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51 Vastu Tips to Fill Your Home With Positive Vibes

Vastu Tips

By balancing the energy flow in our homes, Vastu Tips, an ancient Indian design and architecture science, emphasizes the significance of creating a harmonious and positive living environment. The five natural elements—Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space—and their effects on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being serve as the foundation for the principles of Vastu Shastra.


Main Entrance: 

  1. Keep the main door clean and attractive because it is where the energies of the house enter.
  2. The entrance door to your home ought to be construct of wood of the highest possible quality by Vastu Tips.
  3. The proper orientation for the main entrance is north, east, or northeast.
  4. Avoiding shoe storage or a shoe rack by the front door is one of the most important Vastu principles because it is believe to prevent positive energy from entering the home.
  5. The idol of Lord Ganesha should face the front door to ensure a positive energy flow.
  6. Garbage should not be left at the front door of your home.



  1. For the money storage or almirah to open toward the north of the rooms, it ought to be put on the south or southwest mass of the structure.
  2. Keep the bedroom well lit with natural light during the day.
  3. Keeping your windows open for as long as possible each day to let in fresh air is another great Vastu advice.
  4. Water features in the bedroom can hurt your relationships, so you should steer clear of them.
  5. Make sure your head is pointing south in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep and positive energy. 
  6. Mirrors ought not be set straightforwardly opposite a bed. Because doing so can deplete your energy and cause you to become ill, this is one of the most important Vastu advice.


Living Room :

  1. Place water elements—such as a small water fountain—in the north-eastern corner of your living room to increase positive energy flow. Ensure that the water fountain is of without lights.
  2. In the lounge, weighty furniture ought to be kept toward the west or south of the space.
  3. To stop the negative energy from flowing through the living room, take down any artwork that depicts pain, misery, or sorrow. In your living room, as well as throughout your house in general, hang art that is both lovely and relaxing.
  4. All electronic devices should be in the living room’s southeast corner.
  5. In the event that the parlor has a mirror, ensure it is situated on the north wall.
  6. Keep the air moving freely throughout the living room and the rest of the house, and install wind chimes outside the doors to increase the flow of energy.


Puja Room : 

  1. It is believing that the Pooja Room should be place in the northeast, followed by the north and east. West is permissible to some extent, but the Mandir should not be located in the south.
  2. The windows and doors of the pooja room ought to face either the north or the east. The same direction should also be ensure.
  3. Pooja Room Vastu says that putting the Mandir against the wall of the bathroom or beneath a staircase is bad luck.
  4. The mandir should not be construct in the basement or on the upper floors. A Pooja Room is thought to have its idols on the ground level.
  5. To ensure continuous ventilation around the idols and to help the incense stick fragrance envelop them, they should be place at least six inches above the ground and a few inches from the wall.
  6. Because it may cause negative energy to flow, it is imperative that the idols not face the door or each other. There should be no damage done to paintings or idols because this could be consider unlucky.
  7. The room shouldn’t contain any canvases or portrayals of savagery along with photographs or pictures of the dead and perished.
  8. In the mandir, the use of copper vessels for religious purposes is regard as highly beneficial.
  9. According to Pooja Room Vastu, the Agni Kund, lamp, and other lightening objects should be place in the southeast.
  10. The worship space ought to be white, light cream, or light yellow in color.
  11. The temple of a home should not contain images of deceased individuals.
  12. The temple should be build so high that the devotee’s chest is reach by the idols’ feet.
  13. The idols should never be left on the floor.
  14. An ideal size for an idol is 8 inches or less.
  15. The Goddess Lakshmi idol ought to be position to the left of the Lord Ganesha idol.

Tips for Plants :

  1. In Vastu shastra, plants are regard as beneficial, and most people worship plants.
  2. Adding trees and plants to your home aids in the removal of all negative energy and increases positive energy.
  3. At your house, plants aid in energy flow regulation and energy balance maintenance.
  4. It not only benefits you personally but also the members of your family in a number of other ways.
  5. It also brings wealth and prosperity and contributes to the improvement of one’s financial situation.


Master Bedroom :

  1. First and foremost, according to Vastu Shastra, the direction in which the master bedroom should face is south-west.
  2. But why go in a certain direction? because Mars, the planet that symbolizes power, is associate with this direction. As a result, the family’s master bedroom should face this way.
  3. The bedroom should face north or north west for the couple, their children, and guests.
  4. To ensure quick marriage proposals, the young family members who are eligible for marriage should have their room in North West.
  5. Our bodies act like magnets to the Earth, with the upper part of the body representing the North and the lower part representing the South, thereby aligning our body’s energy with the Earth’s. Therefore, one should sleep with their head facing south.
  6. Decorate the bedroom with scents, flowers, and candles to promote positive energy circulation.
  7. In addition, Vastu Tips decorate the bedroom with candles, flowers, and scents to spread positive energy.
  8. Between the bed and the wall it faces, there should be some distance.

Principle of Vastu shastra : 

  1. Shape of the Room: The shape of the rooms is one of the Vastu tips for new homes. According to Vastu, the ideal shape for a house is a square or rectangular one.
  2. Basic Room Vastu: The house’s rooms ought to be clean, bright, and airy.
  3. Regarding Furniture: According to Vastu for homes, heavy furniture like a bed and a cupboard should be position in the southwest. Building stairs in the southwest is a quick Vastu tip for new homes.
  4. Water According to Vastu: Keeping water mediums like a fountain, aquarium, or water painting is an important Vastu home practice.
  5. Dining Table Vastu Tip: It is important to follow Vastu for your home that your dining room not be near the front door.


In conclusion, incorporating Vastu principles into your home can contribute to the creation of a peaceful living environment and a positive energy. Everything in Vastu Shastra is mean to help people find harmony and well-being in their surroundings, from how to arrange furniture to choose colors. In the event that you are keen on getting familiar with Vastu Shastra, consider signing up for a Vastu course online or finding a Vastu course near me. You can further enhance your living space and reap the numerous benefits of this ancient practice by utilizing the knowledge gained from an Vastu Shastra online course. Thus, capitalize on the Vastu tips and begin changing your home into a safe-haven of inspiration and equilibrium.

It is undeniable that the environment in which we live has a significant impact on our mental and physical health. Vastu Shastra is a tried-and-true method for maximizing one’s life’s potential by harnessing the energy of one’s surroundings. You can create a space that encourages happiness, productivity, and relaxation by implementing the 51 Vastu principles.

You can take a Vastu course online or look for a Vastu course near me to learn more about Vastu Shastra. These courses will furnish you with an inside and out comprehension of the standards of Vastu Shastra and show you how to apply them to your home or work area. With a Vastu Shastra online course, you can gain at your own speed and from the solace of your own home.

For those who prefer a more interactive learning experience, a Vastu course near me may also provide the opportunity to learn from an experienced instructor in a group setting. A Vastu course will give you the knowledge and tools to create a positive and healthy living environment, no matter how you learn it.


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