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11 Vastu Tips for a Good Health, Happy Life

Vastu Tips for Good Health

The ideal life is one that is happy and healthy. Life is more interesting and meaningful when there is a healthy balance between happiness and health. Therefore, it would not be incorrect to assert that happiness and health are linked.

Only when you are healthy can you be happy. You feel sad, stressed, and anxious as a result of the illness. Try not to work just on your outer body, yet make your interior wellbeing salubrious. When you feel good inside, you also look good on the outside.

In a similar vein, your health will improve if you are content. Positive mental attitude allows you to better focus on yourself. You pay attention to what you eat, your mind is free of stress, and you are healthy. 

You take every step to live a happy and healthy life. However, your feelings have changed. What could have caused this? 

If you want a happy life, have you ever thought about Vastu Tips for Good Health? The house’s negative energies and five-element imbalance Earth, Sky, Fire, Water, and Air can make people unhappy and unhealthy.

The goal of Vastu tips for living a healthy and happy life is to fix the forces that are out of balance and make things better for them.

Here are some Vastu Tips for Good Health:

  • Clean home with rock salt : The indoor environment can be effectively improve with pink rock salt. Negative energy eliminated by these crystals’ potent wind element. In each of your room’s four corners, place a bowl of rock salt. Perform this tip on the day of Amavasya. The salt can likewise be utilized to clean the floor one time each week; It aids in the removal of any airborne bacteria and viruses. To boost a sick person’s energy, the bowl can be placed near them. Continue to change salt gems routinely.
  • Bring Vastu Plants in your home : From a Vastu and interior design point of view, plants are an excellent addition to your home. Due to their calming green color and healing properties. Plants add natural beauty to your home and promote health and happiness. Vastu plants include Tulsi, Pothos, the Money Plant, Ficus, and Snake plant. Pothos is a plant that removes toxins from the air, which improves health. Tulsi is view as a therapeutic plant. According to Vastu, having this in the home is beneficial.
  • Save water : Water is a great source of wealth and health, according to vastu, and its waste can lead to serious health issues. A great remedy that will benefit your well-being is to keep a bowl full of water for birds and stray animals.
  • Use of Loban Dhoop : Loban dhoop is one of the most effective dhoop to remove negative energy. Loban dhoop is best for purifying and removing the negative energies. It keeps your mind cool and relaxed. 

vastu tips for good health

Some more tips for happy life:

Keep your entrance neat and clean : Entrance is the main pathway to enter in home and we can say it like it’s a main pathway for energy to enter in home. A neat, tidy, and clutter-free entrance helps a house attract positive energy. Every day, wash the entrance with water infused with rock salt to keep it from becoming a neglected area that attracts negativity. 

Fruit Displays : A fruit basket can help you feel better. A display of vibrant fruits in a pretty basket at the center of the table can encourage a healthy lifestyle. Mounting an image of a similar in an unmistakable corner of your home can likewise advance sound energy.

Proper Lighting : A bright entrance, whether natural or artificial, ensures a positive atmosphere in the home. The structural inclusion of a window next to the entryway or the placement of a lamp or diya outside the entrance can provide ample light.

Pictures /Frames / Mirror : If you want to stop the negative energy from flowing through the living room, get rid of any artwork that shows pain, sadness, or sorrow. If you don’t want negative energy to build up in your home, you should get rid of any broken items right away, like photo frames and mirrors.

Have a Sufficiently bright Restroom : Ventilation is a fundamental element in washroom vastu. Always point the exhaust fan and bathroom window in the direction of the north-east. This disposes of any type of microscopic organisms, and subsequently invigorates a spotless and clean climate. 

Northeast: Pay special attention to your home’s northeastern zone. Your Northeast zone should always be neat and clean.

Water Leaks: Having water leak from your home’s ceiling or taps is bad for your finances.


The ongoing situations and stressful lifestyle, maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle has become essential. These Vastu tips for good health wellbeing and blissful life will doubtlessly get a positive change in your occupation.

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