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Impact and Remedies of Rahu in 1st house

Rahu in 1st house

What is Rahu?

Do you feel lazy nowadays? Are your profits in business going down? Do you feel like a failure? If all these instances match your life, then according to astrology, you are under the effects of Rahu. Yes, Rahu is also known as a shadow planet in astrology and causes lots of problems in an individual’s life. Rahu can cause you to behave lazily, desire materialistic things, have woes in life, and have many other issues. Rahu is also known as the demon planet, and being in the northern node causes an eclipse. This planet causes delays, laziness, work woes, and many other negative things in an individual’s life.  Rahu is not the owner of any house but occupies other houses to cause destruction. In this blog, we will help you know the impact and remedies of Rahu in the 1st house.

How does Rahu in the 1st house affect an individual’s life?

Positive Impacts of Rahu:

  • First of all, people with Rahu in their 1st house are very courageous and also have a brave mindset.

You might have seen people who are not afraid of anything. Do you feel the same? Then there are chances of Rahu’s presence in your first house. If there is a presence of Rahu in your first house, Kundali, then, as described above, you will have courageous qualities.

  • They believe in hard work and achieving success.

It is believed that hard work is the key to success. So if you do hard work with determination, then you can achieve anything in life. If you don’t like giving up even after so many failures, then you believe in hard work. This ability shows that Rahu is present in your 1st house.

  • People who have Rahu in their first house are always ready to take risks in life.

Taking risks helps in countering the problems of life easily. If you believe in taking risks in everything you do and achieving success, then your Kundali’s 1st house has Rahu. The presence of Rahu helps you be a risk-taker.

  • They usually achieve success across all domains.

You are a good writer, dancer, and actor, and all these in one person? It seems impossible, but not with the person having Rahu in the 1st house of Kundali. Such people achieve success in whatever they do in their lives.

  • This type of person always comes up with innovative ideas and is also praised in both personal and professional life.

Let’s start a new company. Let’s try this recipe. If anyone around you comes up with new and innovative ideas, then trust them. These people’s kundali have the presence of Rahu in their 1st house and this allows them to perform well in life.

  • They also inspire everyone around them with their work.

As they work hard, take risks, and come up with innovative ideas, these qualities show them as all-rounders. Their all-round presence is appreciated by everyone and is also an inspiration.

  • These people always believe in competition.

These kinds of people believe in competition. They think competition is a way of developing. The more you compete, the more you develop.

The above qualities show the positive impacts of Rahu, but as we know, for every positive side, we have a negative side. Now let us see the negative sides of rahu in 1st house.

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Some negative impacts of rahu in 1st house.

  • Rahu in the 1st house can make you argumentative.

The person in the effect of Rahu makes him highly confident and always fights to win any argument.  Many people get irritated by their behavior. So if you or any one of your friends is having the same behavior, then consult an astrologer soon.

  • The presence of Rahu can push you towards material lust.

Rahu helps you acquire more and push towards immoral and illegal acts.  The presence of Rahu pushes you towards more financial spending. If you are smoking and drinking more, then there is the presence of the 1st house in rahu.

Rahu is also responsible for obsessions, desires, and illusions.

If you always live in a dream world and have lots of desires, then you are in effect of Rahu.

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Some remedies for Rahu in the first house :

  • If someone wants to lessen the negative effects of Rahu in the first house, Astrotalk astrologers recommend the following remedies:
  • It is best for those with Rahu in the first house of the Kundli to dress mostly in blue. 
  • On Saturdays, you can mitigate the negative impacts of Rahu by fasting. 
  • For natives who have Rahu in the first house of their kundli, chanting the Rahu Beej Mantra will be quite advantageous.
  • Jupiter is the planet that has power over Rahu. Therefore, worshiping Jupiter can also help you overcome Rahu’s negative impacts.
  • Keep water stored in your home’s southwest corner to protect yourself from Rahu’s negative effects.
  • During the Rahu Kaal time, you have to meditate every day for mental calm. This will assist you in developing logical thinking.
  • Next, you can counteract the negative effects of Rahu in the first house of your kundli by wearing an 8-Mukhi rudraksha. 
  • Rahu-related doshas can be resolved by keeping an elephant-themed room or an elephant picture in your home.
  • Drinking water from a silver glass will help cure a bad Rahu in a Kundli.

     More about the rahu in the 1st house.

The Rahu in the 1st house has both positive and negative effects. The Rahu in the 1st house can cause lots of problems in an individual’s life. But you can trust an astrologer for remedies. Moreover, if you are interested in learning about astrology, learn about it from the “All India Institute of Occult Science”.


Qus. Is Rahu in the 1st house positive?

Ans. Yes, the Rahu in the 1st house can help you become a risk-taker, courageous, etc. 

 Qus. What are some remedies for Rahu Dosha?

Ans. For remedies, you can wear 8-Mukhi rudraksha., drink water in silver glasses, and many more. You can read the above article for solutions.

Qus. What are the negative effects of Rahu Dosh in the 1st house?

  Ans.  The Rahu dosh can cause laziness, create habits of smoking and drinking, and many other bad habits.



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