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Lo-Shu grid, effects of missing number & its remedies

Lo-Shu grid

About Lo-Shu Grid:

Lo-Shu grid is the most commonly use grid across the universe to read Numerology. This Lo-Shu grid is a 3×3 square grid which is part of Chinese Numerology. A birth chart grid consists of nine planets, each number in the Lo-Shu grid is meant for a planet. If we sum up the numbers in the grid (Horizontal/Vertical/Diagonal) it always comes to a total of 15.

In Numerology number 9 is very auspicious:

Solay year = 360 days ( if we add up 3+6+0 it comes to 9)

Nakshatra = 27 (2+7 = 9)

Nakshatra Charan = 108 (1+0+8 = 9). The japa mala is also based on this.

Graha = 9 (planets)

So, are the 9 numbers in the Lo-Shu Grid…                                             

Effects of Missing Numbers in Lo-Shu Grid:

Missing numbers in the Lo-Shu grid affects a native’s life. Every number in the grid has its own vibrations and traits. All the spaces in the grid have a specific number which represents its respective planet. The date of birth of native will be write in full and spaces will be fill. It is obvious that every native will have some or the other number missing in their grid. No such human in the universe is having all the space fill completely in the grid.

There are chances that a native can have a number in the date of birth which is repeat (more than once). Now this has its own effects (positive/negative) on the native’s life. While reading the chart, there are many ways to read. Individual number or Combination of numbers from the grid.

If a native has some numbers which are missing in the grid. Or we can say which are absent in the DOB then it is said to be ‘Missing Numbers in Lo-Shu Grid’. These numbers have their own vibrations and are align to their respective planets. So, the disaffects of the respective planets will be see in the native’s life. Also, as we have seen earlier, each number has its own trait. So, the native will be missing these traits as well in this life. This can bring in many challenges in their life. But, as there is a famous saying “Nothing Is Impossible”. In-order to overcome the ill effects of the missing number native can do suggested remedies.


Remedies for Missing Number:

If a native is missing – number 2 in the grid, then chances are seen that this native suffers from relationship problems, delays in marriage, has less of self-confidence. Number 2 in the grid represents the planet ‘MOON’. So, if a native has it in the grid then traits of number 2 will be see in the life and if someone misses it in the grid, traits will not be seen in the life. So, to ensure that the native doesn’t come across any ill effects of the missing number or the planet we do remedies. Now as per the earlier example of missing number 2 (Moon) native needs to follow remedies like: drink water in silver glass, donate rice and sugar to the needy, offer water to Lord Shiva (Shivling). By following these simple remedies, native will start pleasing the plant Moon and the ill effects of the missing number 2 will be vanish from the life.

In the same way, for every missing number in the grid there is a simple remedy. If followed, native can ensure to live a successful and beautiful life.


This way everyone should know their Numerology Chart and the missing numbers in the chart. So, you know where you lack and how it is going to affect your life. Also, by doing proper simple remedies, you can see miracles happening in your life…

The effects of missing numbers in the Lo-Shu grid can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, and various remedies have been propose to counteract these effects. It is essential to understand the significance of numbers and their role in numerology to harness the power of the Lo-Shu grid fully. A numerology course can provide an in-depth understanding of the significance of numbers and their impact on our lives. By learning numerology, one can unlock the secrets of the Lo-Shu grid and harness its power to lead a more fulfilling life. 

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