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Things you should not gift your partner

Partner Gift

Are you looking for the perfect a partner gift but feeling unsure about what to get them? 

While it’s important to show your love and affection through thoughtful gifts. There are some things that are best left off the list.

In this article, you’ll explore some of the things you should avoid gifting your partner. Whether it’s because they’re impractical, insensitive, or just plain inappropriate. 

From cheesy cliches to offensive gag gifts, this article will help you find your way to get a better understanding of gift-giving and find the perfect present to show your love and appreciation. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive in!

8 Gift items you should avoid gifting your partner:

Scissors and Knives: sharp objects like scissors and knives are associate with the planet Mars, which represents aggression and conflict. It is say to bring bad luck and can also damage the relationship. 

Watches or Clocks: they represent the passage of time, and in some cases, the ending of relationships. The planet Saturn rules time, karma, and limitations. When Saturn is afflict in one’s birth chart or transit, it can bring delays, obstacles, and even endings. Your relationship might be over like when the clock stops ticking.

Perfumes: scent is believe to be closely link to one’s personal aura, which is influencing by the planetary positions at the time of birth. The fragrance of a perfume can affect a person’s energy field, which in turn can affect their overall well-being. Also, gifting perfume can bring about misunderstandings or conflicts in the relationship, especially if the recipient is sensitive to certain scents. Each zodiac sign is associate with different scents, and certain fragrances may not be suitable for every individual. It saying that relationships too will fade away just like the fragrance of scent.

Handkerchief: A handkerchief stands for tears. It is considering very bad gift for partner. gifting a handkerchief to your partner can be inauspicious as it is believed to symbolize tears and sorrow. which can bring negative energy into the relationship. gifting a handkerchief to your partner can be seen as an ill omen because it is associate with wiping tears and sadness. In some cultures, it is believe that giving a handkerchief as a gift can signify the end of a relationship or suggest that the recipient will soon experience grief or sorrow.

White Roses: white roses are associate with funerals and bad omens. Gifting white roses to your partner can be inauspicious as they are associate with funerals and mourning, which can bring negative energy into the relationship.

Gloves: Gloves are associate with fights and providing warmth. These warm covers create fights and result in a bad relationship. It has been suggested that gifting gloves to your partner can be inauspicious. They are associate with separation and can lead to misunderstandings in the relationship.  glove is consider a barrier or hiding one’s true self. This can indicate a lack of intimacy and trust in the relationship.

Peacock Feathers and Dolls: Astrology suggests that gifting dolls and peacock feathers to your partner can be inauspicious as they are believe to bring negative energy into the relationship. Although, being the prettiest things and a symbol of Lord Krishna, this gift still is not a good option. As they are believe to call on evil eye magic.

Black and white objects: both of these colors are associate with funerals traditionally. These colors are associate with pain, misery, and sadness. Black and white are considering inauspicious colors for gifting to a partner.  They represent negative energies such as sadness, grief, and mourning. These colors are believe to symbolize endings, which can be interpret as a bad omen for a relationship. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid gifting black and white objects to your partner to prevent any negative impacts on your relationship.


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