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Find out why 22nd January is Ram Ayodhya Mandir’s Special Day!

Ram Ayodhya Mandir

 The New Ram Ayodhya Mandir : An Introduction

राम नाम अवलंब बिनु, परमारथ की आस। बरसत बारिद बूँद गहि, चाहत चढ़न अकास॥ Oh what a doha , written by the great poet Tulsidas Ji . In this doha he says that any person who without using Ram’s name tries to achieve salvation and nearness to god is like someone who is trying to reach skies through the watering droplets from the sky. So it is important to chant the name of Lord Rama.

In the present day, the whole of India is lost in the saffron color.  Someone is coming to Ayodhya on a bicycle with a Ram named Flag and someone is making a big incense stick and bringing it, Why all this, because our Ram, everyone’s Ram is coming back to Ayodhya. Yes, a history is going to be created on 22 January, as the inauguration of Ram Ayodhya mandir is going to take place.

22 January , A day to celebrate the life of Lord Ram .

Say it the rebirth of Ayodhya as Ayodhya 2.O or say Ram -Rajya is coming back after many years . It’s a day for celebration as Ram Mandir Inauguration is going to take place after years of struggle and fight for securing place for Prabhu Shree Ram birth place. Ayodhya is the birth place of Ram ji and so when the final day is coming for the inauguration of Ayodhya Mandir of Ram Ji , the whole country is excited to see this epic event.

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History being Ram Mandir Construction.

Finally , Ram Mandir was built in Ayodhya that brought relief to many Hindus and Sanatanis around the world. But we all look for success, but nobody knows about the steps that helped in achieving it . A land of controversies, tha Ram Mandir construction site has its own stories . Lets see the journey of Ram Mandir construction.

  • The Ancient Significance

Lord Rama’s birthplace is known as Ayodhya. He is one of the most acclaimed gods of Hinduism. Even the epic Ramayana has stories about Lord Rama being born at the palace of Great King Ayodhya. But as time passed, a new thing came out. The dispute came out when Babri Masjid was constructed after demolishing the Hindu temple. The Babri Masjid was constructed in 1528 under Emperor Babur’s commander, Mir Baqi.

  • The Period of British 

During British rule, tensions increased in 1853 on religious sites for possessions. After seeing the rise in violence, the British army built a fence around every place of worship. The fence allowed Muslims to pray inside and Hindus outside.

  • Post- Independence Period 

After the independence of India , the dispute became more prominent after India’s independence.

It was around 1949, Lord Rama statue was placed inside the mosque.

  • The demolition of the Babri Masjid

A large mob of Hindu activists demolished the Babri Masjid. A large mob of people demolished the Babri Masjid with the reason that Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Ram. The demolition resulted in communal riots all over India. This causes violence and widespread loss of property.

  • Legal battles took place

After the demolition, various legal battles took place over the ownership of the site. 

The case went through different courts, and disputes became the major points of contention in Indian politics.

  • Supreme Court Verdict:

The Supreme Court of India delivered a historic verdict allocating the dispute site to the Hindus for constructing Hindu temples.

The above events led to a happy ending for the construction of Ram Mandir.

What is so special about Ram Ayodhya Mandir?

Ayodhya Ram is a symbol of Lord Ram and a celebration about his life. His life was full of struggle, but he remained unmoved by his dharma and finally defeated Ravan. So Ram Ayodhya Mandir is a small tribute to Ram Ji. So let’s celebrate it with huge enthusiasm and welcome him back.

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  • What is the Ram Ayodhya Mandir?
    The Ram Ayodhya Mandir is a Hindu temple being constructed in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is dedicated to Lord Rama and holds significant religious and cultural importance for Hindus.
  • Why is the Ayodhya Ram Mandir important?
    The temple is important because it is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama, a revered figure in Hinduism. The construction of the temple is associated with a long-standing historical and political dispute involving the Babri Masjid, which stood at the same site.
  • When did the construction of the Ram Mandir begin?
    The foundation stone for the construction of the Ram Mandir was laid on August 5, 2020, in a grand ceremony attended by various political and religious leaders.


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