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Simple Tarot Numerology: What do the numbers mean?

Tarot Numerology

Have you every tried to memories or wanted to read 78 Tarot cards ? and end up with rote learning the cards? What if I told you that you could read the Tarot faster than you can say “High Priestess” by using just one easy trick? The secret is here. You can get a head start on reading the Tarot cards if you can figure out what the first ten numbers mean. There are ten numbered cards in each of the four suits—Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands—ranging in value from one to ten.

Patterns are used to arrange the numbered cards. You can utilize these examples, joined with the suits and the components, to peruse and recollect the card implications. This is fundamental of Tarot Numerology or numerology and tarot. 

The Minor Arcana’s Numbers :

The Tarot deck contains 56 Minor Arcana cards, including 40 numbered cards and 16 Court Cards. The 40 numbered cards are divided into four Suits, which are Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Learning basic numerology is an easy way to familiarize yourself with the 40 numbered cards in the Tarot.

To get you started, a few key words are as follows:

  • Number 1 represent – New beginning, Opportunity and potential
  • Number 2 represent – Balance, duality and partnership 
  • Number 3 represent – Creativity, Growth and connecting 
  • Number 4 represent – Stability, security and manifestation 
  • Number 5 represent – Change, conflict, instablity and crisis 
  • Number 6 represent – Communication, harmony and community 
  • Number 7 represent – Reflections, knowledge and assessment 
  • Number 8 represent – Speed, power, accomplishment and action 
  • Number 9 represent – Fulfilment, fruition and independence 
  • Number 10 represent – Completion, end of cycle and renewal 

The Ones Tarot Cards 

The Ones signify new beginnings and starts over. You’ll need to act quickly because things happen quickly.

The Magician : Powerful new creation or innovation  

Cups of Ace   : New love

Ace + Pentacles : New investment or New Job 

Swords and Ace   : New difficulties, problem or challenges.

Ace and Wands : New projects or ideas.

The Tarot Cards of the Twos 

The Twos are about making choices and balancing options. They involve pairings, tension, and choices. The High Priestess : Holding back, secrets and hidden insights  

Two of Cups : Strong partnership or relationship 

Pentacles of Two  : Balancing resources or Confused 

Two of Swords : Suppressed emotions, blocked feelings 

Wands of  Two : Achievement, Planing of something or decision making 


The Tarot Cards of the Three 

 The three of tarot cards indicates relations 

The Empress : Creative, abundance and feminine vitality 

Cups of  Three : Friendship, team spirit and Celebration 

Three of Pentacles : Skills, team work, Planning and appreciation 

Swords of Three  : Heartbreak, rejection, disbelief and betrayed 

Three of Wands : Exploration expansion, foresight and awaiting results 

The Tarot Cards of the Four

The Emperor : Power, authority, Leadership and Father figure 

Cups of  Four  : Doubt, hesitation, introvert 

Four of Pentacles : Possessive, Stubborn, stagnant and mean 

Swords of Four : Temporary retreat, inner fear and need rest

Four of Wands : Celebration, joy, freedom and event 


The Tarot Cards of the Five 

The Hierophant : Respect, Powerful figure, holding back and ceremony 

Five of Cups : Loss. disappointment, emotional confusion and regret 

Pentacles of  Five  : Victim, Rejection, loss of financial stablity 

Five of Swords : Bullying, Conquest, Defeat and accepting limitations 

Wands of Five  : Competition, Disagreement, Rivalry and politics at workplace 


The Tarot Cards of the Six 

The Lovers : Commitment, Completeness, Love and Choice 

Cups of Six  : Nostalgia, Childhood, Innocence and Playfuleness 

Pentacles of  Six : Giving, Financially stable and consideration 

Swords of  Six : New perspective, recovery and Travel 

Wands of  Six : Reward, Pride and Victory 

The Tarot Cards of the Seven 

The Chariot : Willpower, Honesty and Perseverance 

Cups of  Seven : Illusion, Self-indugence and Wishful thinking 

Pentacles of Seven : Evaluation, Fruits of labor and assessment 

Swords of  Seven : Dishonesty, Deception, and Manipulative 

Wands of Seven : Defiance, Purpose and aggressive interaction 

The Tarot Cards of the Eight 

Strength : Compassion, Self-awareness and Courage 

Eight of Cups : Moving on, Spiritual

Pentacles of  Eight : diligence, discipline, knowledge

Eight of Swords : Restriction, self-sabotage, isolation, vulnerability

Wands of Eight  : Rushing ahead, action, news, options 

The Tarot Cards of the Nine 

The Hermit : Discrimination, discretion, detachment, withdrawal 

Nine of Cups : Wish fulfilment, emotional satisfaction, sensuality, pleasure

Pentacles of Nine  : Accomplishment, refinement, independence, self-reliance

Nine of Swords : Guilt, worry, overwhelmed by feelings

Wands of  Nine : Preparedness, at the ready, defensiveness, strength, awareness 

The Tarot Cards of the Ten 

The Wheel of Fortune : Inevitability, luck, timing, turning point, destiny

Ten of Cups : Family happiness, joy, peace, harmony, promise of more to come, safe haven

Pentacles of  Ten: The good life, wealth, convention, security, traditional values 

Ten of Swords : Enlightenment, turning point, martyrdom 

Wands of  Ten : Heavy burden, overload, uphill struggle 


In conclusion, gaining a deeper understanding of the tarot cards and their meanings can greatly improve your readings. Whether you are a seasoned tarot reader or just starting out, incorporating numerology into your practice can give your readings a new level of insight and intuition. Assuming you’re keen on plunging further into the universe of tarot, make certain to look at our Tarot Card Course and Tarot Card Reading Course. Our expect will direct you through the basics of tarot, from deciphering card implications to performing readings with certainty. Additionally, don’t overlook the significance of numerology in your tarot practice as you develop and learn. In your tarot card reading course, you can gain new levels of understanding and insight by understanding the significance of the numbers.

So why delay? Unlock the mysteries of the cards by enrolling in our Tarot Card Course and Tarot Card Reading Course right away!

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