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Success Line Palmistry

Success Line Palmistry

Success Line Palmistry: Know How to Read and Understand

Palmistry is an ancient science that helps us understand various aspects of our life through the lines on our hands. One of the important lines in this is the Success Line, which is also commonly called the Bhagya Rekha or Fate Line. Let us know what is success line palmistry and how it is helpful ? 


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What is the Success Line?

The Success Line is an important line found on the palm of our hand, which reflects our success, career and progress in life. This line starts from the base of the palm and moves towards the Mount of Saturn. The depth and clarity of this line shows the level of stability and success in our life. Knowing about the success line palmistry, you can know about the time when you can become successful.


How to read the Success Line?

  • Line position: 

The Success Line starts from the middle part of the palm and moves towards the middle finger. If this line is clear and long, it shows the success and stability of the person in life.

  • Line depth: 

If the Success Line is deep and clear, it indicates that there are good chances of achieving stability and success in the person’s life. Blurred or broken line can be a sign of struggle and instability.

  • Line Marks and Symbols:

If there are marks like cross, star, or triangle on the success line, then it indicates important turning points and opportunities in life.

  • Line Starting Point

If the success line starts near the life line, then it indicates that the person can get success in the early stages of his life. If this line starts near the heart line, then it indicates that the person will get success in the middle part of life.


Signs of Success Line:

  • Clear and deep line

If there is a clear and deep line , then it shows that it will be a success line . Yes it indicates that you will have success in life. Many people who have got clear and deep lines have found success in their life. 

Sign of stability and success in life:

  • Blurred or broken line

So if you have blurred lines or say broken lines , you will start-stop success in your life. Also it is a sign of stability , but at the end you will get success in life. You might face struggles in life, but at the end you will kiss success.


Sign of struggle and instability:

  • Cross or star mark

Many people have a cross or star mark in their hand , which shows that they will have struggle and instability throughout their life. Yes these people will always face struggles in their life and will be unstable .


Important turning points and opportunities

  • Line starting near the life line:

If there’s a line starting near the fate line, then it indicates the important turning points and opportunities in your life. Yes , you might receive many important turning points and also opportunities that can help you.


Line starting near the heart line: 

  • Success in mid-life

If you have a line that starts near the heart line , then you will become successful in your mid age around 30 -40 yrs. Success line is an important part of palmistry that provides us with important information about success and stability in our life. Also reading about you, will make you know about yourself and also about the right time to start anything.  The success in palmistry will make you aware about which direction in your career you need to work . Till then keep working hard with smile on your face.

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Q1. Why is knowing about success line palmistry important?

A. The success line palmistry will tell you what is the right age or time , you will be successful , Also which career is suitable for you.

Q2. What does Cross or star mark means in palmistry?

A. It means people will face struggles throughout their life. They will also struggle in choosing careers for them.

Q3. What does broken line in palmistry mean? 

A. The broken line in palmistry means that the person will face start -stop success in their life.

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