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11 Basic Facts About Jyotish Shastra

Basic Facts About Jyotish Shastra

An introduction to jyotish shastra

The coming month will bring you the love of your life. Career changes are coming for you. Astrologers often talk about this. But surprisingly, we only know one part of astrology, which is prediction, but it is a vast field. Whether it is jyotish shastra or astrology, it is not just limited to predictions; it is connected to other things as well. In today’s article, we will discuss some interesting facts about astrology.

The 11 basic facts about Jyotish shastra

  • In jyotish shastra, the sun sign represents the main part of your character. 

You need to focus on your health today. You should save your money. Depending on your zodiac sign, you may have read or heard all this in the newspaper. As per Jyotish Shastra, the sun sign defines your personality traits like strength, weakness, etc. They talk about the fundamental qualities that come from your heart. But how is the sun related to zodiac signs? The sun is associated with vitality and energy. It is the sun’s rays that motivate and energize your life. So the sun is responsible for your inner core, and so the sun is related to the zodiac signs.

  • Mercury moving backward can be beneficial.

Mercury moving back is advantageous, but people get confused about it and cause lots of misunderstandings. If Mercury is moving backward, it means one should take it lightly and explore the inner self. It also helps in reflecting on our past and many other things. By knowing the problems through mercury-moving Anack, one can readjust their lives and focus on the positives.

  • Knowing your birthdate is necessary for an accurate interpretation of your birth chart.

A map of the sky at the precise moment of your birth is called an astrological birth chart. An essential part of this chart is the planets’ placements. The Earth revolves, causing these positions to shift quickly. An accurate calculation of these locations by an astrologer is made possible by knowing your birthplace and time. In astrology, the aspects, or angles, established between planets are very important. These characteristics highlight the intricate connections between many facets of your personality and your experiences in life.

  • Your rising sign is a representation of how people perceive you initially.

Known by another name, the ascendant sign, it is an important astrological sign that symbolizes your identity, your outward persona, and the first impressions you make on people. The sign that was on the eastern horizon when you were born determines it. It determines how you show yourself to the outside world. The rising sign has an impact on both your outward look and demeanor.

  • The compatibility of two people

According to romance astrology, two people’s compatibility may be impacted by their ascending signs.

Relationships that are compatible, or a match made in heaven, might result from people with compatible rising signs having more peaceful and easygoing first contacts. This is also the reason why some individuals place a great deal of weight on astrological compatibility when making significant decisions like marriage.

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  • There are multiple signs for you.

According to astrology, a person’s astrological profile is made up of several signs and placements, each of which influences their distinct personality and experiences in life. The sun sign, which symbolizes your inner self; the moon sign, which represents your emotional disposition; and the ascendant sign, which symbolizes your outward personality and the impression you make on others, are the three main signs in an individual’s astrological profile.

  • Global leaders are more likely to be Scorpios.

Scorpios, who are born between late October and late November, are the most common zodiac sign among chiefs of state, according to a study of 190 world leaders. Scorpios include Sun Yat-sen, Marie Antoinette, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. The following two most prevalent signs among international leaders are fiery Leo and Sagittarius:

  • Your mood is impacted by the moon

Studies reveal a connection between behavioral shifts and lunar cycles. For this reason, the term “lunatic” refers to mental state fluctuations during a full moon. Perhaps you have even observed it yourself.

  • Each sign of the zodiac has a component

There are four elements that correspond with each of the Zodiac signs: fire, air, water, and earth. Astrological interpretation becomes even more complex as a result of the correspondence between the attributes of these elements and the qualities of the signs.

  • Your personality is defined by your rising sign.

Put differently, this sign tells about the kind of first impression you leave on other people, or the “mask” we usually wear while we’re out in public.  Astrology tells the reality of the person, and it is different from how we present ourselves to the world.

  • The most common sign among celebrities is Sagittarius.

The majority of zodiac signs in the entertainment industry are those born between November 22 and December 21.

Thus, the above points show the 11 basic facts about jyotish shastra and how it affects our lives. To learn more about astrology, keep visiting Occult Science.

  • When was vedic astrology or jyotish shastra started?
    Vedic astrology has been practiced between 5000 and 10,000 BC, though there is no exact moment when it originated. The Vedas, the oldest Sanskrit texts, inform Hindu philosophy and religion through jyotish shastra.
  • Which form of astrology is widely accepted?
     Indian Vedic and western astrology is widely accepted globally.
  • Can we know about careers through astrology?
    Yes, astrologers can predict your career through astrology.
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