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Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Top 10 Best Vastu Colours for Bedroom: Apply these colours in these bedrooms!

Make your bedroom go, “so beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!” Use these best vastu colours for bedroom and make it more peaceful and ambient. Also, Holi 2024 is coming too, so give your bedroom a new look with these vastu colours. Just like the wall, fill your life with the colors of happiness and prosperity. As a famous painter Vincent Van Goh once said, “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.” 


  • Vastu colors for bedroom 
  • Colors for kids’ bedroom 
  • Colors for elderly members’ bedroom 
  • Significance of colors in Vastu 
  • Why do you need Vastu colours for vastu?

So, let’s find suitable colours for your bedroom.

Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Well, your bedroom is your personal space. Here you sleep, spend time with your partner and sometimes with yourself. Thus, it is important that your personal space has no negativity inside. However, the color scheme depends upon who is living inside that bedroom. Whether it is a couple, or children, or elderly members living there. Now, let’s see which vastu colours for bedroom will be suitable for them.  

Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Vastu Colours for Bedroom: Married Couples

The bedroom of the married couples should be colored with light and soothing colors. It gives a good environment and brings them closer. Here are some best vastu colours for married couples’ bedroom: 

  • Soft Blue : soft blue represents peace, calmness, and communication. Thus, it is used for a married couple’s bedroom. As it promotes communication, so it strengthens their relationship, and there are less arguments. 
  • Green : green is the colour of growth, health, and new beginnings. It represents that the couple, after their marriage, are about to start a new journey together. 
  • Satin Pink ; pink is the colour of love and romance. As it is said, “Love is in the air.” So, this colour literally means it. 
  • Scarlet Red : this colour promotes romance, so it is good for newly married couples. 
  • White : white is a very peaceful colour. It promotes peace and harmony in the relationship. 

Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Vastu Colours for Master Bedroom 

The master bedroom is the bedroom of the leader of the house. For example, if your father is the eldest member of the house, then he is the leader of the house. Thus, the leader should have vastu colours such as: 

  • Blue : blue represents the colour of sky when it is clear and peaceful. Thus, it promotes relaxation and peace. 
  • White : when selecting vastu colours for bedroom, this colour is often recommended. As, white colour promotes cleanliness and purity. It creates a sense of openness. 
  • Lavender : in lighter shades, lavender looks very ambient and soothing. It provides mental relaxation. 
  • Pink : pink is a soothing colour, it looks very soothing and creates a gentle atmosphere. 
  • Grey : grey in lighter shades, represents sophistication and balance. So, it creates a balance because it is the base of all colours. 

Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Vastu colours for Children’s Bedroom

Children are the youngest members of the house. They are in their growing phase of life. So, they should have bright colours in their bedroom. The colours in their room should be peaceful, positive and energetic. Use colours like: 

  • Yellow : in Vastu shastra, yellow is the colour of sun. So, it represents brightness, energy, and wisdom, this is why it is often recommended to use in children’s bedroom. 
  • Green : as you read before, green is the colour of growth, and parents always aim for the growth of their child. So, this colour will suit the bedroom of their children very well. 
  • Blue : when sky is clear it turns blue, similarly, when this colour is applied in the bedroom of children it promotes clarity of mind and enhances focus. 
  • Red : red is the colour of energy. However, parents don’t want their child to be always busy in playing games despite playing outdoor sports, so this colour is the best, as per vastu

Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Vastu colours for Bedroom: Elder Members 

The elders of the family are the pillars of the house. So, it is important that they live a healthy and peaceful life. So, incorporate colours which provide a peaceful atmosphere. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Pastel Colours : pastel colours are very soothing, gentle, and ambient colours. These colours create a relaxing atmosphere. So, the bedrooms of elderly members should be painted with these colours. 
  • Off-White : off-white is a warmer shade of general white. It creates a warm space, thus no negative energies rise in this room. 
  • Light Blue : similar to soft blue, it gives a more airy feeling. So, it offers a calming and peaceful atmosphere with a touch of brightness. 

Why are Colours so important in Vastu Shastra?

In brief, you learnt about the colours that you should apply in the bedroom for various family members. But you might have noticed that Vastu Shastra often mentions colours. But why? Why are these so important? Well, the colours have a great impact on the members living in the house. If you choose soothing, calm and elegant colours it will be comfortable for your eyes too. On the other hand, if you choose catchy or dark colours, then it may cause unease to your eyes. Even, you will not feel good. Just like you pick colours while shopping for a dress and you pick only the colour which suits you. Similarly, for you house, you should choose the colours which suits you and your well being. 

Why should you choose Vastu colours for Bedroom? 

As we discussed above, you should choose Vastu colours. But why choose Vastu colours for bedroom? Well, as I said in the intro, that your bedroom is your personal space. And it is important to maintain peace and balance in this room. However, colours have a greate impact on the energies present in the atmosphere. For instance, dark colours like black and dark purple attract negative energies. So, here chances of rising of evil energies are higher. Also, when you keep seeing dark colours only then your mood will always be bad. In fact, the people living in that bedroom will stay ill mostly. So, it is important to consider Vastu colours for your bedroom.


Q1. What are the best Vastu colors for a married couple’s bedroom?

A. For a married couple’s bedroom, you should go for calming shades like soft blue, green, satin pink, or white. These promote communication, strengthen relationships, and create a peaceful ambiance.

Q2. What colors should I avoid using in my bedroom according to Vastu? 

A. It is advised to avoid dark colors like black and dark purple as they attract negative energy and can impact mood and well-being.

Q3. Why are colors important in Vastu Shastra, especially for the bedroom?

A. According to Vastu shastra, colors influence the energy in your living space. Choosing calming and soothing colors like those recommended for bedrooms creates a positive atmosphere and promotes well-being for the occupants.



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