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Vastu tips for Money

Vastu For finance

Are you struggling to achieve financial growth despite your best efforts? Have you considered the impact of your home or workplace on your financial well-being? According to the ancient Indian practice of Vastu, the energy and layout of our surroundings can have a significant impact on our finances. Implementing simple and effective vastu tips for money can help you to achieve a success in your life. 

By aligning our spaces with Vastu For Finance principles, we can create a harmonious and abundant environment that supports our financial goals. 

In this article, we will explore some powerful Vastu tips for money and prosperity, backed by centuries of wisdom and practical experience. 

Vastu Money

Vastu tips for money

Whether you are looking to attract more money, increase your savings, or achieve greater success in your business. These Vastu For finance can help you unlock your full financial potential. These are:

  • Establishment of Kuber Yantra 
  • Place a statue or picture of Lord Ganesha inside your home
  • Keeping Tulsi at home 
  • North-East direction
  • Vastu Water fountain
  • Avoid Leakage in pipelines 
  • Cluster free space 
  • Temple inside home 
  • Paint schemes 
  • Other directions and their significance

There are many such tips for financial growth in Vastu shastra, but the most important are as follows: 

Vastu tip : Kuber Yantra 

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Kubera is the deity of success and prosperity and is the symbol of richness. 

Lord Kubera rules the North-East direction. This area must be free of clutter and should not have toilets, heavy furniture, and shoe rack. 

The Kuber Yantra should be fix on the north section or wall of the home and its a Vastu For finance.

Make sure that there are no negative energies in this direction of your house. 

Lord Ganesha: The Vighnaharta

Lord Ganesha or Ganapati is the Hindu god of beginnings. The name itself means the Lord of People, Gana means people and Pati means Lord. 

Lord Ganesha has worship by people before any auspicious work. 

He provides prosperity and success, removes obstacles from the path of life, and is the backer of intellectuals, bankers, and authors. There are certain things Lord Ganesha symbolizes like:

  • Large Head – Knowledge, bigger thinking, and focus
  • Small Eyes –  Observation of the smallest detail
  • Big Ears – keeping ears wide open and paying attention and grasping knowledge 
  • Trunk – Patience 
  • Strong Tusk – Strength of taking the right decisions and facing the outcomes

The above were the meanings of the physical depiction of Lord Ganesha.


Tulsi is a holy plant. It is useful in various spiritual practices. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  

This plant is a natural air purifier. You don’t need to buy costly air purifiers which not only cost more but require a lot of maintenance and electricity.

Tulsi promotes spiritual and positive energy. It helps in getting rid of evil energy exposure in the house. 

According to Vastu Tulsi should be place in the North East direction of the house. Placement of this plant in this direction is considering auspicious and guarantees positivity inside the house.

Tulsi comes with various health benefits too and can be use as medicine to cure illnesses like the common cold. 

The north east

The North East direction is believed to have a strong influence on the financial well-being of the residents of a home or workplace. 

According to Vastu Shastra principles, the North East direction is associated with prosperity and financial abundance. Therefore, having a strong and positive North East direction in your home or workplace can help to attract wealth and financial stability.

For business owners, the North East direction is considered very important, as it is associated with success, growth, and prosperity.

Placing the office or workplace in the North East corner or direction can help to bring success and growth in business.

Vastu Shastra recommends keeping valuables and financial documents in the North East direction of the home or workplace. It is believed to bring financial stability and security.

Vastu water fountain

Water Fountain flowing water signifies the flow of happiness, wealth, positivity, and good luck. So the placement of a Water Fountain in the home enhances circulation of positivity around the house. 

A water fountain can be install in the garden if one has sufficient space but if there is no space then small water fountains can be use that can easily be kept on a table.

North direction is consider to be the best place to install a Water fountain in your house.  

A water fountain enhances the ambiance of the house and helps adapt the vibration of the place according to Vastu For finance.

Leakage must be repaired

If there is any leakage inside your home or workplace, it must be repair. Whether it is a small pipe inside the kitchen. A broken pipes inside walls, or in the garden area. 

Leakage and blockage symbolize financial loss. it is a waste of water resources. 

In Vastu Shastra, water is consider a symbol of wealth and prosperity. 

According to Vastu Shastra, leaking water creates negative energy that can affect the financial well-being of the inhabitants.

It is believe that stagnant water can create a negative environment that hampers the flow of positive energy.

Leaking pipes can cause structural damage to a building, which can lead to expensive repairs. This can have a significant impact on the financial health of a household or business.

No clutter inside house 

This is the most repeated advice in Vastu Shastra, “keep your home clutter free”. 

As there is a simple logic behind this, clear and organized household goods and things are necessary. That positive energy can easily get inside your house and circulate to every space. 

A lot of clutter inside the house can block this energy to get inside and may affect relationships, health, and finances. A clutter-free environment is necessary for the maintenance of these things. 

The conclusion is that application of is necessary for growth and development in finances and health and relationship as well. Remember the above tips and apply these tips to your home and workplace to activate the upcoming opportunities that may lead you towards financial growth. 

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