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Occultism, good or evil

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Have you ever wondered about the secrets that exist beyond what we can see and touch? Have you wondered how Gods used to convey messages? Afterall, there were no mobile phones or other gadgets to communicate with, then how was it possible? Well, one word answer for these questions is Occult science.

Occult science is not like the science we learn in school. The occult science is like a map that leads us to hidden realms. Astrology, for instance, is like a cosmic guidebook that connects the positions of celestial bodies to our lives. It helps us understand our personalities and the events that shape our paths. 

Occultism is an esoteric supernatural practice which helps one form a connection or communicate using energies. Occult uses focusing energy to communicate or send a message. Some examples or ways of sending messages are Telepathy or Telekinesis. 

The concept of occultism gain popularity recently but in our country it has been followed since ancient times. India, with its rich cultural heritage and spiritual traditions, has a deep-rooted connection to both the occult and science. Indian occult practices are rooted in the belief that spiritual dimensions influence our material existence. 

Let’s jump into this lobby beyond the universe and learn about some indian occult practices that have stood the test of time: 

  • Astrology: “Karma, like a shadow, follows us, and astrology reveals its patterns.” Jyotish, or astrology in Sanskrit, is an ancient Indian discipline that examines the celestial impacts on human lives. It analyzes the locations and motions of celestial bodies in order to determine the influence they have on people and events. Astrology is often recognized as a useful technique for gaining a better understanding of one’s personality traits, life experiences, and possible future results.


  • Ayurveda: “The path to harmony lies in nature’s embrace.” Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical system, is link with occult ideas. It considers the body to be a microcosm of the world, with elements and energies playing an important part in preserving health and well-being. Herbal treatments, yoga, and meditation are examples of Ayurvedic practices that work to restore balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit.


  • Tantra: It is always misunderstand as negative and usually is connect to witchcraft or blackmagic. “The union of polar opposites awakens the divine within.” Tantra is a spiritual practice based on the synthesis of masculine and feminine energy. Tantra covers a diverse set of rites, contemplative practices, and intellectual ideas. Its goal is to awaken a person’s dormant spiritual energy (kundalini), leading to self-realization and transcendence.

Occultism can be compared to technology because supernatural energies are used to create certain impacts.

But with the span of time it got more influence and people started believing the occult science is connected to witchcraft, black magic or voodoo. 

This happened because the need for such negative practices were higher. You can relate it with the demand and supply concept. Supplies increase when the demands are good. 

Yet it’s also use positively just like technology. You can utilize a technology either positively or negatively. But unfortunately, the negative use became more prominent with the passage of time. Gradually this became a belief and now occultism is consider to be relate with negative forces. 

You can also transform life with it, there’s no doubt. It can also be useful for health related problems. Also, it can be useful for psychological or mental problems and more. 

But the market for negative practices was greater. People, to get rid of their own doshas, opted for this practice and imposed their bad luck on others. Sometimes it costs the life of others. Till now this is widely followed in common Indian households.

A very common name for such negative practices is Tona or Totka. This literally means witchcraft or blackmagic. It usually consists of such practices which, for personal benefit, harm others. 

This too is a part of occultism. However, the use of occult practices for personal well being, that causes damage to others is call witchcraft. But it doesn’t prove that occult science is link with negative energies. 

Moreover, in the present, due to technological advancement the use of occult practices has reduced. Nowadays, technology has become more prominent in our lives. The things which required occult practices in ancient times are now just a few clicks away. 

Unlike the ancient period, people send messages through whatsapp, facebook, instagram, etc. They can communicate with each other through audio and video calls using mobile phones. But before these things were not present, our sages used telepathy and telekinesis as ways to communicate with others. 

So, occultism is not connect with evil spirits or any kind of paranormal or witchcraft activities. It depends on the way a person uses this knowledge. Whether in favor of others or harming others. This just needs awareness. People are unaware about occultism. Most of the western population have starting spreading wrong beliefs related to occultism. Most of the western audience present on various social media platforms believe that occultism is connect with evil spirits and paranormal activities. But it’s false. 


The Indian occult practices, grounded in ancient wisdom and spirituality, offer a unique perspective on the interplay between the seen and unseen realms. They provide tools for self-exploration, personal growth, and spiritual evolution. As we continue to advane in scientific understanding, it becomes increasingly important to recognize the wisdom and insights that the occult sciences bring to quest for knowledge and meaning. So, let’s explore the realms beyond what meets the eye with an open mind and willingness. As the ancient saying goes, “the one who seeks shall find, for the universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to embrace the unknown.”

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