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Delving in The Aspects of spirituality


The ending of materialism is the beginning of spiritualism.  These are the most common thoughts in the human psyche when it comes about spirituality. Well, what strikes your mind when you are asked about spirituality? Think about it for a moment. spirituality is a certain way of being. Spirituality is not just a set of practices, rather a state of being that runs through one’s entire being. It refers to the idea that spirituality is not limited to religious or traditional practices, but is rather an inner experience that affects one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Overall, the statement “spirituality is a certain way of being” suggests that spirituality is not just a set of beliefs or practices, but a way of living and experiencing life that can bring greater meaning and fulfillment to our lives. Spirituality means gaining a pinnacle of awareness, consciousness, or focus. You can’t force yourself to be aware, awareness comes naturally. This is the key to spirituality. 

But awareness cannot be attained by trying to be mentally attentive. People have mistaken mental alertness as awareness. Mental alertness will only enhance the ability to survive better. Whereas, mental awareness comes in different forms. It comes naturally in your life experiences. Also, awareness can be attained through being energetic and maintaining a stability in your energy. 

Spirituality is a magical marriage of you as a body with your soul. It’s a quest of self discovery, because you have to connect yourself to your soul before connecting to a more superior force beyond everything.

Do you seek spirituality too? Let’s delve in how a person can become spiritually awakened and reach a pinnacle of awareness/consciousness.

Spirituality Practices

  • As mentioned above, there is no one way to become spiritually enlightened. Nonetheless, there are diverse sorts of spirituality based on distinct experiences.
  • Some people find comfort in traditional practices like meditation, some explore places to know their own potential, while some involve themselves in performing traditional rituals. 
  • For a person a spiritual practice should be something that brings them fulfillment and satisfaction. 
  • Everyone is in a pursuit to spirituality, everyone is involved in a spiritual practice right now in their daily life unconsciously. 
  • For example, if a person wants to be more in terms of finances, power, knowledge, growth, lifestyle, they are conducting a spiritual process, but it’s misguided. 
  • The thing that matters is what path you choose or suits you better, so that you don’t have to force yourself towards spirituality.
  • A very simple and easy thing a person can do is to be more involved in the task they are doing. Whether it includes looking at clouds or concentrating to a particular point. 
  • They just need to make their feeling of engagement very spontaneous or done without careful thought.

Meditation And the Path Of Spirituality

  • The best technique to grow or improve consciousness is via meditation. One can go deeply into spirituality by regularly meditating.
  • A person can connect or learn about themselves through it. knowing them better and realizing who they are.
  • It’s also a fantastic method to settle your mind and lessen mental tension.
  • Different types of meditation can be useful for better concentration, focus, and mindfulness. 

Personal Growth

  • Another fantastic method to connect with your spirituality is to work on your personal development. 
  • This may be accomplished in a variety of methods, but some of the more well-liked ones are journaling, attending workshops or seminars, and reading self-help books.
  • You may better understand who you are and what you want out of life with the aid of personal growth. 
  • It also enables you to resolve any problems that could be preventing you from realizing your full potential. 
  • You may start making long-lasting changes in your life by looking into your personal growth.

Exploring Deep Aspects of Spirituality

Let’s dig in and explore the depths of spirituality, make sure to check the box after you complete a step.

  • Open-mindedness: 

Being open minded is the first and the most important step to search the depths of spirituality. There’s no right or wrong in the path of spirituality, you just need to accept every change and never be afraid to take a step yourself. 

  • Curiosity to learn: 

Being curious about gaining knowledge enhances awareness and consciousness. Learning things makes you knowledgeable and establishes a connection with yourself and your spiritual journey. The best way to do this is to read books and meet spiritual gurus. 

  • Patience: 

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” You have to be patient because spirituality can’t be gained easily. This process is very slow and if you continue till the end you will get fruitful rewards. You just need to trust the process. 

  • Release attachment: 

To discover yourself you need to let go of the attachments. You have to let go of relations with people as well as material possessions. But it doesn’t mean celibacy, you just need to learn to live in the present and explore the depths of spirituality, with you being connected to your soul, and there’s no one between you and your inner self.

  • Be ready for change: 

You have to accept the change. You need to accept your past mistakes and welcome the change in your life. Changing the way you used to live, think about yourself and the surroundings. Because the path of spirituality demands transformation, and its very important to be ready to accept the change.

Reject Negativity Embrace Optimism

  • Negative thoughts are the biggest obstacle in the path of spirituality. 
  • If you seek to discover yourself you must let go of negative thoughts. 
  • Negative thoughts keep your mind tangled and  decrease your ability to focus and concentrate. 
  • Awareness and consciousness can’t be gained while negative thoughts are circulated in your mind. 
  • You should fight the negativity, whether it’s in the outside world or inside you.

Benefits And Experience of Being Spiritulity Awakaned

We have seen what a person needs to do to achieve spirituality so far, but what spirituality gives us? Let’s see what will be the scenario after attaining spirituality. 

  • The time you reach the pinnacle of awareness and consciousness you will feel not the chaos of consciousness but the elegant purity of energy operating on a balanced level. 
  • You will be focused only on yourself rather than the world itself.
  • Unrestrained by the walls of thoughts, free from the negativity in the atmosphere. 
  • The concern of material possession and your relations, your hesitation, your impatience, your fear, all will be given to the fire letting them burn.
  • You will achieve a level of purity and oneness. 
  • Now it’s only yourself as the body and your soul and soon you will reach the superior or a supernatural force far greater than all i.e. god. 
  • You will experience an enhancement in mental abilities and also a higher state of consciousness, awareness, or focus.

Can an Athiest Gain Spirituality

  • There is no difference between a devotee and an atheist. It’s just their belief that separates the two of them. 
  • One believes that god exists while the other denies. But there’s one thing that both of them have in common, it is, their beliefs about something which both of them do not know about. 
  • Being spiritual doesn’t mean that a person is a devotee or being atheist doesn’t mean that they can’t attain spirituality. 
  • It’s the path they took to achieve this state of consciousness. 
  • As you’ve read so far, spirituality means discovering yourself, understanding your potential. 
  • So, there’s no such judgment that an atheist could not achieve spirituality. Anyone can achieve spirituality. 

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