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Is Black Magic Real

Is Black Magic Real

Is Black Magic Real & Has Someone Done Black Magic on You?

This blog will be dark because today, we will discuss black magic or Kala Jadu. So, first, I will start with a question. Do you often fall from a height in your dreams? Or, do you struggle with earning money although you are putting in a lot of effort? If yes, then be careful. Someone has done Kala Jadu on you. But a question arises here. Is black magic real or not? Well, today you will get the answer.

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Black Magic is Real or Not!

First of all, black magic is real or not. It is so powerful that it can bring someone to death. In fact, the NCBI has proven this. One can use Kala Jadu in many ways. Either it can be used to cure a disease or to harm someone physically, mentally, and emotionally. Also, there are different types of Kala Jadu, such as Vashikaran, Maran Kriya, Sammohana, or Stambhan Kriya. So, these are some of the Kriyas that come under Tantra Mantra. After that, now you will see what Kala Jadu is. 

What is Black Magic?

So, basically, Black Magic or Kala Jadu is a practice in which a Sadhaka uses certain spells, mantras, curses, and rituals for selfish purposes. You might have seen that a person works hard but still does not get enough money. On the other hand, a person does less work but gets more money. How? Well, this is because of Kala Jadu. In simple terms, you can impose your bad luck on someone else. For example, it is used if you are in love with someone that you can go to any extent. Or you do not want your rival to not get success in their life. So all of these come in Kala Jadu. 

Is Black Magic and Astrology Same?

No, black magic is not the same as astrology. While both of them are parts of Occult sciences, they are still different. On one hand, astrology is used to guide people in their lives which is for their own good. On the other hand, Kala Jaadu is for evil purposes. In astrology, we use Vedic remedies to give solutions to problems. It involves chanting mantras, donations, Puja, Havan, etc. Kala Jadu involves curses, calling on evil spirits, symbols, dolls, etc. So, you cannot say that Kala Jaadu and astrology are the same. Here, the purpose matters. 

Who is Easily Affected by Black Magic?

Black Magic is very strong, and it is hard to escape it. However, some people can be easily targeted. Moreover, Kala Jaadu can easily affect people who have bad planets placed in their birth chart. Also, it can easily affect people who have a weak aura. It means that they do not meditate and worship god less frequently. So, what happens when a person is affected by it? Well, you will be shocked by knowing this. 

Are You a Victim of Black Magic?

Before I start, let me tell you one thing. While writing this, I noticed that some of these symptoms had actually happened to me. So, if you can feel the same, then we are in the same boat. Also, it is a little creepy to know that you can relate to these. So, if you are a victim of Kala Jadu, there is a chance that you will feel the following symptoms. 

  •  Falling From Height in Dream

Those who are victims of Kala Jadu frequently get bad dreams. Such people mostly complain that they are having bad dreams. One thing which is common among them is falling from a height in a dream. After they wake up, they feel very dizzy and lack energy. 

  • Listening to Voices of Crying or Laughing 

If you have heard someone crying or laughing at night, there is a chance that you are a victim of black magic. It has been seen that people who are affected by it hear random voices. For example, the voices of someone crying or laughing or the tingling sound of an anklet, etc. 

  •  Health Issues 

You are a victim of Kala Jadu  if you always remain ill. Your condition will not improve despite taking the best treatments. 

  •  Frequent Accidents 

You will meet with accidents frequently. It is m ore likely that these accidents will leave significant wounds. 

  •  Bad Luck in Everything 

Bad luck will always follow you if you are a victim of black magic. You will constantly face setbacks. You will earn less, but you will have to spend more. Also, the people who used to love you will start hating you. 

  •  Problem with Recalling Things 

If you forget where you put your things frequently, there is a higher chance that someone has done black magic on you. For example, if you put a thing in a place, then after a few times, you will forget where you kept that thing.

  •  A feeling of Being Watched 

Black magic hits your mind and causes illusions. So, when you are alone, you will notice that someone is watching you. Or, you might feel someone is following you. 

  •  Someone is Sleeping Next to You 

Honestly, this one is the creepiest thing you can ever feel. When you wake up in the morning and feel that someone is sleeping near you, then understand that someone has done black magic on you.

  •  Someone is Calling Your Name 

Under black magic, you will feel that someone is calling your name. Mostly, it happens when you are alone. 

  • Losing Job, Happiness, and Enthusiasm 

Usually, people cast spells in envy of seeing someone’s growth. Such a person loses their job. Or if they are business owner then they will go bankrupt. Eventually, they will no longer be interested in life and will become sad and unhappy people. 

Yes, Black Magic is Real!

In conclusion, yes, black magic is real or not. But you should not see it as astrology because they are not the same. Though they belong to occult studies, they are different. Meanwhile, if you can relate to the symptoms of black magic discussed above, do not ignore it. You should do mantra chanting, puja, meditation, etc., on a daily basis. Apart from this, be kind and have faith in god. Black magic cannot harm you if you are a spiritually awakened person. Other than this, you can increase your spiritual awakening through a Tarot card reading course. It will guide you in meditating daily, and you will learn activities like aura cleaning. 

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Q1. Is black magic real?

A. Yes, black magic is real and can be very powerful, capable of causing harm or even death.

Q2. How to know if you are a victim of black magic?

A. You may be a victim if you experience bad dreams, hear strange voices, have health issues, frequent accidents, or constant bad luck.

Q3. Are black magic and astrology the same?

A. No, black magic and astrology are not the same. Astrology guides people positively, while black magic is used for harmful purposes.

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