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Vastu Tips for New Beginning of New Year’s Eve 2024

New year's eve 2024

An introduction to Vastu tips for the beginning of New Year’s Eve 2024.

The madness of the New Year has just begun. Yes, it started right around Christmas. As the new year knocks on the door, we have various plans for welcoming it. But do you know that making changes on the first day of the year remains the same for the whole year?  So why not use Vastu tips this new year? Yes, this article will be about Vastu tips for the beginning of New Year’s Eve 2024. In this, you will find various Vastu tips to be used in the new year and allow abundance to flow in your home.

Some Vastu tips for the new beginning of New Year’s Eve 2024

  • Designing the entrance as per Vastu is beneficial.

Entrance is one of the things that anyone notices, so keeping it clean is necessary.

If it’s awful, you feel uncomfortable getting inside, but if it’s good, then you feel positivity. Yes, that is why keeping your entrance wide, clean, and attractive is important. According to many Vastu experts, certain Vastu tips, like choosing vibrant plants and good color combinations at the main entrance, could do magic for your house. Following the tips will allow you to feel comfortable inside the house, as it will favor the generation of positive vibes. 

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  • Cleaning the house is the easiest.

The dirty house allows negative energy to spread. When you live in a dirty house, you start to feel uncomfortable and soon become lazy. Just get up one day and clean the entire house. You will start feeling light and will start thinking positively in the right direction. According to Vastu experts, the easiest way to allow positive energy flow is to clean the house properly. So in this new year, try to clean your house, as it will help attract positive energy to your house.

  • Planting trees can help you deal with negative energies.

In Vastu, plants hold a significant place. Plants like tulsi, small bamboo plants, money plants, etc. are said to attract positive energy in your home. But before you rush into planting the vastu plants, be aware of the spots like east, north, southeast, and south. Taking the help of Vastu experts will help you plant the trees in the right direction. Planting trees in the right direction is one of the ways through which one can easily remove negative energies.

  • Repair any kind of leakage or water issue at your home.

Is the tap in your bathroom always leaking? Is the bathroom door always making a sound?  According to Vastu, bathroom doors and taps must be new and there should be no cracks, leaks, etc. Yes, in Vastu Shastra, the leakage of water and door creaking are considered bad omens. So in this new year, you need to see what is damaged in your bathroom and get it repaired easily.

  • A good bedroom is the key to prosperity.

Do you feel that most of the arguments and quarrels start in your bedroom? If it is happening frequently, then you need to adjust your bed direction. Before the beginning of the new year, why not adjust your bedroom? Try to adjust your bed in the direction of west, southwest, or north for better results. According to Vastu tips by many experts, adjusting direction also benefits in health, relationships, work, etc.

The above Vastu tips for a new beginning on New Year’s Eve 2024 will help you begin your new year happily and attract abundance. Try it, but before it, consult Vastu consultants for better results.

For reading more about articles based on astrology, and vastu tips keep visiting “ All India Institute Of Occult Science” website.

  • How are vastu tips for new beginning of new year's eve 2024 beneficial?
    The vastu tips for new beginning of new year's eve 2024 can help in improving your home's atmosphere making it positive. 
  • What is the best direction for a bedroom in Vastu?
    In order to benefit from good health, longevity, and prosperity, the master bedroom should be located in the south-west corner of the home. 
  • How can a vastu consultant help?
    A Vastu consultant can help in knowing about the vastu doshas and also providing solutions.
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