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What Your Handwriting Analysis Says About You

handwriting analysis

Handwriting is a unique and personal form of expression. Everyone has their own way of writing. But, do you know, you can get insights into a person’s characteristics by handwriting analysis?

This way of knowing the personality traits by analyzing their handwriting is known as Graphology. In the Greek language, the term Graphology means the study of writing or the science of writing, whereas, the term ‘graph’ means writing, ‘logy’ means study, and ‘o’ in the word stands for of. It is a scientific practice used by graphologists to reveal the nature, character, strengths, and weaknesses of the person.

So, are you ready to dive into the Graphology aspects of revealing a person’s character and personality traits? Let’s get started! Before starting, you can enroll in an offline or online graphology course to learn in-depth information about the practice because there are many institutions that offer professional-led graphology courses.

Identifying handwriting

1. Compact Spacing: 

  • If a person uses less space between words in their handwriting this shows that they want to stay close to others.
  • They like to get inside a person’s life.
  • They are always curious about knowing others.
  • They are not independent and always rely on advice and support from others.
  • Also, have a spying nature. 

2. Expanded Spacing:

  • The characteristics of a person with this type of handwriting analysis are totally opposite of those who have compact spacing. 
  • They are independent 
  • They have trust issues 
  • They are unable to connect with others easily unless it is needed. 

3. Normal Spacing 

  • The person with this writing style has a balanced nature. 
  • They are diplomatic people, their answers are always calculative and liberal.
  • They usually have formal relations with others 

4. Extra Large Texts: 

  • Like the size of the texts they too are dominating. 
  • They always have a superiority complex.
  • They are extroverts in nature. 
  • They like to lead and overpower others. 

5. Extra Small Texts:

  • People who use small texts while writing is focused.
  • They have good concentration and observation. 
  • They pay attention to every minute and tiny detail, in other words, they are perfectionists. 

6. Normal Text Size:

  • They have a very balanced nature.
  • They have good followers and obedience. 
  • They are very peaceful in nature. 

7. Variable Text Size:

  • Like their handwriting, they are also moody. 
  • They have a lack of concentration, focus, and a lack of sense of responsibility.
  • Also, they are very lazy.

8. Right Slant (tilt):

  • slant/ tilt towards the right while writing describes the future, vision, expressiveness, and compliance.
  • Generally, these people have good future planning.
  • They are far-sighted people. 
  • Kind and friendly, and are always there to help others.
  • Expressive towards their real emotions. 

9. Left Slant:

  • Slant towards the left describes fear, doubt, past, negativity, and resistance. 
  • These people are inexpressive in nature and repress their real emotions. 
  • They think something and say something else. 

10. Vertical Slant:

  • Straight slant describes the present self, intelligence, suppression, and diplomacy. 
  • They have good concentration and sharp memory. 
  • These people enjoy the present. 
  • They are confident, determined, and have firm decisions. ‘
  • They also have sharp memories. 

So, the above were some ways to get a better understanding of a person through GraphologyHandwriting is a unique and personal form of expression that can reveal a lot about an individual’s personality, mood, and character traits. The way a person forms their letters and shapes their words can still hold valuable insights into their psyche. From the slant of a letter to the spacing between words, every aspect of handwriting can be analyzed to uncover hidden truths about a person. 

You can also apply these tips to your own handwriting too. There are chances that you might find something unknown about yourself. Or you can probably find something that you can correct which may further affect you in the future. For more such amazing facts about handwriting analysis, you can join the Graphology course which is available both online and offline. So, best of luck for the rest of your journey!

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