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Mounts on Palm in Palmistry

mounts on palm

Significance of palm reading

Do you seek astrology predictions? Yes, do you know date and precise time of birth? Precise time of birth is very important for astrology predictions. The position of celestial bodies keeps changing. If you don’t know the accurate time, no need to worry, Palmistry will hold your hand. Astrologers go for Mounts on Palm if someone is not sure about the time or date of their birth. 

Palmistry can provide accurate information about the person and can help them to take the right way. It holds such secrets about your past, present, and future, that you may have ignored. Palmistry can tell about a person’s past events. It provides information about significant life events and milestones in a person’s life. Certain lines, the life line, heart line, and fate line, are thought to indicate the timing and nature of important life events, career changes, relationships, and health issues. It can provide insights to a person’s personality and characteristics. It can help a person develop a better understanding of oneself. 


Steps of palm reading 

If you too are fascinated about palmistry, you must be curious to know if you can do it by yourself or not. You need to have information about different aspects of palm reading. For getting a better understanding you can take help from Palmistry courses. It would help you get some additional information that will answer all your questions. The most trending currently is a Palmistry course online. 

It is better to know the basics which you will learn after reading. 

Palm reading has 3 steps:

  • Hastha Darshan (Watching palm)
  • Hastha Sparsh (Palm touch.
  • Hastha Rekha (Palm lines)


Mounts on hands 

One important aspect of palmistry is the examination of the mounts on the palm. The mounts are the raised areas of palms. Mount means mountain, and these areas protrude in our palms. There are 9 mounts on our palms. These 9 distinct areas reveal specific qualities and  features associated with different aspects of our lives. Let’s explore the 9 mounts on palms.


Quality of the Jupiter Mounts

  • Location: the raised area under the base of the index finger is the mount of jupiter. 
  • It represents leadership, ambition, and confidence. 
  • A well-developed mount of Jupiter indicates the quality of inclination towards taking charge. 
  • It tells about the person’s inclination or connection with spiritual or divine practices. 


Mount of the Saturn

  • Location: it is situated at the base of the middle finger. 
  • It is associated with discipline, responsibility, and practicality. 
  • A well developed mount of Saturn suggests a person’s ability to handle responsibilities.
  • Individuals with a strong Mount of Saturn may excel in careers that demand patience, organization, and perseverance.


Symbols of Mount of the Sun

  • Location: look at the protruted area under the ring finger. It is the mount of the Sun.
  • The Mount of Apollo symbolizes creativity, self-expression, and passion. 
  • A well-developed Mount of Apollo suggests artistic talent, charisma, and a zest for life. 
  • People with a pronounced Mount of Apollo may thrive in artistic pursuits, entertainment industries, or any field that allows them to express their creativity.

Mount of the Mercury

  • Location: it is situated under the base of the tiny finger. 
  • The Mount of Mercury represents communication, adaptability, and intelligence. 
  • A prominent Mount of Mercury suggests strong communication skills, adaptability to change, and a sharp intellect. 
  • Individuals with a well-developed Mount of Mercury may excel in fields writing, teaching, sales, or any profession that requires effective communication.

Location of Mount of the Moon

  • Location: Situated at the base of the palm opposite the thumb,
  •  The Mount of Luna represents imagination, intuition, and sensitivity. 
  • A prominent Mount of Luna suggests a deep connection to emotions, heightened intuition, and a vivid imagination. 
  • Individuals with a well-developed Mount of Luna may excel in creative fields, counseling, healing practices, or any career that involves understanding and connecting with others on an emotional level.

Mount of the venus

  • Location: Located at the base of the thumb.
  • The Mount of Venus symbolizes love, sensuality, and harmony. 
  • A well-developed Mount of Venus indicates a strong capacity for love, compassion, and appreciation for beauty. 
  • People with a prominent Mount of Venus may possess an innate ability to form and maintain meaningful relationships. 
  • They may excel in careers related to art, fashion, beauty, or professions that involve nurturing and caring for others.

Mount of the Mars

  • Location: Found between the Mount of Jupiter and the Mount of Venus.
  •  The Mount of Mars signifies courage, energy, and passion. 
  • A strong Mount of Mars indicates physical vitality, determination, and a competitive spirit. 
  • People with a well-developed Mount of Mars may excel in sports, entrepreneurship, or professions that require drive, assertiveness, and physical strength.

Upper and Lower Mounts of the Mars

  • Location: the area between the mount of the mercury and the moon, is Upper mount of mars, whereas, the area between the venus and jupiter mounts is the Lower mount of Mars. 
  • The Upper Mount of Mars is associated with courage, the Lower Mount of Mars signifies aggression. 
  • An ideal balance between these mounts indicates a person’s ability to be assertive and competitive without being overly aggressive.



Q1. What do you understand by Palm reading ?

Ans. Palmistry can provide accurate information about the person and can help them to take the right way.

Q2. What Jupiter mounts represents?

Ans. A well-developed mount of Jupiter indicates the quality of inclination towards taking charge.

Q3. What is the location of mars? 

Ans. Found between the Mount of Jupiter and the Mount of Venus.

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