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20 Vastu tips for Dining Room: Magic of Vastu

Vastu tips

Just Imagine:

you’re sitting down for a meal with your family, laughter fills the air, and the aroma of your favorite dishes makes your mouth water. But did you know that the way you set up your dining room can add an extra sprinkle of joy to these moments? It’s not just about the food; it’s about the energy that surrounds you. Ever had a meal where everything just felt right? Ever had a seat where you felt cramped or too far from the action? Or maybe you’ve noticed that some rooms just seem to radiate warmth and happiness while others feel a bit off? The chairs were comfy, the lighting was perfect, and the conversations flowed like honey. Well, guess what? There’s a secret sauce to making these moments happen more often, and it’s called Vastu Shastra. It’s like giving your dining room a friendly makeover that boosts the good vibes and turns every meal into a memory. In this tour you will learn about the Vastu tips for Dining Room which will help you maintain the balance of energy in the atmosphere where you eat together with your family. 

Do you know, how you arrange your dining table could be affecting how much you enjoy your meals. That’s the magic of Vastu at play! It’s all about making simple tweaks that can make a big difference. So, let’s make your dining room the heart of your home, bursting with love, laughter, and positive vibes!


Vastu Tips 

  • According to Vastu shastra, if there isn’t enough space for establishing a separate dining room, then it can be kept near the kitchen or in a part of the drawing room. 
  • Separate Dining room should be kept in the West direction, as this direction is ruled by the planets Saturn or Shani. 
  • Food should be neither too hot nor too cold. 
  • As this direction is ruled by Saturn, which is known as the slowest planet due to its slow speed. It is believed that food should be eaten शनैः शनैः means slowly slowly. 
  • Eating too hot food can harm the skin and give birth to numerous diseases. 
  • The door for the dining room should be in the East, North and West. These directions are considers auspicious for the door of the dining room. 
  • Auspicious directions to keep facing while eating food in the dining room are:
    • For elderly family members; East 
    • For guests or younger family members: North. 
  • Eating while facing towards the East leads to longevity in age. 
  • Whereas, Eating while facing towards the North direction provides longer age and wealth. 
  • Eating food in the South has a lot of demonic tendencies as if no matter how much food a person eats, his body does not feel like it.
  • The West is very dangerous to eat as it causes harmful diseases. 
  • The dining room should contain ambient and warm lighting to keep an enjoyable meal-time. 
  • Simple and subtle designed wooden chairs made for good quality wood could be keep inside the dining room. 
  • Dining table should be square or rectangle shaped. It constantly regulates the energy flow throughout the house.
  • Portraits of nature and peaceful sceneries should be place on the walls. Also, one can add pictures showing food. 
  • Suitable colors inside the dining room are: 
    • Orange: it represents strength, spirituality, strong bonds. 
    • Green: this color symbolizes hope, peaceful environment, and nature.
    • White: it is a color of peace, neutral color, and also a color of purity. 
    • Light Pink: suggests love and mutual understanding and respect among family.

These colors can be used in different ways like adding these colors in the form of wall paintings, arts, tables, chairs, table tops etc. But, avoid using any color excessively. 

  • Table material which are good for dining room:
    • The exchange of ideas is more transparent because of the glass table. 
    • Stone tables mirror earth components and offer stability, according to Vastu
    • The wood table is the first option when choosing a dining table since it stands for growth. 
    • The metal table shouldn’t be utilize as a dining table since it loses energy quickly.
  • Also, small plants could be add on the table to maintain a pure and fresh air in the atmosphere. 

Don’t forget to show gratitude towards god for food and offer prayer before starting to eat with family. 

  • Avoid placing the table adjacent to the wall. It symbolizes obstacles. 
  • The dining table should not be place under the beam. 
  • Avoid any gadgets or entertainment sources in the dining room, as you spend family time during the mealtime. 

Most of the people ignore Vastu tips for Dining Room as they prioritize Vastu tips for Bedrooms, kitchen, main entrance etc. But they ignore the place where they eat. Don’t be one of them and follow these Vastu tips so that you can make a more positive environment while eating. 

Just like how you spice up your dishes with the right ingredients, Vastu adds that extra sprinkle of positivity to your dining area. It’s like having a lucky charm that fills the air with good energy. And you don’t need to be a design expert to make it happen – a few small changes here and there, and you’ll have a dining room that’s as inviting as your favorite restaurant.


So, if you’re ready to add a dash of enchantment to your dining experiences, come along as we explore the world of Vastu in your dining room. Get ready to create a space where not only your taste buds are satisfy but your heart and soul too. Let’s make your dining room the heart of your home, bursting with love, laughter, and positive vibes!

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