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Significance of Moon in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

“Chaand chupa badal me, sharma ke mere jana!”

You must have listened to this OG banger. It’s a great song isn’t it. And the way the lyricist compared the moon with his beloved is very pleasant. The moon has been used in various bollywood songs as a symbol of beauty, peace, feminine energy, and fascination. Time immemorial, people have been fascinated and amazed by the Moon, our quiet cosmic friend. Its bright presence in the night sky has long inspired poets, painters, and philosophers to make such arts that had a remarkable impact on our thoughts. Moon not only just controls the tidal waves but it also imposes a huge impact on various aspects of human life. Because the Moon is the closest to our planet so its impact is greater as compared to the other planets. It holds a separate significance in vedic Astrology.

In this article you will read what the moon represents and what the moon’s significance is in Vedic Astrology. You will read what effects it causes if present in a person’s horoscope or Kundali. And, what character traits the person with moon in kundali reflects, and who are some famous personalities who have a strong moon in their kundali. 

Let’s start this cosmic journey.

The Moon

Let’s start with knowing about the meaning of Moon in Vedic Astrology. It is important to know what place it holds in the Vedic Astrology for proper understanding. According to the Vedic Astrology, the moon makes one sympathetic, extremely generous, emotional, fond of travel, romantic, imaginative, kind, humane, and exposed to public life. They fall in love for the sake of love, without self-seeking that is why they make good writers. The person is usually at peace and achieves success in everything that he does. The Moon rules the Cancer zodiac sign and is friends with planets such as Sun and Mercury, neutral with planets such as Jupiter and Mars, and is enemy of planets such as Saturn and Venus.

 Some famous people with strong Moon in their horoscope or Kundali are Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, The Weekend, Jason Momoa, Kylie Jenner, Chris Evans, Katy parry and Will Smith. All these celebrities have done some amazing things in their profession and also are well known for their work. Now let’s see what are its impacts if strong or weak in a person’s Kundali. 

Stronger Moon 

  • People with a strong moon are delicate, emotional, youthful, short and stout and are graceful, dignified, kind, humane, sympathetic, and emotional. 
  • They are loyal and true, they do not cheat or deceive a friend. 
  • They are; fond of traveling, romance, publicity, public life, love of mystery, dreamy and idealistic, they adjust under all circumstances. 
  • They are good writers, imaginative, creative, musicians, and artists. 
  • If Moon is favorably aspected by Lagna lord all “Arishta” Yogas are canceled. 

Weaker Moon

  • If the moon is weaker in horoscope then the person is unlucky, disreputable, unreliable, shifty, wandering. 
  • It makes one weak physically and mentally and leads to Balarishta. 
  • Afflicted Moon in 4 or binded by malefics and lord of 4th house is in 6th, leads to death of mother. 
  • In Aries or Scorpio, being bound between malefics causes death by weapon or fire. 
  • A weak moon signifies emotional instability, anxiety, inability to relate to people, lack of friendliness. 

What the moon brings it combined with other planets. 

Sun and Moon:

  • When the moon and sun are present in the 1st house or Lagna together then it represents defective eyesights, dominant wife, poison and intoxicants. 
  • When in the 4th house represents grief because of parents, lack of honor, sons, wealth and miseries. 
  • Present in 7th it signifies insult from females, has no friends and no sons. 
  • In 9th house it shows diseases of the eye, short life, fond of quarrels, rich and fortunate. 
  • In the 10th house it shows an unkind, crooked, destroyer of enemies, or army chief. 

Moon and Mars:

  • Not good maternal relations, affliction to blood, potters, business in leather-mean, inimical to mother-sick. 
  • In the 1st house – King, harsh, defect in blood and digestive power. 
  • In the 4th house – Defective limb, problem of progeny, Devoid of wealth and happiness.
  • In the 7th house – Untruthful, jealous, runs after others’ money, liar.
  • In the 10th house – Brave, wealth, Army service. In the 9th house.
  • In the 9th house – Wealthy, loses his mother early,ulcers and deformed body.

Mercury and Moon: 

  • This combination suggests that one can be a poet, wealthy, beautiful, smiling, virtuous, receive fame and honor through women, religious, good speaker, kind, and modest.
  • In the 1st house – Happy, skilful, talkative, rich. 
  • In the 4th house – Fortunate, happiness from relatives, friends and children.
  • In the 7th house – King, brave, poet, soft in disposition. 
  • In the 10th house – Rich, famous, minister
  • In the 9th house –  Scholar, knowledge of Shastras, famous, talks much, excellent person, deformed limbs.

Moon and Jupiter:

  • This conjunction of Moon and Jupiter forms Gaja Kesari Yoga, making one wealthy, virtuous, wise, intelligent.
  • In the 1st house -Large chest, good physique, Many sons, friends and wealth.
  • In the 4th house – Happiness, wealth, children, relatives. Minister. 
  • In the 7th house – Learned, king, expert in art, mastery in many Shastras. 
  • In the 10th house – High status, female children., dutiful, helpful,long arms, famous.
  • In the 9th house Distinguished, wealthy, happy and courageous.

Venus and Moon

  • Conjunction of Moon and Venus deals in textile, good conduct, clothes, and expertise in buying and selling. It is Raj Yoga. 
  • In the 1st house – Rich, garland, perfumes, company of courtesans.
  • In the 4th house – Wealth through water, popular, rich.
  • In the 7th house – Intellectual, earns name and fame, will have many women, not much wealth or sons. 
  • In the 10th house – Famous, minister, rich and popular.
  • In the 9th house –  Marries an unchaste lady, diseases and rich. Well placed-has step mother. 

Moon and Saturn

  • Widowed in women horoscope, aged wife, many women, whores, no wealth, defeated, devoid of virtues. No wealth.
  • In the 1st house – Miser, lazy, Servant, angry and sinful. 
  • In the 4th house – Earn through water, pearls, boats, popular excellence.
  • In the 7th house – No wife, supreme amongst his clansmen, honored by the king. 
  • In the 10th house – Leader, famous head of men.Moon with benefics gives good results. Mars and Saturn not good unless in the 10th house where he becomes army chief. Moon, Mars and Saturn are a combination for Mahatmas.
  • In the 9th house – Immoral, sinful, fallen mother.


Mythic Importance of the Moon 

In Vedic mythology, Chandra is the personification of the Moon, often referred to as Soma or Indu. The moon is the mind’s regulator and the deity of water. Chandra is considered one of the nine celestial bodies (Navgrahas) and holds a crucial position in Vedic astrology. Chandra is associated with beauty, peace, and calmness. He is depicted as a fair deity with a radiant appearance, riding a chariot pulled by ten white horses. Chandra is present on Lord Shiva’s head. 


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