Sun Mahadasha an individual enjoys the best time in their life and almost obtains every success in their life.

What happens when Sun Mahadasha


Sun Mahadasha is one of the dashes which is 6 years old. Surya or Sun is known as Father and often denotes the male part.

If your Sun is good, then you become intelligent, and strong and get fame, abundance, etc.

Positive effects

The sun is known for providing fame and recognition. When you are in the effect of Sun Dasha, then you will become popular soon.


Surya Mahadasha helps you get a government job or support. Yes, as long as your sun is good, you have a high chance of getting a government job or support.

Negative effects 


The negative effect of Surya Mahadasha can make an individual do something that can make him or her lose respect in front of society.

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