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Palm Line: The Fate line and The Sun line

palm line

Have you ever considered the palm line on your hands and wondered if they had any meaning? Are you curious about what the future holds for you? According to the ancient art of palmistry! 

The fate line and the sun line, in particular, can provide vital insights into your future. Digging into these marvelous facts of palmistry may be a fascinating adventure. 

Let’s read what Gurudev Shrie Kashyap, the Chairman and Founder of the All India Institute of Occult Science and True Vastu has to say about the fate line and the sun line on the palm, and the interpretation of these lines. 

So, are you ready to discover the mysteries hidden inside the palm of your hand? 

The Fate Line

  • This straight line, which extends from the base of the palm to the index or middle finger, is said to represent the frequency and amount of luck and fortune in a person’s life.
  • According to scholars, the fate line, which gathers all of a person’s strength and distributes it to various lines, is a record of past actions; nevertheless, it may vary as a result of new fortunate or unlucky activities. 
  • Success is increase if the quadruple Sun line is also present along with this line. 
  • A lengthy and strong fate line indicates steadiness in a professional approach. It might imply that the individual can or has started a new company or job.
  • Whereas, a thin fate line promises a stable and smooth career in the young age. Which can further get worse.
  • The sun line eliminates this unfavorability if there is no fate line and the person can triumph solely through perseverance. 
  • Cheiro palmistry claims that philosophers frequently hold this line in their hands. 
  • This statement affirms the success of a philosopher and a thinker who is continually thinking, even while not working.
  • This statement affirms the success of a philosopher and a thinker who is constantly thinking, even while not working. 
  • As a result of this person’s belief in luck, the outcome of this line is not very productive in the concave hand. 
  • The person who is happy will not be particularly interested in success or failure brought about by chance. 
  • The fact that these individuals have trust in karma and continue to work despite the heat and cold and even after receiving a lot, they are not pleased, means that even though this line is lacking in square, hardworking, and low hands, their fortune does not decline.

The Sun Line

  • The sun line or the apollo line is consider as an alternative for the fate line.
  • This line runs from the moon’s mount all the way down to the tip of the ring finger.
  • Extension of this line from the wrist suggests fame at a young age. 
  • According to ancient Indian belief, son, religion, high status, satisfaction, and religious knowledge are also gained through the superpower of this line, along with education, success, prestige, attractive personality, art, riches, and advancement. 
  • This line only terminates on the Sun mount, regardless of where it begins.
  • This line is also associate with luck and prosperity
  • This line produces better outcomes and leads to money and status if it falls on a square or a diligent hand. 
  • This line illustrates the accumulation of greater fame than fortune in other sorts of hands. 
  • But, if something is in the hands of a notorious criminal, it is in low-level, brutal hands.
  • If there is a flaw in this line, it should be regard as a flaw in that stage/age. 
  • If this line intersects another line, it indicates that the line’s results are improving. If it crosses any line, it brings bad luck. 
  • Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn mounts, thumb (willpower), hand, head, and fate line, and so on should all be consider while predicting this line. 
  • If this line is missing from the hand, the individual has a regular life, is communicative, and has the potential to succeed if he works hard.
  • Formation of a star on this line signals good fortune and fame. It also shows renaissance. 
  • If only half of this line is visible, it signals fame in the second half of life.


The unique patterns and lines on our hands have fascinated and delighted people for ages, and the study of palmistry continues to astonish and inspire. Palmistry has the potential to reveal untold secrets about our lives, including our potential for success and the paths that may lead us there. This ancient practice can provide you insights to the upcoming obstacles or opportunities in your career. So that you can have a clear vision.After all, the mysteries of our destinies are always worth exploring. Why not give it a try!

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