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Effects and remedies of Sun Mahadasha for Personal Growth

Sun Mahadasha

What is Sun Mahadasha? 

Amused by the success in everything you do? Are you in love with your life? Whatever you are doing, everything is working in your favor. According to astrology, Dashas can cause both positive and negative effects on human life. There are many dashas, but the Sun Mahadasha is the best. Yes, in Sun Mahadasha an individual enjoys the best time in their life and almost obtains every success in their life.

What happens when Sun Mahadasha happens in your life? 

Everything has got prons and crons. Yes, good things happen because bad things have stopped. In astrology, Dasha is one of the important concepts of astrology as it can make an individual either weak or strong. Sun Mahadasha is one of the dashes which is 6 years old. Surya or Sun is known as Father and often denotes the male part. If your Sun is good, then you become intelligent, and strong and get fame, abundance, etc. In this article, we will help you learn about some positive and negative effects of Sun Mahadasha.

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Positive effects of Sun Mahadasha: 

  • In Sun Mahadasha, the individual will have a huge monetary inflow in their life. They will receive money from every source. The individual receives lots of money, I mean more than the imagination.
  • The sun is known for providing fame and recognition. When you are in the effect of Sun Dasha, then you will become popular soon.
  • Due to the Dasha effect, the person will find things starting to happen positively. Yes, whatever the problem has been stopping you, suddenly you find solutions and you move forward. Yes, Sun Mahadasha brings positivity to your life.
  • Surya Mahadasha helps you get a government job or support. Yes, as long as your sun is good, you have a high chance of getting a government job or support.
  • Surya Mahadasha is good for males. Yes, when your wife is pregnant and you have a desire for a son, then it will be fulfilled due to the Surya Mahadasha.
  • Surya makes you strong and committed to work. If you are under the Surya Mahadasha, then there are high chances of getting appreciation and promotion in your workplace.
  • The individual becomes spiritually awake and always prays, thanking God for everything.
  • Health issues disappear in the six years of Surya Mahadasha. You become fit and happy. ..
  • The sun is one of the planets known for ego and pride. The pride—yes,  that word—is loved by everyone. Persons under the Surya Mahadasha feel pride and receive respect from others.
  • As the sun represents male pride and union, the individuals under Mahadasha will have unbroken bonds with their fathers and brothers. Whatever the external factors are, the relationship will not be affected.

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Surya Mahadasha’s negative effects.

  • What is worse than separation from the family? It’s very painful, and this is what a Surya Mahadasha can do. Surya Mahadasha can make an individual separate from the family for career or academics. It is also possible that individuals will cut ties with the family completely.
  • The negative effects of Surya Mahadasha include separation from your father and brothers. The bond between father and family can break because of Surya Mahadasha.
  • The negative effect of Surya Mahadasha can make an individual do something that can make him or her lose respect in front of society.
  • An individual might also have to suffer from incidents that will make them lose their respect in the eyes of other people.
  • Sun Mahadasha can also cause changes in a person’s mood and behavior. The person might get angry over little things 
  • It can also cause a person to suffer from depression. excessive pride lets themselves get distanced from others. This can leave a person alone and lead to depression.
  • Individuals can also suffer from mental stress and other mental-related issues.
  • Mental issues have become a topic of health concern. Yes, the individual will suffer from health issues, and mental issues will be more common. The person will suffer from loneliness, anxiety, and many more.
  • Wealth, jobs, and many other things will be lost.
  • If Sun Mahadasha has bad effects, individuals will have to face lots of enemies in their lifes. Enemies will increase in the period of Surya Mahadasha. The individual must remain careful and cautious while making friends.
  • The period of Surya Dasha can make an individual weak and make them think that the past karmas have been haunting them.

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Some remedies for Sun Mahadasha.

  • Wearing red and saffron-colored clothes on Sundays can reduce Surya Mahadasha.
  • Start respecting your father and the elderly members of the family.
  • Wake up before sunrise and offer water while praying to Lord Surya.
  • Chanting of Aditya Hridaya Stotra will help in the negative effects of Surya Mahadasha.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and also chant the Surya Mantra 7,000 times.

For more information on Astrology, you can visit the “All India Institute of Occult Science .

  • What is the Sun Mahadasha?
    Sun Mahadasha is a period of approximately 6 years in Vedic astrology, and individuals under mahadasha become rich. They succeed in every field.
  • How long does the Sun Mahadasha last?
    The Sun Mahadasha duration is for 6 years
  • What does the Sun represent in Vedic astrology?
    In Vedic astrology, the sun is associated with the self, ego, vitality, authority, leadership, and individuality. It is considered to be a powerful and influential planet.


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