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Horse painting vastu : Why , where and many other things about horse painting vastu

horse painting vastu

Why only horse painting vastu? 

One of the most common paintings you will find in every house is the seven-horse painting. Have you ever wondered why? Is it for some reason? The answer is yes, because it is a horse painting vastu, used for attracting wealth and positive energy. Let’s explore everything about it through this blog, published on the “All India Institute Of Occult Science” website.


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Why is horse painting used as per vastu

Horses, as per Indian culture, are the symbols associated with prosperity and good fortune in life. Also, as per vastu principles, horse painting vastu helps in attracting positive energy in the house and keeps the home environment clean. So it is advisable to use horse paintings.

horse painting vastu

The significance of 7 horse painting as per Vastu : 

  • The symbol of prosperity: 

As per Vastu Shastra, the horse is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. So, hanging a picture of seven horses attracts wealth, health and fortune. Let us understand with an example.  

Have you seen a four-leaf clover? Yes, it is lucky in some cultures. , the 7-horse hanging picture is helpful in clearing the negative energy present in the house. It is also the symbol of enough and success.

  • Known for attracting positive energy: 

According to Vastu principles, horse paintings are a good source of positive energy at home. Let’s understand this with a simple explanation.

Imagine a breeze of positive energy flowing through your home. As soon as it touches the horse painting, the horse painting acts as a magnet attracting positive energy. It makes the living space vibrant and also uplifting.

  • Keeping the environment clean: 

Another positive aspect of hanging the horse painting is that it helps maintain a clean and good home environment. Yes, it can make your mood happy and calm. Let us understand with an example : 

You need to imagine a clutter-free room( clean) which is well-organized and tidy. In the same way, horse painting, as per Vastu, creates a balanced and good environment. 

  • A symbol of success and victory: 

A seven-horse painting shows success, victory or triumph over various aspects of life. The victory includes career, business and personal goals. It is a belief that placing a painting or image of seven horses can increase the chances of success.

  • It is all about momentum: 

The movement of the seven horses shows an individual’s progress, growth, and forward momentum. It is about the efforts you make for success. It is good for people who have been seeking progress for a long time.

  • Way to financial prosperity: 

Yes, the seven horses are associated with financial prosperity and abundance. The painting is known for attracting wealth and abundance into the home or workplace, which can lead to greater financial success.

  • It maintains direction alignment : 

As per vastu principles, the direction of the seven horses can influence the direction, too. It is auspicious if the horses in the painting move from left to right, as this shows progress.

Radiates positive energy: 

Like other Vastu symbols, the seven-horse painting is believed to radiate positive energy and create a harmonious atmosphere in its environment. It is thought to uplift the spirits of those who view it and imbue the space with optimism and vitality.

This horse painting, vastu, is one of the important symbols of vastu and helps in creating a peaceful and positive environment for your home. Also, it removes negative energy from your home and attracts positive energy. They are also the symbol of prosperity and victory. 


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FAQs : 

Q1. What significance does the horse painting vastu hold? 

A. Horse paintings in Vastu are believed to symbolize success, progress, and prosperity. They attract positive energy and good fortune into the space where they are placed, particularly in areas related to career and financial success.


Q2. Where should I place a horse painting according to Vastu principles?

A. According to Vastu, it’s ideal to place a horse painting in the north or northwest direction of your home or office. The horses should ideally be depicted moving from left to right, symbolizing forward momentum and progress. Avoid placing the painting in bedrooms or areas associated with relaxation.


Q3. Can the colour of the horse painting affect its Vastu significance?

A. Yes, the colour of the horses in the painting can impact its Vastu significance. Generally, auspicious colours such as white, gold, or shades of brown are preferred, as they represent purity, prosperity, and stability. It’s advisable to avoid paintings with aggressive or chaotic colours that may disrupt the balance and harmony of the space.

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