The same goes for the nakshatras, as they can tell everything from a person’s present life to their future. That’s why astrologers use the word nakshatra to predict someone’s life. Actually, the nakshatras help in dealing with life issues and also help you know about the life of an individual. So in this article, we will unlock the secrets of nakshatra and their lords.

Unlocking the secrets of Nakshatra and their lords

As per astrology, each nakshatra is under a God who is under the influence of cosmic energies. Nakshatra is not just a symbol but more than that as it manifests the planetary energies and shows how it affects the individual’s life. So let’s learn about nakshatras and their lords. secrets.

Group 1 :

  • Ashwini – Ketu.

Let’s go trekking or we try a crazy ride to the mountains? You might have someone in your group who is ready for dangerous stunts and adventures. Do you know the reasons behind their excitement? It is because they were born under Ashwini Nakshatra. Aswini is the first among the nakshatras and their lords. It is under the rule of Ketu. You might have heard of the Ashwani twins, who are also part of the Aswini Nakshatra. Well, the people born in this nakshatra and their lords are adventurous and full of life. They always try to bring new changes and also use words carefully that can heal others.

  • Bharani – Venus.

Does your girlfriend care about you too much? Does your spouse surprise you every time you think that you cannot come out of the problem? When you have so many caring people in your life, then things become easy. These kinds of people are usually born under the Bharani Nakshatra. Bharani is ruled by Venus. This nakshatra tells about the cycle of birth, fertility, and many other related things. Babies born under Bharani are usually responsible in the future and love to care for others. Since Venus is their ruling planet, they love peace and are affectionate with everyone. They can be passionate and intense at the same time. 

  • Krittika – Sun.

Have you seen people who are always pumped up and have a desire to achieve anything in life? These people never back down, no matter what the problem is. Do you know about Nakshatras and their lords? Their Nakshatra, known as Krittika, is ruled by God Sun. Yes, the sun is known for its fiery determination to burn and shine. People born under this nakshatra are full of determination and willpower. People under this nakshatra are courageous, have the ability to find solutions, and have many other brave qualities.

The above three Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittika form the first group of nakshatras and their lords. Now we move towards the second group of nakshatras and their lords. The second group of Nakshatras includes Rohini, Mrigasira, and Ardra.

Group 2: 

  • Rohini -Moon

Do you love me every time you have a breakup?  Does someone from your group always try to compromise? If such a person exists around you, then you are definitely having a good time. Such people who love peace and want harmony everywhere are usually born under Rohini Nakshatra. It is under Shree Krishna (Vishnu Ji).  People born under this Nakshatra are emotional, have artistic abilities, and have a lovely nature too. So if you meet such people, make them your friends.

  • Mrigasira – Mars

Does your friend always criticize government policies? Do you love singing more than studying? Well, it is all because of Mrigashira Nakshatra. This deer-shaped Mrigashira is ruled by Sri Chandra Sudeshwar (Lord Shiva) and Mars. People born under this have intelligence, good nature, and love exploring knowledge. They can be adaptive and versatile at the same time.

  • Ardra – Rahu

I need to lose weight and transform into a hunk. I need to learn this skill for more cash flow. Are you always in the thinking loop of transformation? So if you believe in transformation, then you are definitely an Ardra Nakshtra-born individual. Adra is ruled by Rahu. An Ardra Nakshtra-born individual can break their limitations and adapt to changes.  

Thus, till now we have learned about the various forms of nakshatras, their lords, and the characteristics of people born in that Nakshatra.  

Now we will learn about other groups of Nakshatras along with their characteristics. 

Group 3: 

  • Punarvasu –Jupiter

Do positive quotes often come to mind? Do the thoughts and speeches of some people impact you deeply? Do you feel like changing the world? Yes if you see leadership qualities in people around you then it’s sure that the person is born in Punarvasu and ruled by Jupiter. The people born under this are believers of transformations, leadership, capacity for new beginnings, and many other things.

  • Pushya – Saturn

If you are too caring and practical towards life, then you are definitely a Pushya Nakshatra-born individual. Pushya Nakshatra is the governance of God Shiva and Saturn. People born in nakshatras and their lords believe in discipline and have the ability to overcome any sort of difficulty. One more good thing about them is their loyalty to their love partners.

  • Ashlesha – Mercury

Amazed by how certain people predict the future? Is there someone in the group known for their appearance? If you see such qualities in a person around you, then you are living with an Ashlesha-born Nakshatra individual. Ruled by Mercury and Sri Adiseshan (Nagammal), the individuals under this rule have a deep interest in occult and esoteric knowledge. They have a magnetic presence, love self-discovery, and understand human nature easily.

Thus, the above category comes under the 4th group of Nakshatras. 

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Group 4: 

  • Magha – Ketu

If your friend wants to work as a government employee or always wants to be in authority, then he is a Magha Nakshtra-born individual. Magha-born individuals believe in living with self-discipline, becoming good leaders, and saving their heritage.

  • Poorvaphalguni – Venus

Purva Phaguni-born people have an inbuilt passion for beauty and love. These Nakshatra-born people always search for pleasure, creativity, and a perfect romance. The Purva-born people have needs like a perfect relationship, and with the Venus influence, they have artistic abilities too. 

  • Uttaraphalguni – Sun

Does your elder brother take on all the responsibilities of life? Does your husband help you with household work? If this is happening to you, then you are living with a Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra-born individual. People born under this nakshatra have a great sense of responsibility, sympathy for others, and love helping people improve their life. Being ruled by the sun, they can be good leaders too.

