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S Letter Style Prediction Meaning in Handwriting Analyzing

S Letter Style Prediction in Graphology

Knowing about S-letter style through graphology.

What beautiful writing! Oh, her writing is so attractive. You might have seen people appreciating handwriting. In schools, college handwriting competitions are also held, and the best gets the prize. But here is a twist:? You know that palm readers tell you about the future by looking at the palm lines, and astrologers predict through Kundalis, but what if I tell you that your handwriting can also reveal many things about you? In this article you will learn about the S letter style and how it defines the characteristics of an individual.

How did the term Graphology come in?

Before we discuss the characteristics of the S letter style, let us see how graphology came in? Graphology comes from the combination of two words “grapho (greek) and logos( greek) which means writing. A person who studies and practices graphology is known as a graphologist. It is a belief in graphology that handwriting can tell many things about a person, like the individual’s mental state, moods, etc. The letters curve, the bending of handwriting, etc, and their deep analysis come under Graphology. Now let’s move to Graphology about the letter “s”.

Know everything about the letter “s” and its significance.

  • Calligraphic “S”.

Most people globally use calligraphic handwriting, and it is also taught in most schools. It looks beautiful, but do you know it can also tell about one’s characteristics? Talking about the calligraphic letter “S.”. The person using it is realistic, has a good sense of economy, and is also alert in every situation.  Yes, just observe the “s” letter shape in your handwriting and try to match it with your personality traits. You will find some similarities, for sure.

  • The letter “S” starts with a curve.

Do you often feel empathy? Do you help people every time you see them in trouble? If you have the characteristics of being kind and sympathetic to others, then according to graphology, you always write the letter “s” with a curve. The curve S means the individual is full of kindness.

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  • S with a small loop.

Do you feel that honesty is the key factor in success?  Do you become sensitive to small things? According to graphologists, people whose handwriting has an “S” with a small loop. The people who write these kinds of S are mostly honest, sensitive, ethical, and caring towards family.

  • If the letter “s” word loop goes to the right.

Are you unable to control your expenses? Do you always like to show off? Just sit down and analyze the letter S in your handwriting. The loop of your word S is going to the right.  According to various graphologists, the S-letter loop going to the right indicates that the person is overspending on himself. He or she is unable to save money.

  • If the letter “s” is angular in shape.

If you see somebody writing “S ” in an angular shape, then beware of them. They are very angry in nature,  often rebel, and become impatient with small things. They believe in getting things done fast, which makes them impatient.

  • The letter ” s’ ‘ in its original form.

If you write “S” in its original form,. Congratulations on writing the letter “S” in its original form. If you write the letters as they are, you believe in their originality. You like to stick to your traditions and family roots.

The above points tell about the S letter style and how its different styles tell about the letter “S”. Graphology is one of the best ways to learn about the personality traits of people.

Graphology course will help you provide professional knowledge about handwriting analysis. You can also pursue it as a career because it is essential in various fields like forensics, law and order, and HR management.

  • Why is it important to know about S letter style in graphology?
    Knowing about the S letter style can help in knowing about the personality traits of a particular person. It is one of the easiest ways, as you need the handwriting of the particular individual.
  • What If the letter "s" is angular in shape in some people’s handwriting?
    The letter “s” angular in shape tells that person is angry, gets impatient easily.
  • What if someone writes the original S?
    If you write the letter “S” in its original form, then you are a down-to-earth person who believes in family roots.



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