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Staircase Vastu : Vastu tips for staircases

staircase vastu

An introduction to the Staircase Vastu : 

A beautiful staircase makes a room attractive. And when it is based on Vastu, your home attracts happiness. Yes, and for your convenience, we have included some staircase Vastu tips to make your home accessible to negative energies. Let’s begin.


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How do Vastu tips help? 

Before we move to the tips and tricks for staircase Vastu, let us know how 

Vastu tips can help in real life. When you utilize vastu tips, you remove the paths of negative energy and make way for positive energy. You will experience sudden growth of happiness, wealth, etc. It can transform your life well. 


Why do we need vastu tips for staircases? 

As buildings have taken up extra space and construction is vertical, stairs have become very useful. As the staircase is the most helpful way of movement, it is also the opening for energy to flow in or out. So, it is mandatory to build a staircase as per Vastu’s tips. 


Some Vastu Tips for Staircases: 


The Direction matters the most : 

According to Vastu experts, the staircase must be in the western or southern part of the house. Placing a staircase in this Direction protects your home from unwanted negative energies. Avoid the northeast quadrant. 


Don’t place it near the entrance: 

If you have a staircase just near the door’s entrance, remove it immediately. Placing the stairs at the door’s entrance keeps Lady Luck away.


The staircase must not be external.


Yes, there must not be any external staircase. If it is impossible, build a staircase on the southeast side facing the east or the southwest side facing the west. Also, remember that the northwest facing stairs must face the north, and the southwest should always face the south side.


Make turns only on exceptional cases:

According to Vastu experts, the staircase must begin from the northern side and end at the southern side.  Also, the turn is allowed when there is a lack of space. 


No stairs in the center of the house:


If you have a staircase in the center of your house, remove it immediately. Yes, try avoiding the stairs in the center of the house, as it can block the flow of energy in the living room and space and create imbalance.


Clockwise or Anticlockwise: 

The answer is clockwise movement. Yes, if possible, design the staircase to move clockwise.  It increases positive energy and promotes a better fortune.

staircase vastu


Shape of the Staircase:


In Vastu, the shape of the staircase is also essential. Avoid a spiral or circular staircase, as they can create confusion and instability in the house. Please go for a straight or L-shaped staircase for better vastu results.


The Light and Ventilation:

As per Vastu Shastra, the staircase area must receive natural light and proper ventilation. Well-lit staircases are known for attracting positive energy and promoting a sense of well-being.


Materials and Elements for Staircases:


When it comes to the staircase, choose materials like wood, stone, and marble, as they easily align with the natural forces around us. Also, the materials used in the staircase construction can stop the energy flow within the space, making it necessary to select materials that match the Vastu principles. For example, stainless steel is used for the eastern half of the building, and mild steel is used for the stairs in the west direction.

Some practical staircase vastu tips :


  1. Take care of two staircases: 


If the house has two floors, a staircase is used to go from one floor to another. But if there are multiple floors in the house, the staircase acts as the entrance for the other floor, so extra care should be taken for the nominating stairs.


  2. The South and South-East Vastu:


Avoid anticlockwise staircases in the southwest, west, and northwest directions. However, few expectations, like a staircase, can be in an anticlockwise direction. Always prefer a clockwise orientation of the staircase, but in the case of the east and north, the stairs must be in an anticlockwise direction.

Thus these are some of the vastu tips regarding staircase..


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Q1. What is the ideal direction for the staircase as per Staircase Vastu?

A. According to Vastu guidelines and experts, an ideal south—or west-side staircase is the best. According to Staircase Vastu, this direction increases the proper energy flow and brings prosperity to the home.


Q2. What is the design of stairs as per Vastu guidelines?

A. As per Vastu Shastra, stairs that rise from east to west, north to south, or even are best.


Q3. Is it essential to take the help of a vastu expert?

A. Yes, you can approach any vastu expert for vastu consultation. Anyhow , you can call at ” All India Institute Of Occult Science” for a good vastu consultation and also to learn about it.

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