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Dream Number: A Numerology Secret Revealed!

Dream Number

You might be familiar with Dream 11, but do you know about the “dream number” ? Numerology is gaining popularity these days. Now, people are following numerology and using numbers in their life as per numerology. Moreover, nowadays, people are very curious about Dream numbers. However, originally it is the “inner dream number”. So, let’s find out! 


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What is an Inner Dream Number?

You must know about numerology. And then you must also know what personality number is. That personality number is y our inner dream number. As per numerology, its concept is similar to personality number. Just like a personality number, it tells you how you’ve grown over the years, how they show themselves to the outside world. Also, knowing about your dream number you can find out the path towards your dream life. You just need to focus on that direction only. Further, let’s see how to find out your inner dream number. 

Dream Number

How to Find the Inner Dream Number? 

Moreover, the inner dream number is similar to the personality number but its calculation is different. So, take a pen and paper and follow this step by step guide for calculation. 

  • Write down the name which your parents gave you just after the birth. 
  • Write the full name (including middle). 
  • Now, take out only the consonants from your name and write them separately. 
  • Give each consonant a number as per the following table: 


  • After giving a digit to each number, add them together. 
  • Keep adding until you get a single digit. 
  • In case you get the sum of these numbers as 11, 22, or 33. Then you don’t need to calculate further. 
  • Stop your calculation right there and see the meanings of each dream number. 

1 Number  Meaning 

  • The sun rules the number 1 in numerology.  
  • If your number is 1 then you are bold, independent, and a born leader. 
  • You show a strong desire for achievement and recognition. 
  • You talk straight, to the point and don’t twist anything.
  • One not so good quality is that your leadership qualities sometimes make you dominating. 

2 Number  Meaning 

  • Number 2 is the number of the moon. 
  • This number represents the emotional and gentle qualities of the moon. 
  • So, if your inner dream number is 2, then you are sensitive, diplomatic, and cooperative in nature. 
  • You crave peace and deep connections with others. 
  • You are very soft spoken and gentle. 

3 Number  Meaning 

  • Jupiter is the ruler of this dream number. 
  • So, people like you are very creative and have good communication skills. 
  • Also, you see every challenge of life with positivity. 
  • You like to express yourself and connect with others. 
  • People like you are full of new, innovative and creative ideas. 

4 Number  Meaning 

  • The ruler of this number is Rahu
  • This shows that you are workaholic. 
  • You believe in working independently and are able to manage multiple tasks at one time.
  • This inner dream number shows your practical and well organized nature. 
  • You want stability in your life. 

5 Number  Meaning

  • Ruled by Mercury, this number signifies an extrovert and curious folks. 
  • You don’t want to be tied down by responsibilities. 
  •  You love freedom and adventure. 
  • Also, you adapt to things faster. 
  • People like you crave new experiences and excitement. 

6 Number  Meaning 

  • The planet Venus influences the number 6. 
  • You are full of love and care towards the people you love. 
  • You care for friends and family. 
  • People become your friends quickly. 
  • This dream number represents your compassionate, caring and responsible personality. 

7 Number  Meaning 

  • Number 7 is heavily influenced by Ketu. 
  • It shows that you are very spiritual. 
  • Thus, people like you have analytical, introspective, and learning nature. 
  • You have a deep desire to gain knowledge and understand the world. 
  •  You don’t share your secrets with others. 

8 Number  Meaning 

  • The planet Saturn rules the number 8. 
  • This is why you have magnetic energy. 
  • You work very carefully.
  • This number shows your ambitious, powerful and goal oriented personality. 
  • You are hardworking too. 

9 Number  Meaning 

  • Number 9 is the number of Mars. 
  • Just like fiery mars, you possess bravery and courage. 
  • You have the quality to make anyone listen to you. 
  • You are highly intellectual, idealistic, and humanitarian. 
  • People like you are very patient.  

11 Number  Meaning 

  • In numerology, number 11 is known as a master number. 
  • If you add it further you will get 2 as the result. 
  • Thus, it posses the qualities of the moon.
  • People like you have high intuitive power. 
  • You feel an attraction towards spiritual activities. 

22 Number Meaning

  • Similarly, adding 22 further, you get 4 as the dream number. 
  • Thus, you have more influence of Rahu. 
  • You are loyal and spiritual. 
  • You are ambitious too. 
  • It represents master builder energy, strong leadership, and diplomacy. 

33 Number Meaning 

  • This inner dream number represents compassion and ability to inspire others. 
  • You have a strong desire to connect with others on a deep level. 
  • Your contribution in society is significant. 
  • The challenge for you lies in managing your idealism. 
  • You find it difficult to express yourself. 
What is the benefit of knowing your inner dream number?

Once you know the meaning of each number, it is important to know the worth of knowing it. Furthermore, knowing your inner dream number helps you to understand your personality and how you interact with others. It also helps you to be more successful in life. Basically, it depends upon the name given to you when you were born. So, it’s your first impression of the world. In conclusion, understand yourself better from the unique lens of numerology. 


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Q1: Why is your inner dream number important? 

Your inner dream number unlocks hidden desires that drive you. It’s a compass for self-discovery, helping you understand your “why” and choose a path that fuels your motivation and strengthens relationships.

Q2: What are the personality traits of dream number 7?

Dream Number 5 embodies a zest for life. You’re an extroverted soul, drawn to social connections and the thrill of new experiences. Freedom is your middle name, as you crave adventure and dislike being tied down. This adaptability makes you a quick learner, always ready to embrace new situations. Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious, lighting up any room you enter.

Q3: How to calculate the inner dream number without a numerology calculator?

Here’s how to calculate your inner dream number without a numerology calculator. Let’s take “Ravi Mishra” as an example: 

  • Write down the consonants: RV MSHR. 
  • Giving numbers to each of them. R-9, V-4, M-4, S-1, H-8, R-9. 
  • Add them together: R+V+M+S+H+R = 9+4+4+1+8+9 = 26. 
  • 26 is not a master number, add further: 2+6 = 8. 
  • Thus, we got dream number 8. It reflects an ambitious, powerful, and goal-oriented personality. Individuals with this number have a strong desire for achievement and recognition on a larger scale.


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