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Marriage Compatibility by Nakshatra

marriage compatibility by nakshatra

An Introduction to marriage compatibility by nakshatra

India is known for its culture and traditions. Of all traditions, marriage is one of the most celebrated in India. As it is one of the promising cultures of India, astrology is used in Marriage. The Kundali Milan, marriage compatibility by Nakshatra and many other things are considered in Indian marriage. So, let’s move forward and learn more about marriage compatibility by nakshatra.


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What is the importance of nakshatra in marriage? 

The beautiful ending and beginning of the journey is called marriage. And do you know when it becomes best? When you do it, according to Nakshatras. According to Vedic astrology, Nakshatras assess the partners’ emotional, psychological, and spiritual compatibility. This compatibility is known as ” Guna Milan.” In this Guna Milan, many things are matched for a perfect marriage, including mental compatibility, sexual compatibility, and mutual understanding. Therefore marriage compatibility by nakshatra is important.

Everything about Nakshatra Compatibility and Guna Milan:

Guna Milan is mainly based on the eight points, known as ” Ashta Koota.” Let us know about the 8 categories :

Varna( Class): 

It is about spiritual compatibility and the mood and temperament of your partner.


It is about power and mutual control between the partners.

Tara ( Star):

It helps in checking the birth star compatibility to ensure a properly balanced and peaceful relationship.

Yoni (Sexual Compatibility) :

It is about the sexual compatibility and physical attraction between the partners.

Graha Maitri( Friendship):

It is based on the criteria that examine psychological compatibility and mental connection.

Gana ( Nature) : 

It is about the nature and behaviour that matches up well with the partners for better compatibility. 

Bhakoot( About the relation) :

It is about the evaluation of the health and wealth aspects of the relationship.

Nadi( Pulse) :

It is about genetic compatibility and also about the offspring’s health.

Thus, the above 8 points have the assigned points, and the total score determines the partners’ total compatibility. The minimum is 18 and above out of 36, which is considered for a good marriage.

marriage compatibility by nakshatra

Nakshatra Matching for Marriage:

The ruling deity often governs Nakshatra and also various planets that influence the traits and characteristics of the individuals born under it. Let us explore some points about the Nakshatra compatibility.

Ashwini and Magha:

As Ketu rules both, individuals born under Ashwini and Magha Nakshatras share a strong sense of independence and leadership. Mutual respect and admiration for each other’s qualities often lead to a dynamic and supportive partnership.


Bharani and Revati

As they are ruled by Venus and Mercury, Bharani and Revati are known for complementing each other’s emotional and intellectual needs. Their relationship is also characterized by mutual understanding and emotional connections.


Rohini and Anuradha

Those under Rohini and Anuradha, with the Moon and Saturn ruling planets, then individuals find balance in their contrasting qualities. Rohini’s nurturing nature and Anuradha’s dedication create a stable and good relationship.


Mrigasira and Sravana

Mars and Moon rule. Mrigasira and Sravanaansoey share a strong, intelligent, and emotional bond. Their relationship is based on mutual respect, communication, and shared values.


Pushya and Uttara Phalguni

Pushya and Uttara Phalguni [possess the complementary strength. Also, appreciate the nurturing nature, Uttara’s Phalguni leadership qualities, and the supportive partnership.


All about  marriage compatibility by nakshatra .

Nakshatra compatibility is known for providing insights or details about marriage compatibility. In the  marriage compatibility by nakshatra, section, it is essential to remember that other factors like positions of planets in the birth chart, individual horoscope, and personal choices play a significant role in determining the success of the marriage.


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Q:1 Why marriage compatibility by nakshatra is important?

A: The marriage compatibility by nakshatra is important in Vedic astrology. It helps assess the harmony and potential challenges between partners, promoting a balanced relationship, mutual understanding, and long-term marital success.

Q:2 How is nakshatra compatibility determined for marriage?

A: Nakshatra compatibility is determined using the Ashtakoota Milan system, which evaluates eight factors: Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Rashi (Bhakoot), and Nadi. Each factor is scored with a total of 36 points. A score of 18 or above is considered favorable, indicating good potential for harmony in the relationship.

Q:3 What if our nakshatras are not compatible? Can we still have a successful marriage?

A: Lack of nakshatra compatibility does not doom a marriage. It highlights potential challenges that can be overcome with mutual respect, understanding, communication, and love. 

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