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5 Secret Traits Graphology Reveals

handwriting analysis

Are you curious about what your handwriting reveals about yourself and others? Do you want to dig deeper into personality analysis in the study of Graphology? Graphology, the study of Handwriting analysis, has been used for years to uncover hidden aspects of a person’s personality. 

Do you know, you can use Graphology to know secrets about a person? Also, it can be applied in both professional and common use. 

It can also be useful for hiring employees. Are you looking forward to hire an employee for your business? 

If yes, then you can ask them to write something on an unlined paper, then use graphology to understand their productivity, skills, behavior, and personality traits to ensure that the skills they portray outside, are they true or not.

graphology course online and offline are available in different institutes that offer a comprehensive understanding of this fascinating field. 

You can explore the five secret traits of this model and how they can help you understand yourself and others better with the help of the Graphology course.

In this article, you will see the five secret traits that can be revealed by Graphology Analysis. Let’s get started! 


Quiet Personality

  • People with quiet personalities do not like to communicate and socialize with others. 
  • They are introverts in nature and do not like people to be around them. 
  • They keep most of their opinions inside themselves. 
  •  According to graphology, usually, these people close the letters from the top while writing. 
  • Also, they lack oval loops in letters. 



  • These people usually fell into trouble because of their excessively talkative nature. 
  • They are extroverts in nature and they can’t keep their feelings inside, they need to express their feelings outside. 
  • They are very expressive and can show their emotions easily. 
  • They usually leave the top of letters open. And their talkativeness depends on how wide the gap is. 
  • They are not good enough at keeping secrets. 


Self description

  • If a person makes a loop on the left of oval letters while writing, they are dishonest. 
  • The intensity of the deception is measured by the size of the loop, in graphology.
  • They are dishonest to themselves and Hippocrates and always run away from reality.
  • They always try to portray themselves right and rationalize their actions, regardless of how inappropriate they might be.  



  • People with this personality trait are good at keeping secrets. You can trust them to share your secrets with.
  • This can be observed by looking at the loops on the letters, if the loop is on the right side of the oval letter of the signature, then they are secretive. 
  • In some cases, if the loop has an opening left then it shows that they are good at keeping secrets but sometimes they fail.
  • According to graphology, they successfully resist initially but they can’t hold themselves for too long. They unintentionally fail to keep a secret inside them. 



  • A double loop upon an oval letter signals that the person always lies. 
  • They make loops on both the left and right sides of the letters while writing. 
  • Usually, they lie because of some serious fears.
  • Also, they lie about the negative behavior or disapproval from their close ones. 


Finally, the above were the 5 secret traits that you can reveal with the help of graphology. Graphology is a powerful tool for analyzing hidden traits and characteristics of individuals based on their handwriting. 

The five secret traits discussed in this article demonstrate how graphology can provide valuable insights into a person’s personality, emotions, and behaviors. 

For individuals interested in learning more about graphology, there are many graphology course online and offline that can provide in-depth knowledge and training. 

By studying graphology, one can develop a better understanding of human behavior and improve their ability to interact with others. 

Overall, graphology can be a helpful tool for personal growth, as well as for professionals in fields such as psychology, counseling, and human resources.



Q1 What can graphology tell us?

Graphology can tell us the nature, character, strength, weaknesses, addiction, interests, and    ability of a person. 


Q2 How can I best learn to analyze handwriting, aka Graphology?

Best way to learn Graphology is by enrolling into graphology course from various institutes that provide professional training through graphology course online and offline.


Q3 What is the difference between graphology and handwriting?

Graphology is the study of handwriting for the purpose of character analysis, whereas, handwriting analysis is normally used in forensic laboratories in the documents sections.


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