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Broken Heart Line Palmistry

broken heart line palmistry

An Introduction to broken heart line palmistry

Will you marry your love ? Does your partner love you deeply ? Well , when a person falls in  love , he/she has lots of questions in their mind about the future. But how can one know about the future? The answer is simple. Yes you guessed it right . It is possible through palm reading . Yes, one of the ancient concepts through which one can know everything about them through palm lines. Today we will learn about the heart line , broken heart line palmistry and many more related things.


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What is a heart line ? 

Emotions,  one of the finest and also the baddest . Yes emotions can build and destroy you. It is not about the emotions , but it’s about how you control it . Well, knowing about the emotions is easy through the heart line. Yes, the palm readers can help you know about your emotions and what it says about you . The broken heart line palmistry can help you find out everything about your emotions and everything.

Location of the heart line 

In palmistry, the heart line is typically located horizontally across the upper portion of the palm, just below the base of the fingers and above the head line (if present) and the life line. It extends from the edge of the palm beneath the little finger, curving towards the index finger or middle finger, depending on the individual’s hand structure.

  • Just observe your hand closely : Try to see a horizontal line across the upper portion of your palm. The lines are just below the base of the fingers and are exactly above the headline and lifeline. 
  • Extension : Extending from the edge of the palm and beneath the little finger, also curving towards the index or middle finger. It all depends on the hand structure.
  • Note :  The heart line or any other palm lines varies from person to person. The heart line is all about knowing the shape and characteristics of an individual . One can know about their emotional temperament, romance and many other things related to heart connections. It is important for everyone.

Now after knowing about the palm lines and their location, let us jump to types of heart line in palmistry.

Straight heart line 

broken heart line palmistry


Have you ever wondered how some people don’t get attached to others?  The reason is simple, because it is all due to their control over emotions. Some points about people with straight heartlines.

  • They have logic in their approach.
  • They are also a bit selfish .
  • Straight heart lines also tell you about your career , hurdles and goals.
  • They are also steady in their emotions.
  • They love to be independent . In simple words they need personal space.

Curvy heart line

broken heart line palmistry

Does your friend often cry at little things ? Do they laugh on useless jokes ? Yes, these kinds of people are full of emotions and a little bit sensitive. Lets know more about these curvy heart lines.

  • They are emotional and highly sensitive.
  • Becomes attached to everyone quickly.
  • High in imagination and creative thinking.
  • Love adaptability and flexibility in emotions.
  • Empathy and compassion for others.


Heart line with chain shape

broken heart line palmistry

Is your friend full of empathy and cries on others’ sorrows? Do you struggle in saying things to your loved ones? If it so , then check their heart lines. If it is chained, that means they are sensitive in nature.

  • Full of empathy and sensitive to others.
  • Easily hurt by others and cries over little situations.
  • They are prone to heart related issues.
  • Find it hard to express their emotions clearly.
  • .Not able to commit in relationships or other matters.

Broken Heart Line Palmistry

broken heart line palmistry

The most interesting part of the heart line , about which many people want to know about . It is the broken heart line. What does it indicate ? Let’s understand it .

  • They find it difficult to build deep emotional connections , because of their stubborn nature.
  • They find it difficult to express their feelings openly.
  • Because of a lack of emotions, they don’t trust others easily.
  • They always face emotional turmoil in relationships.
  • Have a successful career .

Islands meaning on heart line 

broken heart line palmistry

Have you seen the palms of some people have island shapes on their hands? Have you wondered what it means ? Well ,In palmistry, when the heart line on your palm forms an island shape, it shows that your life is going to be unlucky. It shows emotional instability , challenges in relationships or many other setbacks . It shows ups and downs in  life . Lets see what island indicates on heart line

  • Deep, uniform, faultless heart line: Constant and intense affection; likely a devout person spiritually.
  • Thin heart line: Narrow-minded, lacks consideration for others; displays love superficially.
  • Broad, superficial heart line: Shows abundant love but changes feelings quickly and unpredictably.
  • Chained heart line: Fluctuating emotions, unstable in relationships; struggles to maintain emotional stability.
  • Heart line represents both emotional state and physical heart condition.

More about broken heart line palmistry

It is one of the most difficult lines to read and interpret . The broken heart line palmistry indicates that your emotions are splitted and often interrupted by others.  They have a tough life as they are unable to express themselves and also struggle in relationships.  Everyone faces tough situations in their life and so these people will . They will also grow and achieve happiness in their life.


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Q1. What does a broken heart line in palmistry signify?

A broken heart line in palmistry suggests interruptions or challenges in emotional expression and relationships.

Q2. How does a broken heart line affect relationships?

Individuals with a broken heart line in palmistry may experience difficulties in forming deep emotional connections and may struggle with trust and stability in relationships.

Q3. Can a broken heart line be indicative of physical health issues?

While palmistry primarily focuses on emotional and personality traits, some practitioners believe that a broken heart line could potentially signify emotional stress that may impact physical well-being, including heart health.

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