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T letter signature style meaning and effects in graphology

T letter signature style meaning

Knowing about T letter signature style.

One of the important letters in Graphology “T” denotes leadership, will, and intelligence of the person. The T-letter signature style is used in graphology to describe a person. The length of the letter T, its direction in calligraphy, and many other factors tell about the personality of the person. Also, the signature and handwriting are used to tell about the person in graphology.

Importance of the T letter in graphology.

Before we know about the T-letter signature style meaning and effects in graphology, let’s know about the importance of the ” T” letter word in graphology. The letter ” T” according to the Graphalogist tells about the person’s willpower,   what kind of leader they will become, and many more. So, in this article, you will know how the shape and size of the letter “T ” are predicted in graphology.

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Some points about the letter “ T”

  • Study based on the shapes of the stem of the letter “ T “.

          The straight line in the letter ” T ” is known as the stem. The different shapes and sizes of the stem can tell about the person.

  • A straight and firm stem of T tells us that the person is firm in the thoughts, ideas,  and affirmations related to the personality.
  • If the stem of the letter T with a curved base, then it tells that the person is firm without any abruptness.
  • A curved stem of letter T , tells that the individual is easy to influence, kind, and tolerant, but at a certain level of weakness. But if the curve is too big, then it shows sadness in the human being.
  • Sometimes the stem is left in between so that it does not reach the base of the line; it tells that the writer is shy in nature and often in hesitation. 
  • If the stem is too long, then it tells that the person always wants to be in the past.

Do you know that apart from the shapes and sizes of the Letter T , the inclination of the letter T also tells many things . Basically in graphology, there are three types of letter T inclination.

  • Vertical Stem :

    If the letter “T” in the writing of the person is vertical that means the person is dominant and sometimes rational over emotions.

  • Rightward Stem :

    The person is good at achieving his desires and how to fulfill them. 

Exaggerated rightward stem:  If the stem of the letter T is an Exaggerated rightward stem then the person is passionate , but has lack of objectivity in the projects.

  • Leftward Stem: The person’s inhibitions in nature , shy , which affects his fulfillment of desires.

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Pressure on the stem of letter T :

Some people write the letter “T ” with deep pressure and some with light pressure . The pressure on the letter “T ” tells many things about the personality of the person. Let us see some of those.

  • If somebody writes letter T with thick pressure, then the person is full of energy for whatever projects he/she is doing.
  • If somebody is writing “T ” with thick pressure towards the line, that person is very sensual and gets attracted towards materialism.
  • If somebody is writing the letter with thin pressure ,then it shows the person is weak in spirit and little virility for the project.

Height of the ” T ” stem is also necessary in Graphology.

  • The Upper extension is equal to the height of other extensions:

People who write letter T with equal heights have seriousness towards what to do forward and plan things as per goals.

  • If the upper extension of the letter T is taller than the upper extension of the other letters.

The person writing with the upper extension shows that the person often compromises at a professional level.

  • If the upper extension of letter “ T “ is shorter than the upper extension of other letters.

If somebody writes the letter “ T “ extension shorter than the other letters, that means the person is suffering from other things. The individual is serious in most of the cases and often compromises. 

  • If somebody writes the letter “T “ with very tall upper extensions.

If you see a very tall extension of letter T then the person definitely has qualities of a leader. He will have a tendency to impact others through his words . He would rebel against the rules . might become aggressive sometimes.

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  • If the letter T stem has very short upper extensions,

The person writing the letter “ T “ with the above style is having the quality of excessive self-control. They are a little ambitious and a bit short-tempered.

Now a short explanation of the T -bar .

  • A short T -Bar means that the person is having lots of self-control, and persistence and uses strength when needed.
  • A long T -Bar means that the person is impatient, tends to work more and is often driven by emotions.
  • If the bar faces upwards then the person loves debates and is often ambitious. He/she is an antagonist in nature.
  • If the T word is facing downward, then the person is stubborn, holds on to his ideas and beliefs, have inferiority, and is lazy.
  • A horizontal T bar is about recognizing errors, equality, and common sense.

Thus this is about the T-letter signature style, meaning, and effects in graphology.

If you are interested in learning how graphology works, then visit our site at the All India Institute of Occult Science.

  • What is the importance of T letter signature style meaning and effects in graphology?
    The letter "T" has its own significance in graphology. It tells about the individual's will, leadership qualities, and intelligence.
  • What does an horizontal T -Bar tell about the person?
    The horizontal T -Bar tells the person that he is good at recognizing his errors, believes in equality, and has many more positive personality traits.
  • What does the long T -bar Indicate about the person?
    A long T - Bar means that the person is impatient, tends to work more and is often driven by emotions.
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