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9 Lucky Plants for Home Vastu

Lucky Plants for home vastu

Necessity of 9 lucky plants for home vastu.

Have you ever wondered why people keep money plants on their balconies? Why do people water tulsi plants daily? Is there any reason behind all these activities? Does this bring good luck in life? Well the questions erupting in your mind are genuine and of course it need to be answered quickly. This keeping of lucky plants came from Vastu Shastra.  So in this article, we will tell you about lucky plants for home vastu that will help you attract positives in your house.

Secrets behind 9 lucky plants for Home Vastu:

Now the question comes here: what is the significance behind the 9 lucky plants for home vastu? Plants such as tulsi, money plants, and many others are considered lucky in terms of Vastu. Plants radiate energy and also exchange oxygen. They give us shadows, fruits, etc. As they always radiate positive energies, they are called lucky plants. So today we will choose 9 lucky plants for home vastu that you can use at home for positive energies.

Check out some 9 lucky plants for home Vastu :

  • Money Plant

You might have seen money plants hanging from the balconies of every house in India. They look shining and amazing. But have you ever imagined why this plant is most preferred in India? It is not just about its beauty but the Vastu shastra behind it which makes it a more important plant.

Money Plant
                                Money Plant

It brings financial fortune and abundance at home. Scientifically, it is like a natural air purifier that filters air toxins and provides fresh air. So, go out today and purchase it for financial benefits.

  • Tulsi Plant

Call it “Maa Tulsi,” a medicine herb or a positive energy plant, Tulsi is the most common plant seen in every house in India. Everyone keeps Tulsi in their home, no matter who is rich or poor. It is a natural herb with great medicinal value that purifies the atmosphere and also keeps mosquitoes away.
Tulsi Plants
                            Tulsi Plants
But be sure to keep it in a place where sunlight comes regularly. Pour water on Tulsi regularly, as it helps attract positivity.
  •  Bamboo Plant 

You might have seen small bamboo plants when you visited an office or an institute. They look beautiful, but do you know why they are kept mostly in offices? According to Vastu, the more stalks ( stems) in the bamboo plant, the more luck attracted in the owner’s life.

 Bamboo Plant
                  Bamboo Plant

For good luck, six is good, seven stalks for health, and it also acts as a natural purifier. Try to keep the bamboo plant in the east corner.

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  •  Lavender Plant

A good scent can normalize your stress. Yes, and that’s why you can see lavender plants in most of the houses. Not only does it help in lowering stress through its scent, but also has vastu significance in attracting harmony and destroying inner negativity. It pulls in more positive energy and also calms your stress. Plant it today to deal with stress.

  • Peace Lily

As the name says, Peace Lily , it means a plant of love and harmony. As per Vastu Shastra, if you keep Peace Lily in your bedroom then you will have a peaceful sleep with sweet dreams.

Peace Lily Plant
                 Peace Lily Plant

It also helps in treating insomnia . So,start keeping it in your bedroom for a nice sleep.

  • Snake Plant 

Snake Plant
                  Snake Plant

As per Vastu, the Snake Plant is a great source of positive energy. When placed near the window, it advances the oxygen stream and creates a calm ambiance inside the room. It is also believed to get rid of harmful toxins inside the room.

  • Chrysanthemum

You might have seen this flower on most of the balconies of the Indian houses?  Don’t they look so beautiful? Yes the incredible yellow shades of Chrysanthemum, as per the vastu shastra, vastuare known for generating the feeling of complete satisfaction, for brilliance, and also for promoting inner confidence . So next time you feel low, just sit near a Chrysanthemum plant.

  • Banana Plant

Banana Plant is one of the most common and holy plants found in almost every house. Firstly its fruits are consumed for energy and secondly its leaves are also used for holy purposes.  It is good as per  Home Vastu as this plant represents Lord Vishnu Ji.  Thursday is considered Lord Vishnu Ji ‘s day and people pray to the Banana tree and God Vishnu Ji. Planting Banana trees in the north east direction of the house is helpful as per Vastu Shastra.

  • Aloe Vera 

With yoga, another thing has gained limelight, that is aloe vera. Each house has its own personal garden full of aloe vera, and why not? This plant is full of nutrition and also helps in cleansing the body and face. According to Vastu, Shastra keeps it in the east or north direction of the house for attract positivity in life.

There are many more lucky plants in terms of Vastu , but the above 9 lucky plants for home vastu are easily available and come at affordable rates. It is also common in most of the Indian Houses. So choose today and keep it in your house for abundance and happiness. For reading more about articles based on astrology , vastu tips keep visiting “ All India Institute Of Occult Science” website.

  • Why does one need 9 lucky plants for a home vastu?
    Keeping 9 lucky plants for home vastu can help generate positive energy in homes.
  • Name some of the common vastu plants?
    Tulsi, Aloe vera, and Small Bamboo Plants are some of the common Vastu plants.
  • What is the importance of Tulsi according to Vastu Shastra?
    It is one of the holy plants which purifies air. It is used both for Ayurveda and holy purposes.
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