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7 types of Hands & Palm line in Palmistry

palm line

Whenever people come across an astrologer, they clean their hands and start showing their hands asking about their futre. Have you done the same? But  why do people often do this? Well, if you also find yourself staring at your palm line, wondering if they hold the key to your destiny, fear not! In this article, we are about to embark on a fascinating journey through the realm of Palmistry. Specifically, we will focus on the 7 different types of hands as per the ancient wisdom of Palmistry. So, wash your hands, look at your hands, and after that grab a ‘chai’ and relax. Let’s start!           

First of all let’s understand about the hands associated with different elements. There are four elements; air, fire, water, and earth. And different types of hands represents different elements. So let’s see. 

Earth Hands 

  • It is square in shape with small fingers and rigid, solid, and fleshy palm line. 
  • Delving into their character they are materialistic, practical, down to earth, and logical beings. 
  • They are very reliable and can be trusted blindly. 
  • These souls are focused, have a very strong mindset, and usually do not like any act of nuisance.
  • People with earth hands do not like to be locked or stay inside their den. 
  • Well known for their sense of acceptance. They know well about their Karmas and are not worried about the results. 
  • They prefer physical work more than mental work. 

Air Hands                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • These are square shaped palms with long fingers.
  • Show opposite character from the Earth hands. 
  • They are emotional and caring towards their closed ones. 
  • They like to explore and are ready to get out of their comfort zones. 
  • Sometimes, they find it hard to cooperate in their relationship. 
  • They are intellectually curious. 

Water Hands

  • Long palms, rectangular shaped, long fingers, soft, narrow and clammy in touch. 
  • They are emotional, intuitive, and sharp minds. 
  • They are very creative, imaginative, and passionate beings. 
  • Also, very sensible, gullible, and often get hurt. 
  • They have trust issues due to this. Sometimes they even lose their control.
  • They are unable to keep up with new challenging situations. So they keep running. 

Fire Hands

  • Looks rectangular, flat, with uneven fingers. Have long palms. 
  • Always energetic and involved or occupied in doing tasks. 
  • They crave adventure. 
  • They can be good leaders despite being impatient. 
  • They are very particular about their likes and dislikes. 
  • Quick learners and self obsessed. 

Now, let’s come to the main part. I hope you might have understood how the elements of hands are identified. The 7 types of hands in Palmistry are: 

  • Elementary hand 

Elementary hands are characterized by their simple and straightforward appearance. They have a basic shape, too long nor too wide. These hands indicate practicality, reliability, and a down-to-earth nature. People with elementary hands tend to be grounded, hardworking, and dependable. A bad thing about them is that they are aggressive and short tempered. Use strength than intellect. Lack of enthusiasm and physically strong. They prefer physical work rather than intellectual labor. They like to spend a leisurely day. 

  • Conical hand

Conical hands are distinguish by their tapering fingers and a palm that gradually narrows towards the wrist. These hands signify creativity, adaptability, and a love for self-expression. Individuals with conical hands often possess artistic abilities, a flexible nature, and a strong desire for personal growth and exploration. You can call them an artist’s hand. Thin and long fingers. Nails are almond shape and have an almond tint. 

  • Philosophic hand

Philosophical hands are recognize by their long, slender fingers and a palm line is usually rectangular in shape. These hands reflect an introspective and philosophical nature. Individuals with philosophical hands possess a deep-thinking mindset, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to explore the mysteries of life. They are often draw to intellectual pursuits, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of wisdom, punctual. Do not forget faces. Sustain their decisions. 

  • Spatulate hand

Spatulated hands feature a broad palm that gradually tapers into long, slender fingers, resembling a spatula. These hands represent an energetic and adventurous spirit. People with spatulated hands are often enthusiastic, dynamic, and open to new experiences. They enjoy taking risks, embracing challenges, and pursuing a life full of excitement. it can be intellectual in nature. It devote their everything to searching. They are practical and they give new things to humanity. 

  • Square hand

Square hands are characterize by a palm and fingers that have equal proportions, creating a square-shaped appearance. These hands indicate practicality, stability, and a logical mindset. People with square hands tend to be analytical, methodical, and detail-oriented. They possess a strong sense of justice and fairness and approach problems with a rational and systematic approach

  • Mixed hand

Mixed hands exhibit a combination of characteristics from different hand types. They can have a mix of features as square fingertips, a conical shape, or a spatulate appearance. These hands signify versatility, adaptability, and a well-rounded nature. People with mixed hands tend to be flexible, open-minded, and able to navigate various aspects of life with ease. They are not self dependent. They are good followers. Sometimes they make selfish decisions. 

  • Psychic hand

They are attractive. Usually they have long fingers and hands are very smooth. They are undisciplined. They do not come seeking palm reading by themselves, they are draw by people by others for palm line reading. These are empathetic and sensitive souls. They are not good at doing business and don’t like to follow rules.

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