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Can a manglik marry a non manglik

can a manglik marry a non manglik

An Intro : can a manglik marry a non manglik : 

In India, people still consider astrology, Kundali matching and many other things for marriage. One of the most talked about phenomena most talked about Manglik and Non -Manglik. Yes, can a Manglik marry a non-manglik? We’ll find out the answers through this blog.


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Who is called Manglik? 

One of the defects in the horoscope is Manglik Dosh. When Mars is in house numbers 1, 4, 7, 8, and 12 in the birth chart, then it is known as Manglik Dosh. The people with such defects are known as Mangliks. So people always ask, “Can a Manglik marry a non-manglik “? Let’s know more about it. 

Qualities of the Manglik People. 

The previous paragraph explained Manglik dosh. Before we answer the question of whether a Manglik can marry a non-Manglik, let us know some of the qualities of a Manglik dosh.


  • Known for their “Ranveer Singh Energy”. 

Yes, the Manglik people have Ranveer Singh like mad energy. Yes, they have nuclear bomb energy, and whatever they do, they put everything inside it. The reason behind it is the planet Mars. The planet is known for associating it with energy, courage and vitality. 


  • Determination, like King Kohli : 

In recent matches in IPL, we have seen King Kohli’s determination and commitment to batting. Even after being at his peak, he leaves no stone unturned. Yes, it is because of the presence of Mars that drives him towards achieving goals and being consistent about them. The presence of Mars is a symbol of strength and courage.


  • Leaders like Modi Ji, Dhoni and many more : 

Even after retirement, Dhoni is leading his franchise team like a pro. Modi Ji’s leadership skills are helping him win elections continuously. It is because of the presence of Mars. It helps them take bold decisions and not bend down in front of situations. 


  • Passionate nature like Satyajit Ray, and other filmmakers : 

The films made by Satyajit Ray were remarkable, and that’s why he was honoured with an Oscar. His passion made him the most decorated director of all time. It is because of the presence of the planet Mars. Known for generating passion in everything that includes relationships, career choices and hobbies.


  • The Sharukh Khan communication style:

The Manglik people can talk in the best way. Yes, you might have seen the television shows in which Shahrukh Khan uses his words so clearly and confidently. Yes, this is what Mars can do for you. They enable individuals to communicate well.

  • Neeraj Chopra’s competitive spirit: 

Neeraj Chopra has made his name due to his gold medals and his competitive spirit. He is still setting records at the javelin throw, even breaking his record. The Mars planet makes people competitive and energetic to achieve success. 

  • Independent thinking like Aman Gupta: 

Aman Gupta, the founder of Boat, is known for his independent thinking. This is because the presence of Mars makes him think beyond boundaries and independently. They are known for passion.

can a manglik marry a non manglik

Some bad qualities of Manglik People: 

  • Salman Khan like impatience:

Superstar Salman Khan is known for his movies, but more than that, his anger has made him famous. He is an impatient person, and that makes him aggressive often. Due to the presence of Mars, individuals can become restless, lose their temper, or become frustrated.


  • Shahrukh Khan like conflicts: 

Shahrukh Khan is the king of romance, but his anger has led him to various conflicts. The presence of Mars can cause them to become prone to anger, and it happens when they are threatened or challenged.


  • They need physical activity.

The Manglik people should learn to perform physical activity. They need regular exercise for better balance and also to prevent feelings of restlessness or agitation.

The above qualities are just the interpretation in astrology; it might differ for some. However, let us move to the answer of marriage between a manglik and non-manglik.

can a manglik marry a non manglik

Factors affecting the marriage of a manglik with a non-manglik.

  • The challenge of compatibility: 

As per Vedic astrology, the presence of Mangal Dosha in one’s chart can cause various challenges in marriage compatibility with a non-manglik. Mars’s fiery nature can generate an aggressive and fiery individual, which can trouble the non-manglik partner.

  • The remedies and solutions: 

Despite the challenges, various remedies through Vedic astrology can help in dealing with the side effects of Manglik dosh. These remedies include specific rituals, wearing special gemstones and more.

  • The Individual factors:

Sometimes, people choose personal beliefs, emotional connections and many other things over astrology compatibility. Each individual has beliefs and priorities and might not consider Mangal dosha.


In Spite of all . Can a manglik marry a non manglik ? 

Yes, as per your question,” Can a manglik marry a manglik”? , a Manglik can marry a non-manglik. Many couples are known for prioritizing love, compatibility and a sense of respect for each other. Well, the Manglik and non -Manglik individuals are not so uncommon, as they make their marriage possible through open communication, strength and many other things.


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F.A.Qs :

Q1. Can a manglik marry a non manglik ?

A. Yes , with the help of a few astrology remedies and solutions, a manglik can marry a non manglik.

Q2. Who is called Manglik? 

A. One of the defects in the horoscope is Manglik Dosh. When Mars is in house numbers 1, 4, 7, 8, and 12 in the birth chart, then it is known as Manglik Dosh. The people with such defects are known as Mangliks. 

Q3. What are some qualities of Manglik People?

  • Known for their “Ranveer Singh Energy”.
  • Determination, like King Kohli.
  • Leaders like Modi Ji, Dhoni and many more.
  • Passionate nature like Satyajit Ray and other filmmakers. 
  • The Sharukh Khan communication style.
  • Neeraj Chopra’s competitive spirit.
  • Independent thinking like Aman Gupta.


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