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Shani significance in astrology

Shani in Astrology

ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः 

Among the common people, Saturn or Shani is considered unlucky in all terms. You might have heard people saying, “Iska to Shani bhari haior ispar shani ki sade sati chal rahi hai.” In the world of Vedic Astrology this statement is very common. But do you know what it means? It means the planet Shani or Saturn will affect your various life events. You have to go through stress, anxiety, growth will be slower as Shani is a slow planet, and there’s a lot more. This entire cosmos is a theater and there’s a celestial character named “Shani Dev” or Saturn in it, a bit like a strict but caring teacher in space. Imagine him as a wise old friend who teaches us important life lessons. His mantra goes like,  “नीलांजना समाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम।, छाया मार्तण्ड संभूतं तम नमामि शश्चरम्।” This mantra helps us deal with tough times, like when we have to study hard or do difficult tasks. Shani Dev’s energy can be tough, but it’s also a chance for us to become stronger and wiser. In this article, we will understand Saturn or Shani in Astrology

Facts about Shani Dev: 

  • Before augmenting whether this planet imposes a good or bad impact on a person’s life, let’s see the story of this planet and its significance in Hindu Mythology. 
  • In Hindu Mythology, Navagraha are nine heavenly bodies and deities in the cosmos.  These deities influence human life on Earth. Shani or Saturn is the 7th from the Navagraha. 
  • Shani is the Hindu god of Justice. He is the god of Karm, justice, and retribution and delivers consequences depending upon one’s Karma, thoughts, speech, and deeds. 
  • He keeps a record of Karmic needs of humans and passes his judgments upon them during their life. 
  • Lord Shani is described as lame-legged or limp. According to Hindu beliefs, his legs got injure while he was engage in a fight with his brother Yama in his childhood. 
  • He is represented riding a chariot pulled by a crow or a vulture. Or, an iron chariot with eight horses, carrying a bow and an arrow in his hands. 
  • Usually, he is depicted with dark skin, wearing black clothes. Shani never causes any effects on people under sixteen years of age. 

Importance of Shani in Astrology

It is consider one of the powerful and important planets. It rules Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Saturn is the most feared planet from an astrological point of view. As it is associate with miseries and hardships. Shani in astrology gives nothing more than the fruits of our Karma. In Vedic Astrology, we see how our Karma’s from previous lives influence our present lives. These Karmas are attach to our souls, and as we say body dies but the soul doesn’t. Similarly, if the soul cannot die, so is our Karmas.  Our Karmas are reflect in our Astrological chart. 

Shani in astrology is consider as a slow planet as it completes its single revolution around the Sun in 30 years. And, it stays in one zodiac sign for 2.5 years which can extend up to 5 to 7.5 years which is called “Sade Sati”.

Shani is also known as “KarmaFal Daata”, as he balances out a person’s Karma in his own ways, sometimes by adding problems in career, relationship, finances, health and more. He guides a person to the right path by adding obstruction, distress, sickness, pain, sorrow, depression, anxiety, and a lot more troubles. If someone is capture in materialistic desires then Shani guides them to the path of spiritualism.  

Person with strong or weak Saturn or Shani 

  • Strong Shani or Saturn makes one Philosopher, and melancholy. 
  • Thrifty, careful, cautious, slow. 
  • Patient, enduring, steadfast in devotion. 
  • Follow foreign customs and way of living. 
  • If afflicted or weak then the person is mean, cruel, selfish, neglected, unfortunate, and likes to humiliate others. 
  • Individuals with a strong Saturn own property and fixed assets.
  • They are spiritual, have good concentration power, and are discipline. 
  • If Saturn is malefic or weak then the person is ugly, tyrant, selfish. 
  • They become thieves, criminals and always cheat others. 
  • Weaker Saturn suggests chronic diseases of old age, arthritis, and Cancer. 
  • Also, it causes separation from loved ones. 
  • And, the person is evil mind. 

Birth Of Shanidev: 

According to Vishnu Purana, Surya’s wife Sandhya, unable to bear Surya’s intense heat after giving birth to three children, retires to the forest to practice harsh austerities, leaving her shadow behind, named Chhaya. 

Chhaya is the goddess of shadow. Surya was unable to find that she was the shadow of his wife. He lived with Chhaya and she gave birth to Shani. When Shani was in the womb of Chhaya, he received the blessings from lord Shiva. As, devi Chhaya was so occupied in atonement of God Shiva that she did not care for food. She prayed so intensely that it had a great impact on the child in her womb. 

As a result of such great atonement of Chhaya, without food and shade in the blazing sun, the complexion of shani became black. And Shani was born dark.

Shanidev had great powers from birth. At his birth, Surya was disappoint to see the color of his child. He even suspected Shani was his own child. At the first look of Shani, the Sun went into an eclipse. Shani was always neglected and mistreated by his father and was also unhappy with the way his father treated his mother post birth. He saw Surya insulting his mother, and saw him with a cruel gaze. As a result Surya’s body was burn black. Shani was born on Vaishak Vadya Chaturdashi Amavasya which is observe as Shani Amavasaya.


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