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How to choose Mobile Number as per Numerology


Importance of Numerology in life.  

Numerology is one of the important parts of astrology.  Numerology deals with numbers and their effects on the individuals. Nowadays people know about numerology and use it for solving their life issues. Many people take help from numerology experts to change their names, numbers etc. 

Does choosing a mobile number as per numerology help?

Numerology tells about the impact of numbers on human life. You might have seen many people change their name , mobile numbers etc as per numerology and attain success. The work is mobiles and mobile number numerology is important.  

How to know that your mobile number is lucky?

Making a mobile number selection as per numerology can be very lucky and advantageous to you or your business. You consult a good numerologist to assist you in choosing a lucky number for you. You can check your mobile number is lucky for you or not by adding all the digits of your phone number. The single-digit number you geta result can tell you whether or not the mobile number is appropriate for you.

According to mobile number numerology, the various numbers and their impact on many elements of your life is given below. You can live a successful life if you choose the appropriate phone number: 

  • Number 1

According to mobile number numerology, the number 1 has a powerful, male quality that increases your dominance over others. Any politician, new business, or career-minded entrepreneur should utilize this number.

  • Number 2

The numerological choice of a mobile number with the number 2 is suitable for people who are looking for love and passion. For any service-related services like hotels, restaurants etc number 2 is the best number.

  • Number 3

In terms of phone number numerology, the number three personifies fun and innovation. Young people, musicians, and artists are in good numbers. This number is good for musicians and artisans.

  • Number 4

Because it is stable, grounded, dependable, analytical, and reliable, this number is great for those associated with Accounting and Law companies organizations that need to focus on enhancing their reputations and trust. This number can be useful for large families.

  • Number 5

You should always be ready for the unexpected with this number. This number is good  for salespeople, activists, and tourists alike. Families avoid utilizing this number, it demonstrates a lack of accountability and restraint.

  • Number 6

This number is pleasant, encouraging, and protective, promotes a nurturing environment and enhances ties with family and friends. It is perfect for families.

Six detrimental to business, it fosters gossip. For educators and academic institutions, the number six is suitable.

  • Number 7

The finest number for academics and freethinkers is seven of spiritual qualities. Business owners, not a terrific number. This number should not be used to find friends or a partner.

  • Number 8

This figure is good because it consistently brings in money for business people. It is suitable for people who are ambitious and eager to succeed. The good effects of the number 8 on one’s job and financial condition can be attributed to its relatively materialistic nature. If your phone number has a triple 8, it is said to be lucky.

  • Number 9

This number encourages altruism and idealism, and it works wonderfully for people associated with the healthcare sector. This number typically brings luck to its owner. It is advantageous to charitable organizations because of the number of immaterial properties. If you have any health difficulties, you should stay away from this number. 

Some lucky numbers as per numerology .

The lucky numbers and number combinations are shown below. Improve your luck, you utilize these lucky phone numbers choosing your cell number.

  • Number 1

The number one always brings fame and fortune according to mobile number numerology. Those whose mobile  numbers start with 1 stand the best chance of becoming famous and well-known. A person with a grudge against missing out on opportunities, recognition, and credit for their work and creativity is said to require the number 1 in their lucky phone numbers.

  • Number 3

The number 3 is frequently regarded as unlucky however, it is an extremely lucky number in mobile number numerology for titles, status, reputation, and education. It provides enormous wealth to individuals and business sectors engaged in consulting related to treatment or concept sales.

  • Number 5

The number 5 in mobile number numerology is considered to be very lucky. Success in business and trades is influenced by number 5.  If you are a business owner, you should make a mobile number selection as per numerology including this number.

  •  Number 1 and 7

A public sector job has a unique appeal in India. The numbers 1 and 7 are fortunate for government job aspirants. If you are bold enough to study hard enough to get a government job, your mobile number selection as per numerology must include the numbers 1 and 7.

  • Numbers 6 and 9 

The pairing of the lucky phone numbers 6 and 9 can be advantageous for anyone active in the business industry whose system or company’s operation depends heavily on the management sector.

  • Number 16

When a person’s birthday or mobile number is 16, they tend to have more romantic relationships. It is ideal for people seeking relationships. 

  •  Number 12 or 21

They are skill in the economy, which is a crucial skill in the modern world.

 More about numerology.

The above points shows the importance of mobile numbers in numerology. When you keep your mobile number as per numerology , you can have an idea about living a good life. You can learn about other methods of Numerology course and its effects through training sessions from “ All India Institute Of Occult Science” .


Q1. Why is number 1 a good choice as a mobile number in numerology?

Ans1. People whose mobile number starts with number 1, become famous.  These people are mostly lucky.

Q2. Is number 3 good in mobile numbers?

Ans2. It is lucky for mobile numbers as it is good for titles, status , reputation and education .

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