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7 Vastu tips for Healthy Mind and Soul

Vastu tips

Why do we need Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul?

We all desire for a healthy and peaceful mind . Sometimes proper routine with workout , meditation helps but sometimes don’t. The hidden negative energy causes troubles in life. You might be doing all the above activities for a healthy and peaceful mind, but it is still not working for you?  If it is happening with you, then you need some extra help. That extra help is the Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul.

How Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul helps? 

After the first paragraph , there must be a lot of questions in your mind? I know so let me explain to you the connection between vastu and life. Vastu Shastra is one of the old texts which is about architecture and modification for balancing the 5 elements. The 5 elements include earth (prithvi), water (jala), fire (tejas), wind (vayu) and space (akasha). When there is an imbalance of these 5 elements , then it affects the individual. With the help of vastu tips that include modification in direction , space etc , the energies flow in a balance. Correct directions and vastu tips allow proper flow of energy in the house. When you follow the Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul, you get the way for a healthy and peaceful life. Now we move to the 7 vastu tips that can help you attain a healthy mind and soul.

The 7 Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul 

Although there are many types of vastu tips which can help you in attaining mental and soul peace, for you we present you the 7 basic vastu tips which will help you achieve the desired results .

  • A clean , clutter free house is good for mental peace.

Take a look at a messy room or a house? When you enter a messy room , you often give weird looks and also feel negative vibes. Now you turn towards a clean and well organized room , you feel a mood change along with the presence of positive vibes.  In vastu , cleanliness is the easy way to counter negative vibes in one’s life. When you keep your house clean and free , then you will feel light and also mental peace. Try this for your home 

  • Proper placement of Bedroom as per vastu guidelines.

Bedroom is one of the important rooms in the house. It is the place where we spent most of the time. It is a place where couples get cozy , share problems and relax. If you constantly quarrel in your bedroom or feel low at entering the bedroom, then your bedroom is not as per vastu guidelines. As per many vastu experts in the world, a bedroom in the southwest corner of the house is good.  You can consult a vastu expert before making any changes.

  • Proper ventilation allows proper flow of air and sunlight

Do you feel that your home lacks proper ventilation? According to Vastu Shastra, if a house is not receiving proper sunlight nor the proper air, then negative energy starts flowing inside the house. A proper ventilation helps in proper flow of sun rays and air. The  good ventilation allows balancing of energy and this makes the family members remain healthy. 

  • Focusing on the northeast direction allows proper flow of positive energy

People always discuss vibes. Vibes are of two types : positive and negative. In Vastu a emphasis is done mostly on directions, as it determines the balance of energies. For proper balance of energy , a house is built according to vastu guidelines. So when you feel negative energies in your house, consult an vastu expert for help.

  • Planting trees as per vastu guidelines

According to vastu experts, certain plants and trees assist in removing negative energies from the house. Plants help in maintaining health , increasing finances etc. Some of the plants according to vastu is Bamboo plant, Money Plant, Tulsi , Neem plant and many more. These plants are easily available .  Before purchasing them , take consultation with a vastu expert

  • Burning camphor, agarbatti etc helps in maintaining vastu of home

According to vastu for the purity of home, one should always burn camphor and agarbattis as it attracts positive energy in your home. The camphor helps in elimination of negative energies and agarbattis help you in connecting to God.

  • Crystals help in energizing the surroundings at your home

Crystals act as tool for communication between human beings and earth. It is like a bridge for transfer of energies from one point to another. Crystals help in cleaning the  atmosphere and make space for proper flow of energies . Hematite rock , Citrine, smoke quartz etc are some crystals which can help.

Some additional Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul :

  • Always clean your house with rock salt . Cleaning the house with rock salt purifies the air and allows proper flow of energies in your house.
  • Grains and other food should be stocked in the south-west direction of the kitchen as it invites good luck and prosperity and consequently promotes healthy food habits which are the need of the hour.
  • Keeping a basket full of fruits in the center of the table can invite a happy life. You can take a picture of a basket full of fruits as  it makes your room pure.
  • A well lit bathroom with proper ventilation is good as per vastu guidelines. The exhaust in the bathroom must be in the north east direction.  

By following the above 7 Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul. Before using the above vastu tips , consult an vastu expert.

FAQs :

Q1. What is the need for 7 Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul?

Ans1. The 7 Vastu tips for a healthy mind and soul are good for helping in cleaning the home environment and attracting positive energy.

Q2. What is the best direction for a bedroom as per vastu ?

Ans2. The south -west corner of the bedroom is good as per vastu guidelines. 

Q3. How to clean negative energy from your home?

Ans3. Burning camphor , use of incense sticks , crystals etc helps in the elimination of negative energies.

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