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Bed Direction as per Vastu

bed direction as per vastu

Why is bed direction as per Vastu is necessary? 

Bed direction is a must when it comes to its direction. Yes, the direction in which you sleep matters the most. When you sleep in the wrong direction, you attract negative energies, so it is necessary to choose bed direction as per vastu. This blog will help you know everything about the perfect direction per Vastu.

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Is the  bed direction as per vastu helpful? 

Yes, as per Vastu guidelines, the bed direction as per Vastu is good as it helps you achieve mental peace. Yes, when you sleep peacefully, your next day goes well, and you perform well. Sleeping in the best direction also keeps away negative energies from your life and attracts positive energy.


Check out some sleeping direction as per vastu : 

  • The South Direction: 

According to Vastu Experts, the ideal sleeping position is the direction of the house of the deity Yama, which is associates cEarth with gaining wealth, happiness and positivity. It coordinates with the earth’s magnetic field and ensures a positive environment.


  • The North Direction: 

Sleeping in the north direction, as per Vastu, can cause problems regarding the heart, and the magnetic field also influences the blood flow in the brain. Also, as per Hindu traditions, the dead bodies are cremated in this direction. So it is best to avoid this direction.


  • The East Direction : 

According to Vastu Shastra, the eastern direction is known for its favourable energy and power if the sun arises from the apex. So, it is one of the best ways to sleep. It will help you sleep well and refresh you in the morning.Thus, it is advised for students and individuals associated with academics, like teachers, professors, and research scholars. It is best to implement this on children from an early age to help them make progress from the early stage of life.


  • The West is in a neutral direction, as per Vastu Shastra. 

Many people have questions about whether the West is the best direction for sleeping. According to Vastu, the guest room bed must face the West. Many practitioners of Vastu believe that this is a neutral sleeping direction.  Neutral means you will not get enough sleep and cause disaster the next day. It can also delay the appointment. Remember that according to Vastu experts, quality matters the most when it comes to sleep, so avoid the West.


  • Diagonal  sleeping  Directions-Corner Axis

Avoid sleeping with your head towards the northeast direction. Also, as per Vastu, the magnetic field can harm your sleeping patterns. Also, the southwest and southeast are considered the best sleeping direction for the diagonal bedroom direction. The remaining northwest is deemed to be in a neural direction, as per Vastu.


Some more bed position as per vastu:


The Head Direction:

Sleep with your head towards the south or east for better health and also well-being.

Also, avoid sleeping with your head towards the North, as it can cause health issues.


The Bedroom Location:

The main bedroom must be located in the southwest corner of the house. For the children, the west or northwest direction is suitable. The guest bedroom must be in the northwest direction.


The Bed Placement:

Keep sure that the bed is positioned against a solid wall for support and stability. Avoid placing the bed under the beams, as it can cause mental stress and problems.


Around the bed space.

There should be space around the bed for free movement and proper circulation. Also, avoid placing the bed close to the wall, especially on the sides.


Storage under the bed: 

Avoid storing items under the bed, as this can lead to restlessness and disturbed sleep. Storage is necessary for only light items, and you should avoid heavy, sharp objects.


The mirror placements: 

Avoid mirrors directly opposite the adjacent bed, as they can cause sleep disturbances and nightmares. If a mirror is present, cover it while sleeping.


The Best Electronic Devices:

Electronic devices like TVs, computers, and mobile phones should be minimized in the bedroom. At present, they should be kept at a distance from the bed and reduced in electronic disturbances.


The lights:

Also, use soft and soothing light in the bedroom to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Avoid harsh and bright lights above or near the bed.


Decor and Art:

Also, there is calming and pleasing artwork on the bedroom walls. Avoid artwork that depicts violence, sorrow, or any disturbance.


Bed Shape and Material:

I prefer a bed made of wood, as it is considered more stable and grounding. Ensure the bed has a rectangular or square shape for balance and harmony.


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Q1. Which bed position, as per Vastu, is good? 

A. The best sleeping direction, as per Vastu, is the South direction.


Q2. Why is sleeping, according to Vastu, necessary?

A. Sleeping, as per Vastu, is necessary as it helps eliminate negative energy and attract positive energy.


Q3. What are some basic tips for sleeping? 

A. Use proper lights , nice arts etc for the bedroom as it helps in sleeping.

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