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Vastu Tips for store room

Vastu Tips

People frequently consider the vastu of their houses and places of employment, yet they frequently ignore the Vastu Tips of their store rooms. Though it’s true that “out of sight, out of mind,”

Ignoring the vastu of a store room can have serious consequences. In fact, it’s said that a store room with a vastu dosh (fault) might draw bad spirits and other negative energies, which can cause losses in money and other issues. A well-organized and harmonious store room is essential for maintaining a balanced and productive environment in your home or workplace. According to Vastu shastra, the ancient Indian architectural science, the arrangement and energy flow within the store room can significantly impact the overall energy of the space. 

So, do you know if the vastu principles are being followed in your storage room? Let’s explore some essential vastu tips for the store room that you might have been missing out on.

What Vastu suggests: 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that emphasizes the value of appropriate object placement and orientation to generate a harmonious flow of energy in living spaces in Indian culture. According to vastu shastra, applying the below listed vastu tips at the store room will help maintain an inflow of positive energy throughout the house. 


  • According to Vastu shastra, the store must be in the South West direction. 
  • Ensure that the store room is well-ventilated.
  • Store room should be of a regular shape like a rectangle or square. 
  • Heavy or less used objects like tools, spare parts, extra tiles, paint cans, drums, and other trash should be kept in this direction. 
  • A window or lamp or any dim light source should be present. There must be very little brightness in the store room. 
  • The directions in which the store room should be avoided are; North East, East, Centre, North, or North West. 
  • No one should sleep in the store room. As, it makes the person negative, stubborn, angry, frustrated, and quarrelsome. 
  • All the objects of the store room should be kept in a well-organized manner. 
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the store is crucial for promoting positive energy. 
  • Do not store water in the store room.
  • Do not keep empty containers in the store room. It attracts negative energy. Always keep a lid on them.  
  • In case, a person has to keep any kind of weapon for safety concerns, then, avoid placing them in a North West store room. As, you will need to use them frequently. 
  • Minimize the presence of electronic appliances and devices within the store room, as they can emit electromagnetic fields that may disrupt the energy flow. 

Apart from Vastu 

  • The door of the store room should never open towards the North East or south direction. Ensure that the door opens smoothie without any obstructions. 
  • Avoid placing the store room entrance opposite to the main entrance of the house or building, as it may create a clash of energies.
  • Regularly declutter and discard any unnecessary items. Keep the store room tidy and free from dust and dirt. This not only enhances the energy but also makes it easier to locate and access stored items. 
  • Organize the items in the store room by using sturdy and well-built storage shelves or racks. Avoid storing items directly on the floor. 
  • Ensure that the shelves are made of natural materials like wood and are kept clean and free from dust. 
  • Arrange the shelves in a neat and orderly manner to create a sense of harmony and ease of access. 
  • Categorize the items stored in the store room to ensure easy identification. Use clear labels or tags on the storage containers to facilitate quick access to specific items. 
  • Ensure an even distribution of weight on the shelves and racks within the store room. Avoid overloading any particular shelf, as it may create imbalance and potentially cause accidents. 
  • Distribute heavier items evenly and keep them towards the lower shelves to maintain stability. 
  • Regularly inspect and maintain the store room to ensure its optimal functioning. Repair any leakages or damages promptly. Keep an eye out for pests and take necessary measures to prevent decay. 

Energetic Cleansing

Over time, negative or positive energy can accumulate in the store room due to the storage of various items. This positive energy can create a heavy and dull atmosphere, which can impact the overall energy of the space. 

A store room that is energetically clean and balanced creates a supportive environment for the items stored within it. By clearing and promoting positive vibrations, the store room becomes a space that nurtures and supports the stored items.

The energy of the store room can extend its influence to the surrounding areas of the home or workplace. By keeping the store room energetically clean and balanced, the positive energy radiates outward, benefiting the entire space and creating a harmonious atmosphere. 


It is obvious that a store room’s vastu should not be disregard since it may significantly affect the energies of the entire area. Vastu principles may be use in the store room to assist in producing a pleasant energy flow that will promote enhanced financial prosperity and mental peace. 

As a result, it is important to evaluate the vastu of your storage area and make any required modifications. Remember that “a stitch in time saves nine,” and that taking precautions now can help avert future issues. Therefore, take control of your storage room’s vastu today and enjoy the benefits that follow. It is worth noting that implementing vastu suggestions in the storeroom does not have to be a difficult process. You may dramatically increase the vastu of the storage room by making minor changes like keeping the area clean and clutter-free, maintaining sufficient lighting and ventilation, and arranging products in the optimal direction. 



Q1. Are there specific colors that are auspicious for the store room?

Ans. Yes, colors like yellow and orange are considering auspicious for the store room as they enhance energy flow.

Q2. Can I place the store room in any direction?

Ans. The ideal directions for the store room are south or southwest. Avoid placing it in the northeast corner. 

Q3. How should I organize my store room in any direction?

Ans. Keep the store room clean and decluttered. Categorize items, use storage shelves, and label containers for easy access.

Q4. Can I seek personalized Vastu consultation for my store room?

Ans. Yes, consulting a Vastu expert can provide personalized guidance based on your specific store room layout and needs. 


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