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Why is Lucky signature in handwriting analysis important?

Lucky signature in handwriting Analyzing

Lucky signature in handwriting or analyzing: “Nature and signature never change’ ‘is a proverb known to all with a deep meaning. Yes, a signature can tell many things about an individual personality and what he or she is going through. What if I told you that a Lucky signature in handwriting or Analyzing through graphology can help.  Yes, graphology is one of the methods that can help you know what your signature says about you and how you can change it for good fortune.

The importance of Lucky signature in handwriting analysis.

Being a student, you would have known about the importance of signatures. Yes, especially in getting the signature of the father in the complaint diary. Leaving aside the sarcasm, let me tell you about the beauty of signature in Graphology. You would have used your signature in banks for signing documents and other official papers. But the signature is actually a mirror of your personality and so through Lucky signature in handwriting Analyzing through Graphology can help you.

What is the need for a lucky signature in handwriting analysis?

Everything needs a change, because changes help us achieve that required transformation for goals. Signature is actually the replica inside you and so many people don’t think much before signing anything. In Graphology, the good and bad strokes in the signature can vary an individual’s life in many ways.  Let us see some different types of signatures with their interpretations.

 Lucky signature as per the written text.

Where do you sign ? The answer is below any document or word text. A signature never separates from a text and so in graphology signature can be analyzed easily.

  • If the signature below the text stands out and is slightly bigger, that means the individual is confident.
  • If a signature is small compared to the text, then the person is inferior or has low value for himself.
  • If signature is 
  1. Left side of the text-  individuals want to escape from their surroundings.
  2. Narrow and small- The individual is depressed. (often suicide).
  3. at the extreme side of text- an individual has no patience and has a critical mind.

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A comparison between a person’s surname and name.

Many people have a habit of signing with their full surnames. Even the full signature analysis can be done by analyzing the full signature of the person. For easy understanding, let’s analyze the signature of Lata Mangeshkar. As we closely analyze the signature of the veteran singer, her M in the signature is big, which shows how big and dominant the family is. She likes to keep her family’s reputation and be able to understand the information quickly. Now some points regarding name and surname.

  • Write a personal name that is wide and prominent, then you are a hard-working individual who desires a good life and wants to grow quickly.
  • If there’s a wider gap between the name and surname, then you are unable to maintain good relations.

Some points about different types of signatures

  • The signature is vertically expanded.

Many people have a habit of doing signature vertically expanded. One of such signatures is of Dev Anand. Yes, the star who gave impeccable movies like Guide, The Jewel Thief, and many more was famous for his acting ability and charisma. As you notice his signature closely, all the letters have got a vertical expansion. The letter D represents he is a good reader, and the bottom looping of D signifies he is an artist.

  • Having lines below the signature.

I have the habit of doing signatures with lines below them. Do you know the meaning of using such signatures? This means that a person wants to be the center of attention and wants to be stable too.

  • Having dots at the end of the signature.

Do you often use dots at the end of the signature? Surprisingly, Bollywood’s biggest superstar, Mr. Amitabh Bacchan, also puts dots at the end of his signature. One dot at the end of the signature denotes that you don’t trust easily and love art. Two dots represent that you are romantic and love beauty.

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  • If the signature is slashing toward the left,.

Some people, after doing a signature, turn the end of the stroke back at their name. Such people often attack themselves and become victims. A similar sound can be heard by Michael Jackson. The stroke returning back looks like the handle of the knife. Yes, such individuals are prone to death and are often likely to commit suicide.

  • A circled signature.

A circled or enclosed signature signifies that the person is protected from any kind of anxiety or retreat. The big loop can be seen in Michael Jackson’s signature.

  • Roof-like lines on the signature.

If lines are covering the signature, A long line on the roof of the signature indicates that the person is spiritual, creative, and has intellectual ambitions.

  • Thread and the beginning letters of the signature.

Is one of your friends capable of solving your problems? Does he often understand your thoughts well? If so, then just observe his signature. You might find it similar to the signature of the Father of the Nation, “Mr. Mahatma Gandhi.”. You can see the bottom loop of G in the signature is terminating in an anti-clockwise direction, indicating danger from the weapons. If the beginning of the letter is small, then it shows low confidence.

More about Lucky signature in handwriting analysis.

 The Lucky signature in handwriting Analyzing can help you learn about the person’s characteristics. Also, it will help you know the correct way to sign. Basically, keeping signatures simple is preferred, with no broken letters or loops. It is better to get help from the graphologist. For more articles based on astrology, palmistry, and other occult subjects, visit https://blog.occultscience.in/ Blogs. 

  • How does Lucky's signature in handwriting analysis help?
    A Lucky signature in handwriting Analyzing can help in knowing about the characteristics of a person. A graphologist can also help in changing the signature style for better luck.
  • What does a small letter word signature tell?
    It indicates that the person has either gone through past trauma or is low in confidence.
  • What is a circled signature denoted by?
    A circled or enclosed signature signifies that the person is protected from any kind of anxiety or retreat. The big loop can also be seen in Michael Jackson's signature.

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