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Alphabet Numerology

Alphabet Numerology

What is alphabet numerology ?

Ajay Devgan is now Ajay Devgn, Karishma Kapoor changed it to Karisma Kapoor and many other renowned personalities got their name changed. Have you wondered why? Well, they do it to tackle failures and attain success, fame, etc. Do you know with whom they get their name changed? The answer is Numerologists, who use alphabet numerology to solve problems in their life and suggest proper names that are ideal for their life. Let’s see in detail what the significance of alphabet numerology is.

Alphabet Numerology

Importance of alphabet numerology 

Well , after you become familiar with the meaning of alphabet numerology, let’s see its  importance in real life . As per numerologists, Alphabet numerology is about assigning numbers to letters, that reveals insights about life. Each letter denotes a number (  (e.g., A=1, B=2) and in numerology, numbers have special significance.  A Numerologist, uses the numbers to tell about personality traits,  careers and many other things. They also tell about which letter in name must be removed in name for better results.


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Calculation process of alphabet numerology:

To determine your destiny number using alphabet numerology, follow these steps:


  • Assign numerical values to each letter of your name according to the chart provided.
  • Add up the values of all the letters in your name.
  • If any double-digit numbers arise, reduce them to a single digit.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each part of your name if it’s composed of multiple words or names.
  • Once you have single-digit values for each part, add them together.
  • If the sum is a double-digit number, reduce it to a single digit.
  • This final single-digit number is your destiny number.

For example, let’s calculate the destiny number for the name “Tanisha “:

T + A + N + I + S + H + A = 2 + 1 + 5 + 9 + 1 + 8 + 1 = 27 (reduce to single digit= 2+7) = 9

So, the destiny or expression number for “Tanisha” is 9.

Benefits of alphabet numerology :

Sometimes we get stuck in life due to stars not in our favour , or letters in our name are not favourable. In that case , you need alphabet numerology help , as it will help you choose the correct name for you . Lets see some benefits of alphabet numerology.

It can help in self discovery:

Knowing about yourself is the first step for success. When you know about numbers which represent your name , it helps you know everything about your life. This helps you in becoming the better version of yourself.

Improves the decision making:

Making a decision that works for you , is one of the hardest things to do. Well , when you make changes in your name as per numerology , then you affect your thinking pattern too. The new number or letter can help you make the right decisions.

Make you self – aware.

As per various Numerologists , changing names as per numbers , helps you become more self aware . You start noticing things around you and become more aware.

Helps in making relationships stable .

Changing numbers as per numerology can help you not only understand yourself but also whom you have a relationship with. By checking out the numbers in the names of your friends or family, you can get why they act the way they do. This understanding can bring you closer and make your relationships stronger.

Enhances Personal Growth:

Using  alphabet numerology helps you become a better version of yourself. When you see yourself shining and when you start doing things  better, you can set goals and work on improving. It’s all about growing and becoming the best you can be.

Manifestation and Goal Setting: 

When you know destiny numbers , you start working according  to it. By knowing what is suitable for you , the energy gets focused in one direction. This helps you gain success in life.

Alphabet Numerology

Special letters with their meaning as per numerology :

Alphabet A (Numerology 1):

Passionate, motivated, adaptable, with a great sense of humor.

Alphabet B (Numerology 2): 

Sentimental, intuitive, efficient, and occasionally enjoy solitude.

Alphabet C (Numerology 3): 

Expressive, well-liked, adaptable, and enjoy problem-solving.

Alphabet D (Numerology 4): 

Life-focused, authoritative, problem solvers, prioritize work over people.

Alphabet E (Numerology 5): 

Realistic, intelligent, patient, but can be rigid causing professional issues.

Alphabet F (Numerology 6): 

Upbeat, generous, balanced, and excel in personal and professional life.

Alphabet G (Numerology 7): 

Compassionate, creative, with a constant sense of humor.

Alphabet H (Numerology 8): 

Studious, adaptable, and deeply committed to friends and family.

Alphabet I (Numerology 9):

 Spiritual, positive, patient, and successful.

Alphabet J (Numerology 1): 

Self-motivated, trusting, prone to betrayal, but potentially prosperous.

Alphabet K (Numerology 2): 

Kind, intelligent, instinctual, and inspirational.

Alphabet L (Numerology 3):

 Lucky, gregarious, ideal for the finance industry.

Alphabet M (Numerology 4): 

Self-reliant, organized, reflective, suitable for philosophy.

Alphabet N (Numerology 5): 

Bold, skilled in argument, fearless.

Alphabet O (Numerology 6): 

Analytical, large social circle, prone to overthinking.

Alphabet P (Numerology 7): 

Driven, fortunate, with a strong desire for success.

Alphabet Q (Numerology 8): 

Positive, self-assured, and resilient.

Alphabet R (Numerology 9):

 Fortunate, wealthy, and goal-oriented.

Alphabet S (Numerology 1): 

Charming, successful, talented in music.

Alphabet T (Numerology 2): 

Skilled, imaginative, prosperous, and confident.

Alphabet U (Numerology 3): 

Passionate, inspiring, but sometimes lack growth opportunities.

Alphabet V (Numerology 4): 

Intelligent, charismatic, strong leadership abilities.

Alphabet W (Numerology 5): 

Private, energetic, technically proficient, and entertaining.

Alphabet X (Numerology 6): 

Industrious, intuitive, creative, and perfectionists.

Alphabet Y (Numerology 7): 

Visionary, initiative takers, but sometimes perceived as haughty.

Alphabet Z (Numerology 8): 

Artistic, visionary, communicative, with a positive outlook but may be self-centered.

So altering letters in your name as per the references above , one can attract abundance in their life. It will be much better if you take help of a numerologist .

In the end it can be said that  alphabet numerology can help you unveil the many secrets of personality . Changing the letters in  your name with the help of a numerologist can help you solve the issues and attract abundance in life. If you have interest in numerology , you can visit “ All India Institute Of Occult Science , New Delhi.


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Q1. What is alphabet numerology?

A. Alphabet numerology assigns numerical values to each alphabet, revealing personality traits and characteristics associated with each letter.

Q2. How does alphabet numerology work?

A. Alphabet numerology calculates a numerical value for each alphabet based on its position in the alphabet. These values are then interpreted to understand personality traits.

Q3. Can alphabet numerology predict the future?

A. No, alphabet numerology primarily focuses on understanding personality traits and tendencies rather than predicting specific future events.

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