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Cheiro Numerology : An introduction to Cheiro Numerology chart

Cheiro Numerology

Numbers can be magical if everything is numerological. Yes, numbers are not only meant for solving mathematical problems but also used for numerology. Yes, using numbers in numerology can help you know everything. But with the introduction of many numerology methods, one of the methods, cheiro numerology, is less known. The reason is its name and what it actually means. Well, in this article, you will learn everything about cheiro numerology and its uses.

Why is cheiro numerology used ?

Now we have the introduction to cheiro numerology, let us know what importance it has.  It is used to know about personality traits,  behaviour patterns and other future prospects of an individual’s birth date and time. It also works as a framework for self-discovery, decision-making, understanding compatibility, and guiding towards personal growth. Having their roots in both wisdom and modern interpretations, it serves as one of the best practical tools for individuals looking for clarity, direction and empowerment in knowing everything about life challenges and opportunities.


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The big story behind  cheiro numerology .

The Cheiro numerology is also termed Kero numbers, as it is based on the Chaldean culture, which dates back centuries. It is also the fact that Willaim John Warner was called Cheiro. This is how numerology got its name. According to resources, it began in India and slowly started spreading in Europe and the Middle East. It shows the hidden meanings and aspects of individuals by analyzing their names. 

As per the Cheiro numerology, each letter of the English alphabet has a value. The letters in the individual’s name are ascribed to these values and added until the results come in a single digit. These digits are further associated with some characteristics and also qualities. Let’s look at them one by one. 

Usually, individuals having the digits will have some similar qualities in them. Let’s look at what is stored as per Cheiro’s book of numbers. Let us see the meaning of each number.

Cheiro Numerology

The Kero Number One : 

Known for representing creativity, positivity, focus, and leadership, the individuals with this number are known to be hardworking and very determined. Through their hard work and focus on the work, they can gain lots of success in their lives.

Ideal Careers: CEO or Business Owner, Manager or Director, Politician or Government Official, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Military Officer, Lawyer, Doctor or Surgeon, Engineer and Architect.  

  • Preferred Stone Ruby 
  • PlanetSun
  • Lucky ColourRed


The Kero Number Two :

The man with the kero number two has the qualities of kindness and positivity. Well, people with number 2 are the natural-born pleasers. But they are known to be very famous and liked by everyone in the group.

Ideal Careers: Manager, Project Director, Department Head, Executive Manager, Business Unit Leader, Division Director, Operations Director, Program Manager, General Manager, and Regional Director.

  • Preferred Stone Pearl
  • Planet Moon
  • Lucky Colour White


The Kero Number Three :

Individuals born with kero number 2 are naturally born leaders and deeply rooted. The natives of this number are very dominating in nature. They also become self-centered in the future.

Ideal Careers: Legislative Aide, Policy Analyst, Government Consultant, Political Strategist, Public Affairs Specialist, Diplomat ,Public Policy Advisor, Government Relations Manager, Campaign Manager ,Public Administration Officer

  • Preferred Stone Sapphire
  • Planet – Jupiter
  • Lucky Colour Yellow


The Kero Number Four

If you are looking for creativity and -box thinking, Kero Number 4 born individuals are the right choice. Yes, this personality is good at creativity and thinks out of the box. Their creative skills make them stand out from others.

Ideal Careers: Strategy Consultant, Management Analyst, Business Development Manager Corporate Strategist, Operations Consultant Financial Analyst Market Research Analyst Organizational Development Specialist Project Manager Change Management Consultant

  • Preferred Stone Ruby
  • Planet Uranus
  • Lucky Colour Blue


The Kero Number Five 

The number five people have big dreams and aspirations and love achieving them. They are hardworking, love to achieve everything in life, and can set their eyes on it. Yes, the number five people can be hard-working. 

Ideal Careers: Entrepreneur, Startup Founder, Small Business Owner, Innovation Consultant, Venture Capitalist, Business Development Executive, Product Manager, Marketing Director, Digital Strategist,Growth Hacker


  • Preferred Stone Emerald
  • Planet Mercury
  • Lucky Colour Green


The Kero Number Six 

The people with Kero Number Six are attracted to people or dreams. The natives can be daydreamers, too. They are good at daydreaming and love seeing them in comfort.

Ideal Careers:  Military Officer, Strategic Planner, Defense Analyst, Operations Officer, Logistics Manager, Intelligence Analyst, Combat EngineerTactical AdvisorSecurity Consultant ,Special Forces Operator.

  • Preferred Stone – Diamond
  • Planet Venus
  • Lucky Colour Yellow


The Kero Number Seven

People born under Kero number seven represent freedom and independence. Yes, the people born under this number seven love freedom and independence. They like freedom of movement and also crave knowledge. Don’t like to be restricted for anything. They might also tend to have tantrums in such cases.

Ideal Careers: Attorney , Legal Counsel, Corporate Lawyer, Litigation Specialist, Legal Advisor, Legal Analyst ,Contract Lawyer, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Legal Consultant

  • Preferred Stone – Pearl
  • PlanetNeptune
  • Lucky Colour White


The Kero Number Eight

People have a lot of intensity associated with this number. Also, the natives tend to come around as highly passionate individuals. They tend to put their heart and soul into everything they do. They can achieve everything in their life through hard work.

Ideal Careers: Physician , Surgeon ,General Practitioner (GP) , Specialist Doctor (e.g., Cardiologist, Neurologist, etc.) , Medical Director , Chief Medical Officer (CMO) , Medical Consultant , Research Scientist ,Healthcare Administrator ,Clinical Director

  • Preferred StoneSapphire
  • PlanetSaturn
  • Lucky ColourGreen


The Kero Number Nine:

The number nine is about being reckless and having a warrior mentality. People who relate to this number have a strong will and always focus on victory. Winning is of utmost importance to the native.

Ideal Careers : Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Aerospace Engineer,Software Engineer,Project Engineer,Urban Planner,Architect

  • Preferred Stone Coral
  • PlanetMars
  • Lucky Colour – Red

 The Cheiro numerology chart offers profound insights into our personalities and life paths by analyzing numbers derived from birth dates and names. Understanding the significance of each number empowers individuals to gain deeper self-awareness and navigate life’s complexities. Whether used for self-reflection, decision-making guidance, or exploring opportunities, Cheiro numerology is a valuable tool for personal growth. Despite varying beliefs, numerology’s enduring principles have intrigued and inspired individuals for centuries, resonating with those on a quest for self-discovery and understanding.



Q1. What is a Cheiro numerology chart?

A. Cheiro numerology chart analyzes numbers from your birth date and name to reveal personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and life path insights.


Q2. How do I create a Cheiro numerology chart?

A. Assign numerical values to letters in your name and birth date, then reduce them to single digits. These digits form your chart, providing insights into your character and destiny.


Q3. What insights can I gain from a Cheiro numerology chart?

A. Understand your talents, challenges, and optimal life path. Gain guidance for decision-making, career, relationships, and personal growth, empowering you with clarity and insight.


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