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Power of Swastik Symbol in Indian Culture

Power of Swastik Symbol

Have you ever noticed your elders drawing a special symbol on the door or wall? During festivals or when we bring something new home? This symbol is called a “Swastik,” and it is very important in various cultures, especially in Hinduism. That is why, during festivals and new beginnings, it is a ritual to draw Swastik with Kumkum or Haldi. But do you know the reason behind it? Or why this symbol? Let’s find out answers for all your why’s in this blog and know the power of the Swastik symbol.

Religious symbols are very important around the world. These symbols attract positivity, and each one has its own benefits and powers.  In Hinduism, there are many symbols like Om, Tilaka, Swastik, The Lotus, and many more. Among all of them ‘Swastik’, is very famous and important in Hindu rituals.

The symbol ‘Swastik’ has something unique about it. When you look at it from any side, it always looks the same. This makes it like the sun symbol. People also think it’s the 108th symbol of Lord Vishnu.

Swastik’s spiritual roots

The Swastik, also known as “Saathiya” or “Satiya,” has its own Vedic as per the Vedas. It represents Mars and brings happiness. Its importance and meaning keep changing as per the religion. In Hinduism, it shows the four Vedas and is connected to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe.

Meaning and Origin

The word ‘Swastik’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘svastika,’ meaning ‘Good Existence,’ ‘Good Luck,’ and ‘Well Being.’ People believe that using this symbol in rituals brings good luck and attracts positive vibes. The shape of this symbol looks like a cross with four arms.

Importance for Hindus

For Hindus, drawing a swastika is very important before any big or small event. Whether it’s a wedding, Grah Pravesh, or any festival, the Swastik is drawn to bring good fortune. In Hinduism, it’s a symbol of power, good fortune, wealth, positivity, and even Mars. The power of the Swastik symbol is believed to fix the Vastu dosh of a house. It has the power to remove negative energies.

Understanding the symbol

The Swastik’s four lines show a form of divine power, like Lord Brahma’s balance, the four Vedas, and the four stages of existence. It also shows four directions and Lord Vishnu’s navel. The Swastika is more than just lines. It also shows the different forms of life.

In Hinduism, the Swastik is just like the sun because it rises every morning and sets every evening, just like the Swastika always looks the same. The Swastika means always moving forward and never changing. It’s a special symbol that shows progress.

Different meanings around the world

In other countries around the world, the Swastik has different meanings. Swastik is originally a Hindu symbol. It is also used in Buddhism and Jainism. In Buddhism, it means good fortune. In Jainism, it represents their seventh saint. This symbol can be found in their religious books and temples.

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Power of Swastik symbol

There are some powers of the Swastik symbol. It can bring good fortune and mental peace. Drawing it correctly is very important because most people don’t know how to draw it. Start with a vertical line from top to bottom, then a horizontal line of the same length cutting the vertical line in half. Draw right-angle lines starting clockwise and complete it with four dots in between. This symbol, like the rising sun, represents continuous growth and strength.

Some powers of Swastik Symbol

  • Protection from evil: Swastik works against negative energies, black magic, and evil spirits. Many times we hear people say things are not going well because of negativity. Kumkum or Haldi Swastika outside the main door can remove the negative energy and remove vastu dosh too. 
  • Mental and spiritual peace: Different colours bring different vibes. Kumkum and Haldi Swastik promote mental peace and purity. 
  • Protects pregnant women and children: Yellow Swastik drawn with turmeric and water ensures safety during pregnancy. That is why during Ahoi ashtami women use turmeric to make Swastik and tilak.
  • Saves from Vastu dosh: Symbol of Swastik in Vastu Shastra, it purifies the environment and brings wealth. Drawn Kumkum or Haldi Swastik promotes good vastu and helps remove the obstacles. 
  • Brings wealth: Drawing Swastik during religious events symbolises new beginnings. It is an important ritual to draw a Swastik before to attract positive energy. This symbol brings wealth and good luck.
  • Long life for goods: Drawing Swastik on new items brings happiness and prevents harm. It is an important ritual to worship new items and draw this symbol on it before placing it inside the house. 

Belief across cultures

People from various cultures, societies, and countries have believed in the power of the Swastik symbol for centuries. It continues to be a symbol of faith, promoting a good quality of life, peace, growth, and prosperity. 

In conclusion, Hinduism is all about beliefs and rituals. Traditions are something that people have been following for ages. Every symbol has its own importance and energy connected to it. The symbol of Swastik is something that is drawn at the start of a festival, puja, special occasion, or to welcome something new. This symbol is a way to pray for good results and seek blessings for new beginnings.

The Swastik is a common symbol in Hindu homes during puja ceremonies. It is painted on walls, pots, and floors where rituals take place. Some even wear Swastik lockets and bracelets, believing they bring good fortune. With its cultural and spiritual significance, it stands as a symbol of positivity and good fortune. You can take a Vastu course online or look for a Vastu course near me to learn more about the Vastu Shastra.


Question: Why do Hindu’s draw Swastik symbols during festivals and special occasions?

Answer.  Drawing the Swastik symbol is a Hindu tradition believed to bring good fortune.

Question: What powers does the Swastik hold according to Hindu beliefs?

Answer. The Swastik is believed to protect against evil and bring peace and positivity.

Question: What is the meaning of Swastik?

Answer. Swastik means lucky or auspicious

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