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North West Facing House: Tips and Considerations for Homeowners

North West Facing House

Have you ever thought about it? Why does the direction of the house matter and what impact it has on our lives? Why do many people consider the facing of the house as the most important factor for their growth, success and prosperity? 

Well, facing the house plays the most important role in our lives. A North West Facing House is considered to be auspicious, as it promotes growth, harmony and peace. 

So, if you’re looking for a new home and want to know what advantages a house facing the northwest can provide, keep reading!

How to determine the north west direction of house

The easiest and most efficient way to determine the direction of your house is:

  • Open the compass application feature on your mobile phone. 
  • Face the home’s front door while you stand in the center of the house.
  • Make sure the compass or smartphone app is level when holding it in your palm.
  • Verify the compass needle’s direction or the location provided by the app.
  • The northwest direction, which is mark as NW on a compass, is between the north and west directions.
  • The residence is in the northwest direction if the compass needle or smartphone app shows that is the direction you are facing.
  • As an alternative, you may find the house’s location by consulting a map of the neighborhood or an online mapping tool. Look for the home on the map and the compass rose, which shows the directions.

North West Facing House

Importance of north west

In Vastu shastra, the northwest direction is considered to be highly significant and is associated with the air element. The northwest direction is believed to have a strong influence on the success and progress of individuals. Especially in matters related to business, career, and relationships.

The northwest direction is also associated with the air element, which is symbolic of movement and progress. A well-designed northwest direction can help individuals to progress in their careers and achieve success in their professional lives.

North west plots

  • Create a lower border in the plot’s northeastern corner. The positive flow of cosmic rays from the Ishanya corner will be attracted by the lower barrier at the northeast.
  • In houses facing north and west, the south-west boundary ought to be higher. Based on the size of the home and the land, the boundary wall’s height and dimensions should be determine.
  • While building, leave extra room undeveloped in the northeastern part of the land.
  • When building homes, leave an equal amount of space on the plot’s south, east, and north.
  • To improve the vastu of your house by leaving some space in the southwest direction. You can add some construction also. 
  • Making a garden in this direction can help circulating positivity in the atmosphere and maintaining a balance of the element of air. 

Main door and roads

  • If the north west direction has a T junction. Then place a gate as this Vastu dosha can harm the children of the house. 
  • This T junction is consider highly inauspicious according to Vastu Shastra. 
  • Avoid buying houses or constructing houses at such positions. 

Other vastu tips

  • House in the north west direction, facing towards north is very auspicious according to vastu shastra. It provides success, business growth, and prosperity. 
  • According to vastu shastra religious symbols like, om and swastik should be made on the entrance in the north west corner of the house. 
  • To promote fresh air and positivity energy inside your house. Auspicious plants like tulsi or Holy basil should be very beneficial according to Vastu Shastra.  
  • Make sure to make a platform for the plantation of holy basil or Tulsi plant. 
  • A fire element, such as the kitchen or a power station, etc., should be locate on the southeast side of a plot or building with a north-west orientation.
  • Before you start any building, it is advise that your north-west facing Vastu home design has both interior and external orientations in accordance with the set of Vastu rules.
  • You may implement Vastu principles in north-west-facing properties by using Vastu remedies like wind chimes or scented plants.
  • Any property or cut in the north-west can have a significant negative influence on your professional connections and career. This place is said to be a carrier of opposition or enmity among family and friends.
  • The best place for the placement of the pooja room in a north west facing house is North east. 
  • Whereas, the bathroom should be in the west direction of the house. 
  • The best suited location for the master bedroom is the South west direction, as this direction is associate with power, and the leader of the house should live in this room only. 


A house facing the northwest is not only a straightforward facing but also a factor that can significantly impact your quality of life. A house facing north-west has many advantages that can make it an ideal choice for homebuyers, such as abundant natural light, improved energy efficiency, health benefits, and increased resale value. 

Therefore, if you’re in the market for a new house, take into account the advantages of a house that faces north or west to see how it can enhance your living experience for many years to come.

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