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Diwali 2023: Avoid These Things At Home To Remove Financial Loss

Diwali 2023

Diwali 2023: Avoid These Things to Do for a Prosperous Celebration

As we are heading towards Diwali, the festival of lights and wealth. It’s time to add happiness and wealth to your life. While we are all ready to celebrate this very special festival, it’s important to be careful about some habits at home that could lead to financial problems. There are simple and effective ways to avoid financial losses and make Diwali 2023 truly wealthy.

Financial stability means having enough money for a happy life. We all want to build a wealthy life and make sure we have enough for the future. In this blog, we will talk about some common habits that could bother your financial well-being. Also, give you simple tips to keep your money safe during this Diwali 2023. From buying things without thinking to using too much electricity, we’ll cover it all to make sure your Diwali is not only happy but also good for your finances. So, let’s learn how small changes can make big differences in your life and can lead to more money in your pocket. Keep reading to find out how to have a wealthfull Diwali!


Diwali 2023: Don’t Buy Things on a Whim

One of the most common and harmful mistakes we make is buying things on a whim. The beautiful items in the stores during Diwali can attract you, making you buy things you don’t really need. These unplanned purchases can quickly use up your money. Rather than buying anything without thinking during Diwali, make a proper list of what you need and try to stick on it. With a plan, you can avoid spending money on things you don’t need and can save more money.


Diwali 2023: Watch Your Electricity Usage

Diwali is known for its lights, shimmering diyas and vibrant decorations. But  too much usage of electricity during Diwali time can increase your electricity bill. You can enjoy the festival without spending too much by being careful with your pocket. 

Also, you can use energy-efficient LED lights, which use less electricity. Fix time to turn on and off the lights to save energy. This way, you can enjoy the festival, save energy and your money too.  Think about the environment too and light more diyas rather than electric items. 


Avoid Unnecessary Borrowing

Many people take loans or use credit cards during Diwali to buy things and celebrate. But having too much debt can cause money problems in the future. Instead of borrowing money, try to save for your celebrations and gifts.

Set a budget for Diwali and do things according to that only. Don’t borrow money and avoid using credit cards or loans. Saving money in advance will help you enjoy the festival without worrying about returning the money.


Celebrate in an Eco-Friendly Way

Make this Diwali 2023 a festival of sharing and caring. But in the present time, it mostly involves noisy crackers that harm the environment and cost a lot of money. Celebrating in an eco-friendly way can be good for finances and the environment. 

Choose eco-friendly and noise-free fireworks if your kids are stubborn about crackers. But try to convince them. It is better to skip crackers and celebrate Diwali with shimmering diyas and candles. This will ease the burden on your pocket and help us breathe in a pollution free environment.


Quality Gifts, Not Quantity


Diwali is a time for giving and receiving gifts, but buying costly gifts can shake your budget. Instead of buying many gifts, choose meaningful ones for your loved ones. It’s the emotions and feelings behind the gift that matters, not how much it costs. Always focus on the quality of the gift which you are buying and think if it is useful or not. Sometimes we buy things because of the look and ignore the usage and quality. Quantity doesn’t matter so, try to give quality products which are useful for the gift receiver.


Don’t Give in to Peer Pressure

Do you think about what other people are giving this Diwali? This feeling of FOMO can make you spend extra money. You don’t need to compete with others. It’s okay to have a simple celebration if that is suitable as per your budget. Choose financial stability over trying to impress others. Diwali is all about celebrating good times and wishing each other. Don’t take any kind of pressure on you because of others. Celebrate and pray to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi healthy-wealthy life. 


Path to financial success

Remember that Diwali is not just about lights but also about wealth and abundance. By controlling overspending and with a simple change of saving, you can have a Diwali filled with financial stability instead of financial problems.

Remember that these changes are not just for the festival but for a better financial future. Avoid impulsive buying, save energy, skip unnecessary debt, go eco-friendly, give quality gifts, and resist peer pressure to overspend.

By following these practices, you can enjoy the actual spirit of Diwali, which is about spreading joy, light, and financial well-being. Have a wonderful Diwali!



Q1. What can we give someone on Diwali?

Ans1. Decorative candles, diyas, sweets, silver coins, utensils, home decor items and so on.

Q2. What is the significance of Kubera Yantra during Diwali?

Ans2. Very powerful to attract wealth, prosperity, and growth.

Q3. Auspicious items to buy during Diwali week?

Ans3. Buy things made of brass, gold, and silver. You can also buy Lakshmi-Ganesh silver idols or coins.

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