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Wallet color as per Vastu

wallet color as per vastu

Wallet color as per Vastu

Wallet color as per Vastu plays an important role in our life and if used in a balanced way could bring happiness in our lives. We have to see what area of our life is weak and we need to strengthen the energies of that particular area of our life. It is suggested in Vastu that to reduce the effects of negative energies few colors should be avoided for particular things and should not be used there and to enhance the energies of anything, right colors are used for different things, different areas, different directions. One could bring happiness in their lives by just using the suitable colors as per Vastu.

No color is good or bad, the color is being use and what’s the purpose. Every color has its own quality. It’s recommend that it’s not appropriate to use Red color or any other color which represents Fire element at the place.  where Water element is there, same way every color and the element it represents has to be use at its place. As the right color can create wonders in our lives, an inappropriate color could bring negativity for us.

No substitute for hardwork. If you are worry of doing effort the things are not working in your favor. Your earnings are good, you can’t manage to save much. Why are your expenses higher from your income? Most of your earnings are spent on unwanted expenses.Why you are becoming more spendthrift .All the worries has one solution,start using your favorable colors of wallets. Right color of our wallet can enhance the positive energies and bring positivity in our lives.

Wallet Color as per Vastu:- 

Our preference for which we want to attract positive energies could be anything like relationships,health,wealth,career etc. There are different colors that represent all the essential elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space.

  • Green: The color green symbolizes growth, wealth, and prosperity, making it an ideal choice for your wallet. It is believe to attract positive financial energy and bring stability to your finances.
  • Red: Red is a powerful color that represents good luck, success, and fortune. It is associate with financial stability and is consider an auspicious color for your wallet.
  • Yellow: The color yellow is associating with happiness, positivity, and wealth. It is believe to bring abundance and prosperity to your life, making it an excellent color choice for your wallet.
  • Orange: Orange is a vibrant color that signifies enthusiasm, success, and positivity. It is believe to attract wealth and prosperity and is consider an auspicious color for your wallet.

Some wallet colors are considering unlucky as per Vastu. These include black, blue, and grey. Black is associate with negativity, blue and grey are believing to bring financial instability and loss.

Some colors of wallets are powerful and vibrant bring prosperity and power. Use it in balance way or use. Few colors that are soothing in nature can be use to heal our relationships. There are few happy colors which represent growth. If you are manifesting a good career, the colors are different for it, if you are looking for healthy relationships it is represent by different colors. If you are looking for a luxurious life, the colors affecting it are different. Anybody can apply it and can see the differences. 


The color of your wallet can have a significant impact on your financial well-being, according to Vastu Shastra. You choose green, red, yellow, or orange, ensure that your wallet is clean and organized to attract maximum positive energy flow.


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