Group 5: 

  • Hasta – Moon.

Do you believe in skills rather than hard work? Do you believe in doing work perfectly? Well, all these qualities show that you are a Hasta Nakshatra-born individual. These nakshatras and their lords are a symbol for people who want things perfectly crafted and well presented. They are flexible and very self-aware.

  • Chitra – Mars

People born under Chitra have a strong sense of personality, a captivating demeanor, and a vivid imagination. As these Nakshatra-born people are under the influence of Mars, they are brave and have the zeal to achieve anything. They can be creative, have a sense of style, and are also very brave.

  • Swati – Rahu

Directed by Rahu, the Moon’s North Node, Swati represents self-reliance, equilibrium, and flexibility. This Nakshatra is symbolic of the ability to be adaptable, diplomatic, and relationship-focused. Babies born under Swati are intelligent, diplomatic, and have a strong desire for independence.

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Group 6: 

  • Vishakha – Jupiter

Jupiter rules Vishakha, a sign known for its expansive vitality and pursuit of truth. They believe in being in a charismatic mood, feel like a leader, and also want success anyhow. Justice, being kind, and many more are some other qualities.

  • Anuradha – Saturn

The sign of Anuradha, which is ruled by Saturn, represents determination, self-control, and metamorphosis. These Nakshatras and their lords represent spiritual development, loyalty, and in-depth reflection. People born under the sign of Anuradha have a strong work ethic, a natural sense of duty, and a drive to better themselves. 

  • Jyestha – Mercury

Jyestha locals frequently demonstrate superior intellectual abilities, a perceptive disposition, and a knack for solving problems. They could succeed in writing, teaching, research, or any other career that calls for a strong mind and the capacity to persuade others.

Group 7: 

  • Moola – Ketu

Those who are from Moola frequently have an air of mystery, a strong sense of purpose, and a desire to solve life’s riddles. They could be very successful in areas like research, healing techniques, spiritual teachings, or any other career that calls for deep understanding and transformational skills.

  • Purvashada – Venus

Natives of Purva Ashadha frequently exhibit leadership abilities, a love of the arts, and a talent for fostering peaceful interpersonal connections. They have the capacity to succeed in any line of work that enables them to use their creativity and motivate others, including acting, writing, and entrepreneurship.

  • Uttarashada – Sun

Natives of Uttara Ashadha frequently demonstrate extraordinary organizational abilities, a strategic attitude, and a drive to positively influence society. They can do well in professions requiring leadership and the capacity to motivate others, such as public speaking, politics, management, and any other discipline.

Group 8 : 

  • Shravan – Moon

Shravana is a sign that is associated with sharp observation, a great desire to understand the world around oneself, and receptivity. Endowed with emotional intelligence, compassion, and caring attributes by the Moon’s influence they always succeed in their life. Native Shravana speakers frequently do well in professions requiring communication and knowledge sharing, like teaching, counseling, journalism, and so on.

  • Dhanishta – Mars

People born under the sign of Dhanishta are endowed with a captivating demeanor, a robust work ethic, and a strong desire for success. Mars’s influence gives them strength, tenacity, and a spirit of competition. Natives of Dhanishta frequently succeed in industries like music, entrepreneurship, event planning, or any other line of work that lets them show off their creative abilities and aptitude for planning.

  • Shatabhisha – Rahu

People born under Shatabhisha have a strong sense of empathy, a propensity for alternative forms of healing, and a rebellious nature. Natives of Shatabhisha frequently achieve success in vocations involving pushing the frontiers of knowledge and delving deeply into the human mind, such as research, psychology, alternative medicine, and other related professions.

Group 9: 

  • Purvabhadra – Jupiter

People born under Purva Bhadrapada are naturally contemplative, have a strong spiritual bent, and are driven to find the truth. Jupiter’s influence gives them a sense of fairness, boundless vitality, and intellectual clarity. Natives of Purva Bhadrapada frequently achieve success in astrology, philosophy, healing, or any other vocation that enables them to delve into life’s mysteries and mentor others on their spiritual path.

  • Uttarabhadra – Saturn

Born under Uttara Bhadrapada, people have a strong sense of duty, are serious and contemplative, and want to leave a lasting legacy. They believe in doing work patiently and also team-building, all because of Saturn’s influence.

  • Revati – Mercury

Deep empathy, artistic expression, and a nurturing attitude are all associated with these nakshatras and their lords. Revati babies have a kind and compassionate disposition, a great desire to help others, and a creative spirit. Natives of Revati frequently succeed in careers that let them use their creativity to express themselves and help others, such as counseling, writing, performing arts, or any other line of work involving the arts.

Thus, there are a total of 27 nakshatras and their lords. These nakshatra and their lords are responsible for personal characteristics and also predict their future. Many institutes teach about Astrology courses, Numerology, etc. One such institute is “All India Institute Of Occult Science” which will tell you about various occult subjects.

  • Who is the king of all nakshatra and their lords?
    Pushya Nakshatra is one of the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology and is also the king of all Nakshatra and their lords.
  • Which Nakshatra is ruled by Mars?
    Mrigashira, Dhanisyta, and Chitra are two Nakshatras ruled by Mars.
  • Who is the queen of Nakshatras?
    Rohini (goddess) is the queen of Nakshatras.


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