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Understanding the impact of Guru Mahadasha

Guru Mahadasha

In present times, we all chase happiness, achievements, and prosperity tirelessly. Do you know that in this pursuit of seeking success, comfort, and growth, Vedic astrology can help you? Curious to know how? Well, our destinies are connected with the movements and positions of planets.

Their energy can influence our lifestyle and guide us to our destinies. To know about one’s fortune, Vedic astrologers seek help from the Guru. The planet, which even the gods considered their teacher.

It is Jupiter, or Brihaspati. And it’s Mahadasha that can let a person live a life of wonders. So, let’s understand how Jupiter Mahadasha or Guru Mahadasha shapes our lives. 

Jupiter: Greatest among all 9 planets

Firstly, let’s start by understanding Jupiter, not astronomically but astrologically. In Hindu mythology, Jupiter is considered the teacher of gods and is known by various names, like Guru (teacher), Brihaspati (Lord of light), Devaguru (teacher of gods), etc. He is a sage who belongs to Angira’s lineage of sages. 

Guru/Jupiter is respected by all and holds an important place in the cosmos. Not only in mythology, Guru is a very important planet in Vedic astrology. Guru is considered the Jiva (consciousness of the soul), representing the self. It signifies prosperity and fortune. 

Dasha And Mahadasha 

In Vedic astrology, dasha indicates planetary periods. The period during which any of the 9 planets rule the kundali of a person. It indicates the effects of planets depending on their positions in different zodiac signs and houses. 

This period of staying in a kundali can be short or long. However, in Mahadasha, it’s the major period. It is a span of 120 years, distributed among 9 planets. During this period, a person’s life is affected by the planet that rules his or her kundali. 

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Guru Mahadasha/Jupiter Mahadasha (16 Years)

Guru Mahadasha has both positive and negative impacts on a person’s life. Let’s discover the positive effects first. 

Positive: during this period, if Jupiter is strong, then it can bring wonderful moments in one’s life. It symbolizes benefits from the government, happiness, wealth, children, education, health, etc. It brings harmony to the family. During this period, the decisions a person makes are mostly right. They become more forgiving. This period can guide them towards greater heights and success. Allowing them to live a delightful and joyous life. 

 Negative aspects of Guru/Jupiter Mahadasha.

Negatives: If Jupiter becomes weak during this period, then all the positive things mentioned above get reversed. There are chances of change in residence, loss of wealth and children, and mental tension. Also, there are possibilities for a person to fall into diseases associated with Jupiter, like jaundice and Phlegmatic disease. They might have to suffer from liver and ear issues too. 

That’s How George Bernard Succeed 

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist, and political activist. He was known for his contributions to literature and the arts. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925 for his contribution to drama. 

However, Vedic astrology has decoded the exact things responsible for his success. According to his Kundali, Jupiter was present in the 11th house with the zodiac it rules. That is Pisces. During the Jupiter Mahadasha (from 1896-1912) his creativity was at its peak. This was the period in which he wrote 22 plays. 

The best and most well-known among these plays were “Man and Superman,” “Pygmalion,” and “Caesar and Cleopatra.”

Things You Might Know

The story of George Bernard Shaw shows how Jupiter’s Mahadasha made him a shining example for this blog. But beyond individual tales of success, there are always some astrological aspects. And Vedic astrology serves as a guiding compass to reveal such secrets.

So, as we wrap up our journey, let us remember that astrology isn’t about superstitions. It’s far greater than that.

If you are interested in learning about astrology, learn about it from the “All India Institute of Occult Science”.

  • Is Jupiter Mahadasha bad for a person?
    Jupiter Mahadasha has both positive and negative effects. However, its negative effects can misguide an individual. They may struggle while making important decisions. Also, it causes loss of wealth too.
  • What is the duration of Jupiter Mahadasha?
    The Jupiter Mahadasha of Guru Mahadasha lasts for 16 years.
  • Jupiter is the lord of which zodiac sign?
    Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius.
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