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Surya Grahan Do’s and Don’ts | 20 April 2023

Surya Grahan Do’s and Don’ts

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, completely or partially obscuring the Sun from a small portion of Earth. In 2023, the world is good to go to notice two sun oriented shrouds. In April and October, respectively. The second will be an annular solar eclipse, while the first will be a hybrid solar eclipse. But firstly we should know Surya Grahan Do’s and Don’ts.

Despite the fact that eclipses are fascinating natural phenomena, However, they are associated with omens and superstitions in many traditional cultures, including those still in existence. How about we look at the two sunlight based obscurations of 2023. 

April 20 will see the first solar eclipse of 2023. India, on the other hand, will not be able to view the first solar eclipse in 2023. It will be seen in Australia, the Pacific Ocean, East and South Asia, Antarctica, and the Indian Ocean, among other places. The first solar eclipse of 2023 will occur at 07:04 AM and last until 12:29 PM, according to the Indian astrological calendar. 

This sun oriented shroud won’t be noticeable in India, however the Sutak time frame will be pertinent. On October 14, 2023, the second solar eclipse will occur, and India will be able to see it.

Safety measures should be taken when watching a solar eclipse because they could cause permanent damage to the eyes and blindness. NASA recommends using appropriate filters like black polymer, 14-shaded welding glass, or aluminized Mylar. Another choice is to utilize a telescope to see the Sun through optics or a telescope while a lunar shroud is happening, or to extend the Sun’s picture onto a whiteboard.

Surya Grahan Do’s and Don’ts

What to do before the solar eclipse?

  • Eat two hours before the eclipse begins.
  • Before and after the eclipse, take a bath.
  • Put basil leaves in milk, water, leftover food, etc.
  • Before the eclipse begins, cover your place of worship.

Dos and don’ts during a solar eclipse 

  • During a solar eclipse, you shouldn’t sleep. Astrology says that it has bad effects on health.
  • Aside from this, cooking or eating ought to likewise be stay away from during the shroud, as it can over-indulge your wellbeing.
  • Promising works like purchasing property, favorable time and so forth. Should not be done during the 2023 Solar Eclipse. Over time, this could result in significant losses.
  • The deities should not be touche or worshiped. In fact, you should wash everything after the solar eclipse and perform your worship.
  • Astrology considers the tulsi plant to be holy. Thus, you ought to abstain from giving water or contacting it during the time of sun powered overshadow in 2023.
  • Watching the eclipse should be avoid by pregnant women. They should not go outside or do anything that puts them in direct sunlight.

A solar eclipse, also known as the Surya Grahan, is a rare and magnificent event that necessitates careful planning and precautions to avoid injury. When viewing the eclipse, it is important to wear protective gear like special glasses and avoid looking directly at the sun, as stated in the dos and don’ts. 

During the eclipse, one should avoid eating or drinking water, and electronic devices should be protect. Also, if at all possible, avoid going outside during the eclipse. We can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while witnessing this beautiful natural phenomenon by adhering to these guidelines.


What is Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, completely or partially obscuring the Sun from a small portion of Earth.

How we can save food products from Eclipse?

We can Use Basil leaves in our leftover foods.

What we should do after Eclipse?

After Eclipse most important is to clean your house and the place where you live. And than take shower to purify yourself.

Surya Grahan Do’s and Don’ts

1. Don’t Eat during eclipse.
2. Don’t Sleep during Solar Eclipse.
3. Listen spiritual songs during Eclipse.

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