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Impact of Jupiter in third house

jupiter in third house

Are you an Arijit Singh fan? Which song do you like the most? Arijit has a very melodious voice, isn’t it! His mesmerizing voice has the power to evoke a bunch of mixed emotions. His songs can make you cry and laugh at the same time. But what if you get to know that the secret behind his melodious voice is not his throat but his kundali. Yes, you heard it right. There is a rare combination present in his Kundali which only few legendary singers like Aasha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar have in their kundali. The Jupiter in third house in the kundali of Arijit as the lord. In this article, you will know about the celestial secret of how the impact of Jupiter in the third house of Kundali leads to a legendary singer. 

Let’s start with knowing about the third house first. Let’s see what the third house is and what it deals with? 

The Third House

  • The third house is the house of artistic abilities. 
  • This house is also known as “Sahaj Bhava”.
  • Planets like the Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are considered auspicious if present in this house. 
  • The third house is linked to courage, valor, and determination. It reflects a person’s ability to face challenges, take risks, and overcome obstacles in life.
  • This house deals with throat, voice, mental stability, and firmness. 
  • Primarily, this house governs communication, younger siblings, relatives, co-born, and courage. 
  • It makes one  brave, gives high degree and perseverance. 
  • It makes a person kind hearted. 
  • Benefic placement of planets in the third house ensures success in everything. 
  • Person is hopeful, cultured, jovial, kind, considerate, religious and philosophical. 
  • Person gains through literature. 
  • If alone then good for mental health. 
  • The third house plays an important role in the case of saints who have to preach the Lord’s message in the forms of hymns and devotional songs. 
  • This house pertains to short-distance travels, local journeys, and trips taken frequently in day-to-day life.
  • It provides insights into the dynamics and harmony among siblings and their influence on the individual’s life.
  • This house is related to artistic talents and creative expression, which can manifest through various forms, including music, painting, writing, etc.

Now let us observe what impact Jupiter as lord of the Third causes in a person’s life. 

Jupiter in Third House

  • Third house with Jupiter as benefic then leads to a melodious voice. 
  • Jupiter with the aspect of Sun, Moon or Mercury augments it although Jupiter alone is good for mental faculties. 
  • Jupiter blesses the individual with success if in fire signs. 
  • It enhances the mental ability of the person. Makes one sharp minded and one grasps information quickly. 
  • When Jupiter is favorably positioned in a birth chart, it exudes wisdom, and music becomes a profound spiritual expression. 
  • A well-aspected Jupiter establishes a deep spiritual connection through the art of music.
  • Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and gives name and fame. 
  • Jupiter’s presence in the third house bestows a love for learning and a sharp intellect. 
  • The person is curious, open-minded, and eager to acquire knowledge in various fields.
  • The placement of Jupiter in the third house often indicates artistic talents and creative expression, especially in fields like music, singing, writing, or public speaking.
  • upiter’s positive energy fosters harmonious relationships with siblings and cousins. The person enjoys the love and support of their close family members.
  • Jupiter in the third house inspires a desire to contribute to society positively. 
  • The individual may actively participate in philanthropic activities or social work to make a difference in people’s lives.

Now, let’s observe some case studies representing various famous personalities related to artistic fields who have Jupiter in the third house of their horoscopes, these are: 

  • J.K. Rowling, the acclaimed British novelist best known for developing the “Harry Potter” series, is an intriguing case study. Jupiter’s position in the third house of her birth chart may link her remarkable writing talents and imaginative storytelling. We may investigate how this planetary alignment influenced her outstanding literary accomplishments as well as the global effect of her enchanted realm.
  • Gulzar, India’s iconic lyricist, poet, and film director, is renowned for his vivid and insightful compositions. Jupiter’s placement in his birth chart’s third house may have enhanced his artistic ability and endowed him with a poetic eloquence that reaches the soul. His insightful lines and timeless tunes have made an everlasting influence on Indian cinema.
  • Chetan Bhagat, a well-known Indian novelist and journalist, has captivated audiences with his relevant and engaging narrative. Jupiter in the third house may be revealed in his birth chart, enhancing his creative expression and literary abilities. Jupiter’s influence in this house may have helped him connect with people all around the country and transmit vital social themes via his works.


Above mentioned were some of the case studies or you can call them some examples, demonstrating the impact of Jupiter in the 3rd house. From the magnificent voice of Arijit to mesmerizing words of Chetan Bhagat, the celestial combination of Jupiter in third house plays an important role in marking their journeys in the artistic field. 

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